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For the past 20 years I've been directing, shooting and editing content for multiple formats. From TV and cable shows, to music videos, to local blogs, it's all been a fantastic ride. Currently I'm directing, shooting, and editing for Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish, and Sasquatch: Mountain Man, both on the Outdoor Channel. I live and create in Gloucester Ma, and I'm passionate about my town. If you don't know about, your sleeping, check it out. Whether it's photo, or video, or film, I'm always ready to shoot. Hit me up anytime for questions, input, work, or feedback! You can find me on Twitter @ CraigShoots (Oh yeah, and I'm a bit of a Pit-Master, so if ya like cooking out, holla!)

Are You Ready for Earth 2.0? It’s Out There!

Well, it’s pretty far away, but it’s still out there! If you didn’t know, I’m a huge space geek. I absolutely love this type of discovery, and all it conjures up! So, do you believe that other life is out … Continue reading

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Good Stories about Great Americans: REAL PEOPLE – STIHL PEOPLE

Here’s some work I just completed for STIHL, INC. Yes, the company that makes the best chainsaws and lawn care equipment! I love this series because it’s really refreshing and organic. We set out to tell stories about regular folks doing what they … Continue reading

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What? Can it Be? Chipotle Eggs Benny?

Aaron at Two Sisters Does it Again! Chipotle Eggs Benedict, and it was AMAZING! (Listen to the 4-10-14 podcast to hear all about it!) A closer look reveals the perfection! And to Top It All Off… I give you the … Continue reading

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OMG.. WHAT HAS HAPPENED??? Tell me what you find with this link!!

So, I’m doing some exploring this morning looking for fun things to do with kids, and I landed on good ol’ GLOUCESTERMA.COM. Then I see an ol’ favorite, the Gloucester Maritime Museum, harmless right? It’s a haven for kids, family, … Continue reading

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New Additions to FENWAY PARK

This of course The Social Monster Tasty Burger enters the park

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Your Favorite Officer Ever STEVE HORGAN! Remember the Ortiz homer?..yep he’s the guy! Monster Banner! The Ring Ceremony! First clams of da year! Aunty Joany, my sponsor! Let er’ Fly!

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Yep, Da boys are smokin it up! This ain’t no April fools. The King speaks. Check back for updates

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Brian Williams doing Sugar Hill Gang’s “RAPPER’S DELIGHT”

I’ve watched this like 10 times!!   If you missed this from Jimmy Fallon’s crew, it’s some fine editing….ENJOY!

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For the Love of Eggs Benny! Mamie’s & Two Sisters

I have a passion for food. And I have an even greater passion for breakfast food. Wether it’s prepping, making sauces, waffles, pancakes, fried eggs, scrambled, home fries, green chili covered breakfast burritos, bacon, and biscuits…I LOVE IT ALL! Then … Continue reading

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Brian n Craig ask ” Why are u not here?” This dude is reppin! The Band is killing it!!! Next stop? Stones????

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LIVE ST. PADDY’s DAY! The Rhumb Line!

Git yerrr butts down here! Miss St Techno Ras! Toby love’s Life! 27th year these guys showed up! Tom O’Brians Boru! Play dat thang! Fiddle in da middle! St. Pimpin! Why are you not here?

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Live Destruction!! Finally!!!!

You’ve cussed, cursed, and scorned at it. You’ve prayed, pleaded, and preached about it. So cue the Etta James classic “At Last” because the suck-sore that was at the corner of Mansfield St. and Washington has fallen! That’s right folks, … Continue reading

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You put what on my burger??? Stones Pub Perfection

I was a bit skeptical about this one folks. I love me a proper burger, and nobody fire grills one in this town better than Stones Pub….but Dayum! May I introduce to you, The Peanut Butter Bacon Burger from heaven!! … Continue reading

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Live Drankin at Stones Pub: DNA RESULTS ARE IN!

My DNA results came in, and I found out Ed is my father! We had to celebrate with my Stones “rented” beer club mug!

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Mystery Rocky

As I left Sista Felicia’s house yesterday to go on a supplies run, I saw this jogger getting at it down the back shore. I scrambled for my phone to snag a quick shot. I was then inspired by this … Continue reading

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LIVE BLOGGING: Sista’s St.Joseph Pasta Partay!

It’s going down huge here at Sista Felicia’s 50 lbs. of Pasta Throw Down! She has a crew (I should say staff!) of hard working ladies getting it done! Sista, the ring leader Pat the Queen Amanda the next generation … Continue reading

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LIVE BLOGGING: Craig has left the building!

So long Spring Training at ft. Myers. It’s been amazing!! Stay tuned for the wrap up video! Last night at the Twins. Last drank at airport. Ooh, spankin new JetBlue! Glostah Bound!

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