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GloucesterCast 99 With Legendary Comedian Gallagher and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/21/14

Famous Comedian Gallagher Stops By To Talk About His Show At The Larcom Theater October 25, 2014. Lots of fun in our interview.

For Tickets:

Anyone that buys a ticket from this point on gets a free Gallagher Shirt at the Larcom and Gallagher said he would be signing them.

Snapshot 1 (10-21-2014 11-34 AM)
Joey Craig Toby
GloucesterCast 98 With Craig, Kim, Sista Felicia and Toby Taped 10/19/14


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GloucesterCast 100 Taped At Cape Ann Giclee With 15 Of Us 10/25/14 #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 100 Taped At Cape Ann Giclee With 15 Of Us Taped 10/25/14

Topics Include: 100th GloucesterCast, Cape Ann Giclee, Last Stop Variety Muffins, 15 Contributors, Fred Bodin In The House, Marty Luster Taping, Donna Ardizzoni, Kim Smith, Craig Kimberley, Nichole Schrafft, Kenny MacCarthy, Paul Morrison, Melissa Cox, Alicia DeWolfe, Bill Cox, Anna Eves, Hanna Kimberley, James Eves, Lowell Peabody, Rich Bean, Shout Out To Jenn Cullen, Kenny MacCarthy My Original Podcast Partner, Shout Out To Neice Amanda and Sista Felicia and Barry Who Is In The Hospital, Rotary Trivia Night Must Do Event, Chad Koneckey’s Stripper Dance, Merideth Fine and Sal Frontiero Go Down To Joel Favazza’s Team, Kudos, To Rick Doucette, Ruth Pino and Tracey Arabian, Toby Pett Breaks Dragon Light News, Hoping Dragon Light Keeps The Kitch, Joey’s Pet Peeve Cable’s “Free With Subscription” Is Never Free!, Blame ObamaCare, Free TV With UHV Antennae Works, Kenny MacCarthy Breaks Down and Buys A TV, Amazon Prime Free With $99 Subscription, James Eves Favorites, Fred Bodin’s GMG Holiday Parties, Phil Who Recently Passed From Northern Vermont Travels Down For The GMG Holiday Party, Donna Ardizzoni Risks Her Life To Get A Shot Of Paul Morrison Paddling Under The A Piatt Andrew Bridge During The Blackburn Challenge, The Blog Never Sleeps, The Pressure To Come Up With Decent Content, Kim Smith Falls Apart, Kim’s Fishermen Thanksgiving Video, Loveletters To Gloucester, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Coverage, The Farm Bar and Grille, Craig Kimberley Talks About The Fury That IS GMG Fiesta Coverage, Being From Somewhere Else But Being Taken In By The GMG Family, No One Is Getting Paid, Nichole Schrafft Talks About Jeff Schroeder and The Amazing Race, The Diversity and Wealth Of Community Events Reported About On GMG, Cardboard Box Races, Bluefin Blowout Coverage, Nichole Recognized While Hollering At her Children, Dealing With the Haters, The Difference Between Posting A Difference Of Opinion Comment vs An Ignorant Hurtful Comment, Kenny MacCarthy Loves The History, Being The Clearinghouse of Local Information For Newcomers and Locals, Rich Bean Another FOB Who Moved Here Because They Fell In Love With Gloucester Through GMG, Rich Figures Out It’s About Positivity and Not Money, The Diversity, When My Father First Asked Me Why I Would Do GMG Without Getting Paid, Friendships Worth Wayyy More Than Any Money, GMG Unlike Comcast Is Actually “Free With Subscription, Lowell Peabody Fell In Love With The Political Correctness of Joey’s Rants, Lowell Decides To Cover The Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament And Gets A Big Surprise, Alicia, Dewolfe As A Townie Says The Blog Opened Her Up To Many Local Things That She Wouldn’t Have Ordinarily Participated In And How We Break 95% of Local Restaurant News, How If We Don’t Break The Restaurant News They Become Dead To Me, Stay At Home Mom Yoga Pants Post, John McElhenney’s Yoga Pants That Said Joey Across The Butt, Manscaping, Overly Sensitive Hypocrites, The Person Who Pukes Out The Side Of My Car Shitfaced Who Says They Are Offended By Comments I’ve Made, Cancel Your Free Subscription, Trying To Push An Edgy Joke With Overly Sensitive People, Paul Morrison’s Life Lessons From Joey, Being A Judge In The Hot Wing Challenge At The Farm Bar and Grille, Marty Luster Moves To Gloucester After Spending One Weekend In Town And Falling In Love With The Place, Bill Cox Appreciates The Help For The Non Profits We Provide, Every Person That Came To The Phyllis A Steele Drive Came And Donated Because They Saw It On GMG, The Impact GMG Has Made On Making Things Happen In Gloucester, Melissa Cox Remembers The Coyote That Was Hit By A Truck On Moorland Ave and Wants To Be A Part Of Our Horribles Parade Float, Anna Eves Loves Vagazzling and The Woman With the Extreme Camel Toe, Appreciates The Positiveness, The Banter Broadcasting About Local Businesses with Humor, Felicia’s Favorite Memories, Horribles Float Building, Building The Outdoor Movie Screen, Tuffy, Sean’s Jock Strap Jump, Buddhist Lobster Liberation, Buddha Is My Homeboy, Bottom Line- A Group Of Good People Pulling In The Same Direction Can Achieve So Much More Than One Individual, Thanks To Our Fans and Our Contributors.



