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Movie Goers, Meet Trash Can

The boys and I, along with some friends, have attended the HarborWalk Outdoor Cinema Series the past two Wednesdays.  The boys have had a great time and I’m sure we’ll continue to go as the summer continues.

There is nothing better than free community events and kudos to the organizers and sponsors for making it all happen.

That having been said, I have been horrified by the amount of trash that has been scattered and left behind by those in attendance.  I assure you that my photo doesn’t do justice to the enormous amount of debris, wrappers, and yuckiness that has littered the outdoor movie lot as families have packed up and headed for home.

Last week I asked my boys to each grab a few pieces of trash and we deposited it in trash cans on our way out.  There are, by the way, several trash cans available on location. On the way home, I was mad at myself for not staying and doing more to help return the lot to its tidy condition. I was more angered, however, by the fact that people could simply leave their crap behind in the first place.  Gosh knows I do PLENTY wrong, but I can’t help but think about what kind of message it gives children when they are allowed to walk away and leave their rubbish behind.

For the record, I am well aware that many families obviously took the time to pick up their items…but it was evident, that just as many, if not more, did not.

On a happier note, please look here to see the movie line-up for the rest of the summer, HarborWalk Cinema Series


The Concours D’Elegance at Endicott’s Misselwood

Sometimes there are things that I mean to squeeze into our weekend, but then simply don’t because we are busy at BBQs, or at the beach, or on the boat.  This weekend, in particular, was really busy between covering the Bluefin Blowout and entertaining the boys.

That having been said, I am SO happy that we made time for the Misselwood Concours D’Elegance.  Thatcher and Finn are obsessed with cars.  Some of you may remember the Car Show Adventure we had this winter.  So, for them, yesterday’s little field trip was Heaven!

Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you’d have to appreciate the beautiful display on the incredibly breathtaking Misselwood Property.

Here are some of our photographs.  I say “ours” because the boys kept on stealing my camera and taking photos of their favorite cars.

If You’re One of the Few People NOT at the Bluefin Blowout, This is What You’re Missing

Yummy beer, fancy cars, fantastic music, a phenomenal view, awesome people, the Bruins’ Bob Sweeney, the Mayor….and, well, me.  Just saying. Be forewarned that the beer vendors are packing up…but, the bar is still open for service.

Rumor has it, and it is still unconfirmed, that there may also be a fish coming in……

Looking for Something to do Today!! Harbor Cruise Departs at 1:00 to Kick off Brewfest!

Welcome Aboard the Lady Sea for an Afternoon of fun, friends, and dancing!

We set sail at promptly 1:00 PM and will sail about the shores of Cape Ann for some fun, music, and dancing to the mixes of DJ Scottie Mac. Upon return to the docks of the Cape Ann Marina and Resort be prepared to partake in a fun filled Brewfest, complete with Silent Auction, and the hopeful arrival of GIANT bluefin tuna from the tournament.

See more information HERE

Last Day of the 2015 Bluefin Blowout

If you haven’t been down to see the action at the Cape Ann’s Marina Resort, today is a great day for it!

To recap, Thursday night kicked off the event with a delicious Captain’s dinner thanks to Prezza and Ipswich Clambake.  Check here to see all of the other tremendous sponsors, such as the Platinum Presenting Sponsor Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, that helped make this year’s bluefin blowout possible…

Bob Sweeney and the Bruins Foundation, along with none other than Rene Rancourt and the Bruins’ Ice Girls, were present to help signify the opening of competition. Tournament founders, Drew Hale and Rob Bouley, discussed rules and regulations, gave thanks, and wished everyone good luck.

See Rene’s singing of our National Anthem Thursday evening HERE

More than 40 boats took to the water in search of the somewhat illusive bluefin tuna and Friday afternoon came with the impressive Duck Soup from Pt. Judith, Rhode Island pulling into weigh-in with a beautiful 324-pounder.

See the video of Duck Soup’s fish HERE

Barefoot Wine and the Naked Grape helped make WINEFEST a great success and the Michael Troy band took the stage for live music into the evening.

Today brings BREWFEST thanks to Seaboard Products, more silent auction, hopefully some weighing of more bluefin tuna, the awards banquet, and live music with the Herland Brothers Band!





First Fish On!

Congratulations to the Captain and Crew of the Bulldog!  They have the 1st fish on the hook in this year’s Bluefin Blowout Tournament!

Let’s hope they get it on the boat and then stay tuned for the ETA at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort for weigh in.  Good luck, Bulldog!!

If you haven’t seen a bluefin tuna up-close, you should!

See tournament info again, HERE



Bluefin Blowout Kick-off Event: Captain’s Dinner

For those of you who may not be “in the know”, the Bluefin Blowout is no joke.  We are incredibly fortunate to have this premier tuna tournament take place each summer in our own backyard.  This weekend, Cape Ann’s Marina Resort is home to this fantastic tournament for the 4th year in a row.

Last year’s winning fish weighed in at an impressive 914 pounds!

This year’s tournament has over 40 boats entered, some pretty fantastic sponsors, and important ties to charities.

