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GloucesterCast With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/31/14

Topics Include: Toby Pett Looking Svelte In His Black Shirt, Ladies Man Toby Pett, Contributor Of The Week, Craig Kimberley’s Birdseye Demo and USCG Barque Eagle Drone Videos, The Schooner Adventure Progress, Greg Bover, The Schooner Adventure Business Model, Peter Bent Running The Show On The Adventure Today, The Bluenose II Question, Barry Pett and Marty Luster Go Behind The Scenes For The Gloucester Fireworks Set Up, The Gloucester Fund, Hosting The Schooners, The Question- Does Schooner Festival Exists If People Don’t Come To See the Schooners?, Local Traffic, Parking IMO Is A Non-Issue, Sailing Activity In Gloucester Today vs 25 Years Ago, Football Season, Question- Can Tom Brady Still Have As Much Focus and Will To Win As A Young QB Without A Superbowl Win?, Market Basket Re-Opening But Let’s Not Forget The Great Employees At Stop and Shop, Labor Day Schooner Festival Fireworks Were Awesome, Boat Horns.

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Community Photos Tuesday After Schooner Festival weekend Edition 9/2/14

Plenty of close-up action at the Gloucester Schooner Festival Race this year. -Len Burgess


Annisquam Sunset, photos from Anthony Marks

The Adventure (plus the diminutive Lannon) in Gloucester Harbor From Nancy LeGendre

Some firework images from Saturday night including my traditional photo montage to mark the event. 

Cheers and Happy Labor Day, Judith

Thought you might enjoy these photos I took yesterday during the
schooner races at Eastern Point,  came up from Salem for the festival
and races and had a great time.
Rick Matthias

Homie Picture From Susan LaRosa

image (2)

Hi Joey,

The Parade of Sails and Schooner Race were magnificent as viewed from the Schooner Adventure.   We had a couple of Sea Scouts aboard helping with the lines and a great variety of past and present Adventure supporters.   Capt. Stefan Edick and crew did a magnificent job and were delighted with the 2nd place finish in such an esteemed field.   Here are a few of photos of our day.

Mary Barker

Yacht Sea Farer, photo from Anthony Marks




Good seeing you quickly today. If you would like feel free to use attached on Good Morning Gloucester. Attached pics taken 9/1/2014.

Eric Schwartz

Tuesday September 2nd , 2014 Cape Ann Weather..

Marine Forecast :
Tue S winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas around 2 ft. Patchy fog. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.
Tue Night SW winds around 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft. Patchy fog. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Beach Forecast :
Water Temps 70° Degrees
UV Index 9 Very High Depending on if low clouds / fog hold off …
Air Temps 80°s Late Morning / Early afternoon Sea Breezes likely …
South Winds to South East Winds 5-15mph …

Pod Cast Weather :

Hourly Forecast :



Schooner Festival Up Close on the King Eider and Lady Jillian

Capt Steve and Capt Pete gave everyone an up close view of the schooners in the parade of Sails, and their trip to the starting Line. Photographers, Parents and children were thrilled to see the schooners in full sail up close. King Eider and Lady Jillian are operated by Cape Ann Harbor Tours.  See Slide Show below of all the happy faces.


IMG_5141 Stitcha

Community Stuff 9/2/14

Hello Joey,

For your consideration – would you mind adding this to GMG?  This is a group of young women artists whose work is at Earth’s Treasures on Bearskin Neck in Rockport.  They are having an end of summer gallery opening this Saturday at 6 PM.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


And thank you for GMG – it’s great!

~End of Summer~
Gallery Show

Save the date!
Saturday, August 30th
6 pm – 8 pm

Come celebrate the end of the Rockport summer season with us!
We’ve been working hard all year in our beautifully repainted space, and we’re looking forward to sharing our new art with you!  There will be work from several new artists, sparkling cider, and, of course, our fantastic company. 
Most importantly. . .there will be cheese.
~Amelia Leonards, Tessah Stanton, Laura Tejeda, Kate Tortland, Denise Walter~


The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club and Halibut Point State Park are hosting the final Star Party of the 2014 season on Friday September 5, from dusk to 10:30. If there are clouds we’ll try again on Saturday night. Come see close-up views of the moon, bright star clusters, planets and exploded stars in our telescopes. Park in the lot on Gott Avenue and walk up the hill to the Visitor Center. There’s no charge — it’s your sky too!

The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club meets on the second Friday of the month from 8:00-9:30 at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street, Lanesville. The public is warmly invited; no special knowledge or equipment is needed. More info on the club is available on our website at or on Facebook at You can also follow us on Twitter, @gaactweet.