Studio and My Friend Pumpkin

Unbelievable dinner!! The Studio has never failed to get an A+ in the Schrafft’s book! And, yes, that is ALL ours on the sushi bar! My friend, Pumpkin, didn’t disappoint either. Tammy and Ben made our night even better!

Where Did Summer Go?

Swan and Cygnets ©Kim Smith 2014Henry’s Pond Swan Family, Rockport

Click on image to view the adorable cygnets larger.

Random snapshots not previously posted, taken during this past summer’s B-roll shoots for the Monarch Film and other film projects.

Where did summer go–she always flies by so swiftly–and this year seemed especially brief with the cooler than usual temperatures.

Cosmos and Coneflowers ©Kim Smith 2014Cosmos and Coneflowers

Rudbeckia ©Kim Smith 2014Wildflower Field, Essex

Silver-spotted Skipper ©Kim Smith 2014JPGSilver-spotted Skipper 


BMA Nominee Gracie Curran on Aurelia Nelson’s Curtain UP tomorrow (SUN) at 9AM

Gracie Curran at Larcom Theatre April 2014

Here’s some irony: Earlier this month, the Boston Globe announced this year’s Boston Music Wards nominees (see here) which include Gracie Curran for Blues Artist of the Year.  A few days later the Boston Herald cited Gracie Curran’s move from the Boston area to Memphis as an example of local blues artists’ response to the a loss of venues that offer them a place to preform (see here).

Vickie and I are bringing Gracie back to Beverly’s Larcom Theatre next Saturday NOV 1, for one night only with young, award-winning piano player Victor Wainwright, who got the first standing ovation at this year’s Gloucester Blues Fest.  GET TIX HERE.

Tomorrow, you can hear Gracie talk about the her career, the Blues, Memphis, Boston and much more on Aurelia Nelson’s Curtain Up radio show on North Shore 104.9FM at 9am.  Yeah, this will be worth getting up for.

Torn Between Two Lovers


Dear Grapefruit Beer,

I truly love you and think that honestly I always will…but, it’s late fall and it may be time to let you go.  I’ve had other loves in my lifetime, but none as serious as you.  There was Boone’s Farm in college (for reals), Rolling Rock shortly there after, and then of course, the years spent with Corona…both here on our soil and in other countries.