While a tremendous sporting event, the tournament more importantly honors the memory of Madelyn Rose Bouley, and proudly supports important funding needs within Child Life Services at Floating Hospital for Children.  The tournament has also joined forces with the Boston Bruins Foundation!

So, come on down this weekend and be a part of the fun!

Read all about the Bluefin Blowout HERE

Get Fishing: Bluefin Blowout Tournament Founders and Bruins’ Bob Sweeney

With some thanks and encouragement, and a quick discussion of the rules and regulations, tournament founders Drew Hale and Rob Bouley, along with Bob Sweeney, Executive Director of the Boston Bruins Foundation, wish the captains and crew good luck.

Go get em’!


IMG_2745 IMG_2752 IMG_2757 IMG_2774

The 2015 Bluefin Blowout is On!

The 2015 Bluefin Blowout is on!

Live Blogging from the Captain’s Dinner!

Who other than Rene Rancourt to ring in this fantastic tournament!?

Stay tuned to see which boats get on and what their fish weigh in at!

Be sure to come on down and join the fun Friday and Saturday at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort.

See Rene singing “The Star Spangled Banner” a moment ago!

Nichole’s Picks 7/25 + 7/26

Pick #1

The Bluefin Blowout!  

Get yourself and the kiddos down to Cape Ann Marina Resort and Mile Marker 1 to see some giant tuna, meet the captains, check out the boats, bid at the silent auction and much, much more!  A FANTASTIC event, a premier fishing tournament and a tremendous addition to Cape Ann’s summer of fun!




Click HERE for a full schedule of events!

Pick #2

Misselwood Concours d’Elegance:  Car Show


Located near Boston, the Misselwood Concours d’Elegance is a premier classic car show featuring some of the finest automobiles in an unrivaled lawn and oceanfront setting on the East Coast. Attracting people from across the United States, the full weekend event has become the prime classic car happening of the summer on Boston’s historic Gold Coast.

Read all about the event HERE and see the schedule of events

Pick #3

2015 Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival


What is better on a summer day than a good old sand sculpture “competition”.  I’ve got to be honest and admit that I’ve never been to this, but each and every summer it is on my bucket list!  Sounds like a fun way to spend a summer day.

Check out the schedule of events HERE!


Pick #4

Footebrothers Canoe and Kayak Rentals


Canoeing and kayaking has fast become one of Americas favorite pastimes. Inexpensive and easy to learn, it’s the sport of choice for people of all ages! Once you try it, you’ll agree that there is not a better way to exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun with family and friends.

Our stretch of the river runs through a National Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, scenic wetlands, and Bradley Palmer State Park and Willowdale State Forest! Much of the river is accessible only by canoe, and our some of our regulars include birders, botanists and fisherman.

Get all the information that you many need HERE

For a more comprehensive list of family activities, visit our friends at North Shore Kid

What a Waterfront!

The boys and I took a 6-mile bike ride yesterday through Stage Fort Park, down the boulevard, all through town, for a hot dog at the Blue Collar Lobster Co. (Gloucester House), around Harbor Loop, to the gift shop at Cape Ann Whale Watch, to the end of the State Fish Pier, to check out the Key Largo, down Main Street, and back to our car.

The boys commented several times about the large variety of boats that can be seen in the harbor at any given time.  That is for sure one of their favorite parts about living here.

This photo kind of sums that up…..

The Adventure, the Ardelle, the Beauport Princess, CAWW’s Hurricane, and some harbor master boats….obviously to both the left and the right are countless fishing vessels too!

All in a day’s work.


If You Have Water Bugs, You Should Have One of These

If your kids are water bugs, like mine, then you need to check out these new KYPADS.  I did a quick blog post about them earlier this spring, but would be remiss to not follow up now that we’ve had the awesome opportunity to demo these incredible boards for a few weeks.

We were lucky enough to take two KYPADS with us to Nantucket back in June and then were thrilled to hang on to them a bit longer so as to hit the beaches around Cape Ann too!

These boards were designed by a some local peeps who had the vision to create boards that are super kid friendly, easy to manage, and up to the challenge of some kid wear and tear.

My humble review of the boards?  Well, first of all, they couldn’t have been easier to get on and off my Jeep…which I might add, is pretty high.  I was able to put them up and strap them on by myself after having gotten the hang of the ratchet straps.  Once the boards were off the Jeep most of the kids that we were traveling with (ages 6-12) had no trouble carrying them down to the beach with no help whatsoever!  That is a HUGE plus!  My absolute FAVORITE thing about the boards?  Each and every child, without exception, quickly mastered how to maneuver the boards and took to the water with no fear, no assistance, and no difficulty. More importantly than that…each child, without exception, came off the water feeling proud of the independence they had just demonstrated…and pretty psyched that they had become so darn good at something so quickly.

My boys can’t get enough of the water.  They are happiest when they are at the beach or on a boat.  To be able to hit the water solo and with such confidence in such a cool way was so excellent for them.  They were so proud of themselves and I couldn’t have been happier.

Check out the KYPADs HERE and learn about how they were created and how fabulous they truly are.

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