Art New England Cover Story:

Gloucester Times Cover Story:

Artist response to a controversial element of the show:

This blog was posted on Facebook, as well as the artists blog – my response was:

Greg Lookerse – you are outstanding. An installation piece is meant to be provocative – stimulate thought – and invite a dialogue. This piece accomplished all objectives – it went from a still life form to a performance piece – and all who saw and know the story were moved – well done!


Hi Joey, Please post this notice for me, Virginia McKInnon

Gloucester Stroke Club meeting Wednesday, September 3rd 10:30 to 11:30 am

Addison Gilbert Hospital, Logan Room, 298 Washington St. Front door entrance.

Also handicapped accessible from Fisher Lobby and elevator to First Floor.

Please note change in date, day and time. Stroke Survivors and Caretakers are

encouraged to attend. All are welcome. Virginia McKinnon will be retiring  after over

25 years of leading the group with the late Cynthia Asaro. New leader will be

Eileen Consentrino, Stroke Program Manager of Gloucester and Beverly Hospitals

All are welcome to attend. Refreshments.

For more information please call Eileen at 978-922-3000 x 2235

Fall Pottery Classes
Now accepting registrations for the next session:
September 8 – November 1
Come Get Muddy!
Monday adult class: 9:00 a.m. -12:00
Tuesday adult class: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Wednesday adult class: 9:00 a.m. -12:00
Wednesday kid’s class: 3:30 –5:00
Thursday adult class: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Friday adult class:  9:00 a.m. -12:00

All levels of experience – beginners always welcome!
Wheel-throwing ~ Hand Building ~ Glazing
Private lessons ~ Independent Study Program ~ Retail Gallery

Cynthia Curtis Pottery
80 Pigeon Hill Street, Rockport,
To register, call 978 546 6186 or email:

Well Lookey Here- Local Gloucester And Rockport Dentists Support The Use Of Flouridation


Letter: Local dentists stand behind fluoridation

To the editor:

We, dentists of Rockport and Gloucester, favor the continued use of community fluoridation in these towns to help prevent tooth decay.

Many measures are useful maintaining the oral health of our citizens, most notably community fluoridation with its proven track record for fighting tooth decay. Manipulating drinking water fluoride levels to fight tooth decay has been shown repeatedly to be safe, effective, and comparatively inexpensive. Additionally, practically all members of our communities receive fluoridation’s therapeutic benefits regardless of socioeconomic status.

For the entire letter to the editor click here to view it at The Gloucester Daily Times website


Here is the poster from the anti Flouride folks-


Poor Little Lost Bat

Bat trapped ©Kim Smith 2014Around and around the room flew the bat, neatly missing walls and chandelier. My husband’s response was calm and collected–and to me–you’re my nature girl he said. Not when it comes to bats trapped in our dining room I wailed in dismay. After a few unsettled moments, I realized the bat wasn’t going to bite him or me and it truly was just a poor little lost bat struggling to find its way out. I ran and got our trusty butterfly net that, although it has never been used to catch a butterfly with any success, has rescued myriad songbirds and hummingbirds. Tom caught the little bat in a flash and out into the night it flew.

How did it get in we wondered, with all the doors closed and the windows screened?

*    *    *

Butterfly net ©Kim Smith 2014When our children were very young, I made each a net using  a dowel, piece of wire bent into a hoop-shape, leftover fabric, and recycled leather shoelaces. The nets conveniently live in the mud room and they sure have come in handy over the years!

Oh what a weekend

The Schooner Festival is definitely my favorite.  From starting on Friday on The Lannon and ending on the Lady Jillian for the parade of sail.  Just terrific.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Another Schooner Festival is in the Books

So much beauty in one harbor.  It almost doesn’t seem fair….almost.

The day began a bit dreary, but grey skies couldn’t detract from the gorgeousness of the schooners as they paraded throughout our harbor.

Lucky, lucky us.  Thanks to everyone who played a part in another successful Schooner Festival.


Eagle’s Lesson

JanetEagle096wm Eagle4740wmAfter photographing USCG barque Eagle Friday afternoon, I wanted to take the deck tour on Saturday morning. The boarding ramp didn’t look like it would be too steep for my rollator at 9:30 am, low tide. But when I approached the stairs, I knew it would be a challenge. Both the ramp and steep stairs would have to be walked without the aid of my four–wheeled walker. I got on the ship with hard work and a sailor standing by. The main deck was fascinating and crew was fun to talk to, including officer candidate Flores, my tour chaperone.

The climb up the stairs disembarking Eagle was exhausting, especially going up. Two crew members guarded me against a fall in back and in front of me. On the last two steps, I asked for and got a “lift.” They were very happy to help me, and it was welcome. I thanked them for an excellent physical therapy session. Once on terra firma, my legs were shaking. I had pushed myself to the limit. When I heard the distant blasts of Eagle’s horn as she departed this afternoon, I realized what the experience was all about: I had challenged the stairs to stop me, and they could not.

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