It is no reflection on you…it just may be time to shake things up a little bit. While my love for pumpkin will never replace my love for you, tart grapefruit, I am feeling the need for a change in my life…and it just may be you that needs to go.

I’m going to spend some time with my new friend, Pumpkin, this weekend and see how it feels.  If it feels right, you and I may simply need to take a break (think Ross and Rachel).  Don’t be surprised though, when spring is in the air, if I come running back to you.  I have a feeling that is exactly what will happen….and of course, I hope that you will be happy to have me back.  In the meantime, I dedicate this song to you.

Love always,

Your Good Friend.

Image 1


Taping the 100th podcast this morning. Please send in…

We’re taping the 100th GloucesterCast this morning at 9am. Please add your comment on this post about what was the most outrageous thing we’ve done or covered on GMG and please try to jog your memory to the early days.

I think for me it was the Buddhist Lobster Liberation When We Pretended That Tuffy’s Lobster Boat Went Out And Caught All The Lobsters That The Buddhist Bought and Released and the Media Shit Storm That Ensued.

Here is the post that set everything off-

Joel Favazza and crew knock off The Fine/Frontiero /Enos death grip on Rotary Trivia Championships!

Huge win. When I spoke to Joel before the evening got underway I asked him who was on his team.

The reply? "A bunch of guys my age, you wouldn’t know them."

Oh snap! Congrats on the win and thanks to Tracy Arabian, Rick Doucette, Ruth (she’s still got it) Pino and all the rest of the Gloucester Rotary and who made the night special.

Special thanks to our ringer Steve Saleeba who made the trip all the way up from Walpole, team leader Johnny Mac, and Chad Koneckey for keeping the laughs going all night long!

Bentleys in Essex

Bentley Wings

A group of Bentleys met up in Essex today and after a tour of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum went on their way to Wentworth by the Sea for a weekend gathering of the Bentley Club. All except the more modern examples were British Racing Green, of course..

Glimpses of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 3

Glimpses of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 3


North Landing from my window in the Renaissance.  Pig and Oyster Roast Awards in the tent at far left.  Portsmouth Visitor Center and landing for the ferry to Norfolk on the far side.  The ferry was evicted for the weekend to make space for schooners.  On the near side center, with flags flying, LIGHT REIGN, first in Class A and winner of the Perpetual Trophy for the best corrected time to Thimble Shoal (127 nm)

2014 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race – Official Results 10/18/2014

Start off Annapolis; AA and A boats race 127 nm to Thimble Shoal, B and C boats race 80 nm to Windmill Point

Class AA 127 nm Start Thu 13:40:00

Elapsed time / Corrected time / Place

Summerwind  18:19:26 / 14:46:58 / 1

Pride of Baltimore II  23:15:34 / 20:56:26 / 2

Liberty Clipper  DNF

Lady Maryland  DNF

A J Meerwald  DNF

Mystic Whaler  DNF

Lynx  DNF

Class A 127 nm Start Thu 13:40:00

Light Reign 18:54:44 / 13:04:58 / 1

Woodwind 18:13:34 / 13:18:33 / 2

Brilliant Fri 18:37:00 / 13:54:37 / 3

Adventurer (56) 20:51:49 / 14:51:37 / 4

Hindu 35:58:00 / 30:20:44 / 5

Britanya  DNF

Liberté  DNF

Class B 80 nm Start Thu 13:50:00

Apella 19:02:00 / 14:45:32 / 1

Tom Bombadil  18:49:00 / 14:51:54 / 2

Adventurer (65)  19:07:00 / 15:24:44 / 3

Sally B   22:11:00 / 17:53:41 / 4

Libertate  36:47:04 /  32:01:15 / 5

Edlyn Rose  DNF

Shanty  DNF

Sultana  DNF

Bonny Rover  DNS

Class C 80 nm Start Thu 13:50:00

Farewell  18:15:00 / 12:59:21 / 1

Susan B Merryman  23:22:06 / 17:48:36 / 2

Istar  30:32:00 /  24:17:16 / 3

Adventure DNF

Summer Wind  DNF

Norfolk Rebel  DNF

Quintessence  DNS

Celebration  DNS

According to Race Chair Bill Mellen, “It was light air at the start with winds appearing early AM on Friday. Then it was a drag race on a reach for schooners Woodwind and Summerwind as they made the 47 nm between Windmill Point and Thimble Shoals in 4hr 6min neck and neck with Woodwind making it to the line at Thimble Shoals first.”


