Electricity Update #4: Free Home Energy Assesment With Kevin From Next Step Living

So I’ve been totally obsessed with helping my mom save money and being more comfortable at home so this is the latest and I 100% recommend that you take advantage of this free program like my mom did.

If you don’t like saving money without any cost to you whatsoever then stop reading right now.

If you want to take advantage of awesome programs available to you right now for zero out of pocket then watch the video and sign up for your own energy efficiency assessment and get a ton of free lightbulbs, power strips, electronic thermostats that will turn down the heat at night or while you’re at work automatically, and efficient showerheads.


My mom got-

Over thirty free lightbulbs that use 10 watts vs 65 watts, free energy efficient shower heads, power strips and a whole report detailing more steps she can take to save even more.  If you are planning to insulate your house and put in more efficient heating systems theres even more free stuff  and zero percent financing for more intense things.

All you have to do is sign up, in our case local guy Kevin Geisel comes out and goes over everything with you and replaces all the bulbs.  In my mom’s case she had over 30 flood light “cans” that were 65 watt bulbs that were replaced with bulbs that gave off the same amount of light but only draw 10 watts of power.


Also, if you’re afraid that they’re going to make you put in those weird looking squiggly lightbulbs- that’s just not the case.  YOU CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE LIGHTBULBS THEY REPLACED WITH THE ONES THEY INSTALLED!


If you’ve been following our energy conversation found here you read from Arthur Bevilacqua who pointed out that we are all, no matter what being assessed a close to 1 cent per kWh energy efficiency charge on every bill whether you take advantage of these programs or not and he added that we’re crazy not to take advantage of them.

Look on your current bill for yourself- you don’t have the option to opt out of the Energy Efficiency Charge but that charge that is on everyone’s bill is what is paying for programs like the one my mom took advantage of today, so it’s on you if you just feel like paying the Energy Efficiency Charge on your bill and not reap the rewards of it while others do.


The lightbulbs that they used to replace the old ones- you cannot tell the difference except the new ones draw 10 watts of power instead of 65 watts.- Same amount of light coming out of them and same hue, not sterile white light.


Here’s just some of the free stuff that was installed at my mom’s-


Here’s The Cost and Here’s The Total Value-



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Community Stuff 11/23/14

Hi Joey C & GMG!

Many of Rockport’s Downtown shops will be extending their hours for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday!   Welcome in the holiday season by discovering the quality and variety of Rockport’s local retail shopping scene!  It’s a great way to find unique gifts for everyone on your list while enjoying the hospitality and warmth of independently owned neighborhood shops.

“Don’t shop the mall, shop small!”

For more information visit:  https://www.facebook.com/shoprockportma01966

 Nov 21 at 2:13 PM

The Earliest Sunsets Are Not the Winter Solstice!

Late afternoon light through the trees Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2014Late October Eastern Point, Gloucester

The weatherman caught my attention this morning when he mentioned that in our region the earliest sunsets do not take place on the winter solstice (December 21st).

Late afternoon light through the trees Gloucester -2 ©Kim Smith 2014. copy

Take heart fellow-lovers-of-sunlight, Gloucester’s earliest sunset of the year will be on December 14th, at 4:09 pm. We’re on the side of gaining late day light everyday thereafter!

Late afternoon light through the trees Gloucester -3 ©Kim Smith 2014.

Fair Day in Gloucester

Saturday, November 22, 2014 was very busy with the holiday fairs popping up all over the city.  Went to Seacoast Fair, St. John’s Fair, The UU and went to Market Basket for the Open Door.



JFK was murdered 51 years ago today. Not too much news in the media about it today. It’s sad.

No matter what you thought of JFK’s personal life we could use someone with his vision today.



“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.

                                                        John F. Kennedy

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/j/john_f_kennedy.html#OHL2WebfOuwXxu7Q.99



TODAY! Open Door Thanksgiving Food Drive on Saturday, November 22, from 9 AM to 3 PM

Hi Joey,

We are stocking up for the winter. Will you let GMG readers know about The Open Door Thanksgiving Food Drive on Saturday, November 22, from 9 AM to 3 PM at Market Basket, Shaw’s on Eastern Avenue, and Stop & Shop in Gloucester? The items we need most are: peanut butter, tuna fish, cereal, 100% juice, soups, pasta and pasta sauce. All support is welcome, but PLEASE don’t bring items in glass because they WILL break and they WILL make a mess. Trust me!



Thank You Brother Joey


Cartoccioo~ Ricotta Filled Italian Donut

After a month of visits back and forth between Boston’s Childrens Hospital’s ER, ENT Specialists, and pediatrician, our daughter Amanda is finally home from the hospital recovering from a very painful double ear surgery, she had a few days ago. Barry, Amanda and I would like to thank our amazing family and friends for all their support, help, phone calls, text messages and prayers throughout this entire ordeal. It has been very comforting to feel everyones embrace. Thankfully we live a stones throw away from one of the best Childrens Hospitals in the world, and Amanda was under the care of an amazing team of doctors and surgeons. This morning brother Joey delivered Amanda’s favorite Italian pastry and bread from Sclafani’s Bakery and “TWO” of my favorite Sista Felicia’s Tea’s from from Lone Gull, after learning about the sleepless night we all had, trying to make Amanda as comfortable as possible. l Thank you God, for blessing me with an awesome brother and uncle to my kids …He knew exactly what we all needed this morning!❤️

Coconut hasn’t taken her eyes off Amanda sense she arrive home!



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