This year Jay Irwin received the Black Dog Trophy, created in 2006 to honor the individual(s) who supports the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in the spirit of Captain Lane Briggs (1932-2005), the founder of the GCBSR. Named after Captain Briggs’ faithful companion, Reb, this bronze statue of a black dog signifies loyalty to the race mission and faithful and honorable support for the event without personal recognition. In the words of Captain Briggs, “It’s amazing what you can get done if you don’t care who gets credit for it!”

The board of directors presents this award, honoring significant contributions to the race, as deserved and not on an annual basis, making it the most prestigious presentation of the organization.  Flanking Jay are Race Chair Bill Mellen and Al Roper in his role of perennial emcee.


Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Perpetual Trophy  Awarded to LIGHT REIGN (A Fleet), James Turrell at the helm, with the best corrected time at Thimble Shoal of 13 hours, 4 minutes and 58 seconds.  LIGHT REIGN was first in the new Special Class this year in Gloucester.


Howdy Bailey Buckle, awarded to a B or C Fleet schooner for line honors at Windmill Point, was given to FAREWELL (C Fleet), sailed by Linda Gunn, with an elapsed time of 17 hours and 18 minutes.  The Windmill Point Trophy, formerly the Michelob Chesapeake Bay Challenge Trophy, was also awarded to FAREWELL, with the best corrected time at Windmill Point of 12 hours, 59 minutes and 21 seconds.  Linda is hobbling with ski poles after hip surgery.  Looking on is P-town’s Stormy Mayo, who hung in with ISTAR for third place with an elapsed time for the 80 miles of 30h32m.


Capt. John Eginton with Pat Dutton of Mystic Whaler received the Rebel Educational Trophy, which balances the triad of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race: a valiant race down the length of the Chesapeake Bay; historical preservation of the schooner fleet; and an education program focused on the heritage, ecology and natural resources of the Chesapeake Bay. We all know that it takes an experienced crew to race a schooner under full sail, but often the educational program the schooner carries along goes unnoticed. The schooners participating in the education program spend untold hours planning, fundraising, training and executing their educational program. The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Educational Program Committee selects the schooner deserving recognition for their contribution to this essential element. It is the schooners’ educational programs that will perpetuate Captain Briggs’ vision of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race for generations to come.


The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Clock, awarded for line honors at Thimble Shoal to the fastest schooner in the race, again went to WOODWIND, Capt. Jen Kaye, with an elapsed time of 18 hours and 15 minutes.


Every year a donation is made to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation with the stipulation to put students on the water for a day.  Many of  these kids are from large cities, and it is a very special experience for them.  $177,624 has been donated to date.  Nan Nawrocki, Race Chair from Baltimore, George Treiber, GCBSR Treasurer and Elizabeth Buckman of CBF.


James Grundy, owner of Class AA winner Summerwind (the ex-Merchant Marine Academy boat familiar in Gloucester) made a personal gift of $5,000 to match the GCBSR.


The volunteers that make the GCBSR so enjoyable for schooner crews are like family to those who are, or have been regular participants.   This is race chairman Bill Mellen, who has run the event for seventeen years.  It is a complicated one-way race that requires a very wide starting line for the large schooners close to the main shipping channel.  Bill is always ready to listen to suggestions about handicapping, safety or any other aspect at the Sunday morning captains’ recap of the race.    Roger Brown donates a breakfast for all the captains, crew and volunteers at his popular restaurant.


Schooner crews have a way of blending and here we have folks from ADVENTURE, BRILLIANT, PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II etc. etc. and etc.


At the Gloucester Schooner Festival no volunteer worked harder than Brett Ramsey.  Our mutual friend Jay Irwin is no stranger to Gloucester.  Jay, 81 drove up from his ‘old folks home’ in Baltimore to help rig Ed Boynton’s SUGARBABE in May,  then again to race with Ed in the Gloucester Schooner Festival.

So hat’s off to the volunteers!

Al Bezanson


Postcript ___  In Baltimore, before the race, there are days of festivities with a similar dose of hospitality.  Every schooner is assigned a liasion in Baltimore and another in Portsmouth,  insiders, who make a real difference in the quality of the participants’ visits.  It can be a tough slug getting a boat to and from this race, with a substantial  commitment in time and expense.   The typical autumn weather often makes the race itself challenging to say the least.  Why do we do it?   It’s the people!

The Dreadfully Despicable and Despised Poison Ivy


Eastern Bluebird and Poison Ivy Berries

“Leaflets three, let it be!”

Perhaps the most disliked plant of all is poison ivy, despised throughout its range for the blistering rash that oozes and itches when one has the misfortune to come in contact with any part of the plant. What is the substance that causes that most dreaded of unpleasant of rashes? Poison ivy is infused with urushiol, a compound that not only wards off humans, but caterpillars, too (generally speaking, caterpillars are a plant’s number one enemy).

Toxicodendron_radicans_01Poison Ivy in Flower

Several of my landscape design projects are located on Plum Island. I laughed initially when it was first brought to my attention that poison ivy was one of the “approved” plants permitted on Plum Island. Of course, whether approved or not, I wouldn’t dream of planting poison ivy on a client’s property, but I did want to learn more about why it was on the approved list. And here’s the reason why we might want to rethink our disdain towards poison ivy: Plum Island is home to and breeding ground for hundreds of bird species and small animals. The blossoms of poison ivy are a rich nectar source for many pollinators and the berries are a prime winter staple for dozens and dozens of song birds, including cardinals, mockingbirds, and robins.

800px-Toxicodendron_radicans_(L.)_Kuntze_-_eastern_poison_ivy,_poison_ivy,_poisonivy_(3778180456)“Berries white, run in fright.” ~ More than 60 species of birds eat the fruit of poison ivy.

Malign poison ivy if you will for its dreadful rash and clamoring habit. Lets rip it out of our backyard play spaces and public pathways. But knowing it holds an important place in our ecosystem, lets allow it to continue to grow wild in wild and appropriate places. Poison ivy is one of the essential reasons why we are privy to the legions and legions of beautiful birds that dwell, nest, and migrate through our region.

140256018.pF0PzVtqYellow-rumped Warbler and Poison Ivy Fruits

Yellow-rumped warblers are able to withstand our cold winters by switching from a diet of primarily insects, to one of poison ivy berries, bayberry, and other small fruits.


“Red hairy vine, no friend of mine!”

The telltale reddish hairs of the vine are clearly evident in the above image; leaves, vines, stems, and hairs are all toxic to humans. As I am constantly exposed to poison ivy due to landscape design projects, and oftentimes filming and photographing in locations where poison ivy is prevalent, my number one solution to avoiding contact is to identify its presence and to wear protective clothing. Knowing poison ivy’s mnemonic rhymes will help with its identification: “Leaves of three, let it be!”, “Berries white, run in fright!”, and “Red hairy vine, no friend of mine!”

*    *    *

My sincere thanks to John Snyder for the use of his photos. Permission to post the bluebird and poison ivy berry photo was requested and John not only graciously allowed the photo, he also forwarded along the photo of the Yellow-rumped Warbler. You can see more of his beautiful photos here: John Snyder Photography.

All other images are courtesy Wiki Commons Media. 

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