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Lost and Found: Wrenches

Did you, or somebody you know, lose a box of wrenches this week? These belong to somebody that needs them, so no freebies here, be honest! Tell me where, and possibly when you lost them, and come and gettem! (Aunt Joany Kimberley scooped these up this past week)

Hit me up at, or respond below!

Live Celebration! Joey C’s Party!

Come on out if you ain’t here already! It’s the big night celebrating GMG and Joey C’s contribution to the community and its businesses!!!! We’re live @ The Studio in Rocky Neck

Live Celebration! Joey C’s Party!

Come on out if you ain’t here already! It’s the big night celebrating GMG and Joey C’s contribution to the community and its businesses!!!! We’re live @ The Studio in Rocky Neck

Live WTF???? Trading away a puppy for a vehicle? What say you?


I’m not sure if I’m very happy for this puppy, or just very sad. I wish I could just go and buy this lil’ fella! How do you feel about such transactions? Is it a bit strange, or is it chalked up to tough times & any means necessary type living? Please feedback and fill out the poll! (Or better yet, go get this sweet pup!)

VIDEO: Live police pursuit w video of suspect: #gloucesterma

Video of suspect being loaded into the ambulance. (he appears to have offended the medics and officers)

Gloucester police officers finished off a foot chase at the corner of Willow St. and Willowood Rd. I witnessed the man, white male whom appeared to be in his late 50’s to early 60’s, being chased across the train tracks and through the parking lot of the MAC. After several police officers in uniform, and what appeared to be plain clothes officers as well, chased him down w weapons drawn, one officer tackled the suspect to the ground.

After being cuffed, searched and brought to his feet, the man was loaded into an ambulance for medical attention. Aside from his obvious lack of respect for the arresting officers and medics, he appeared to suffer no injuries.


As the art of documenting ourselves reaches an all time high (or low?) you know have a new toy to try!

Introducing the worlds first 360 degree selfie cam, the PANONO…or the “Pano no no no you didn’t” cam.


This is a video I did about 11 years ago while working for the Virginian-Pilot and in Norfolk, Va.

An amazing friend and musician Todd “Tones” Jones produced and played on the track. He’s an amazing guitarist as you will hear. When I first heard this track, I immediately knew I had to create a Memorial Day tribute video. I filmed all the locations throughout the entire Hampton Roads area. (this was pre-HD, sorry) Please enjoy and share!


The Studio is open! And it’s HALF OFF FOOD!

That’s right, for the rest of the weekend it’s half off all food (minus sushi, u wish).
And let me tell you, this year the food already blew us away! Tons of new items and fun flavors to taste! Here’s a few of our selections from last night. Hanging with the N.K.O.T.B. – The New Kid On The Blog!
James and Anna in the house.

And guess who popped over to offer a fine steak sauce selection? Miss Cox!

The fried ribs, oh helllllll yes! Just Do it.

Dear baby Jesus, thank you for calamari (asian style here, they have many others)!

And the Thai mussels, Fu-get-uh-bout-it!

Half price or not, it’s on point this year! Get it poppin folks!!!

Live Music @ The Brew Pub – #gloucesterma

Come on down and see some AMAZING live music from JAZZPORT. What a sweet way to spend Sunday! Not to mention the Brew Pub has the BEST wings and nachos in town!

Good times await! (Even if the Celtics lose game 1!)

Live RedSox Opening Day Update! #gloucesterma, #redsox

An amazing opening ceremony

Brady showed up w Bill, trophies, and friends, and threw out the first pitch…hit da dirt. Stick to football Homie!
Oh and dig this. The 3rd base grandstand concessions wasn’t even ready to rock on opening day! Huh? Really??

Live Ballin’ @ FENWAY Opening day #gloucesterma, #redsox

Well it’s finally opening day at FENWAY PARK! Can we once again go from worst to first??? Damn right we can! Yawkey Way

Real fresh nuts!

Security is tight, (thanks stupid Celtics fans).

New flavors have arrived! Cubano anyone?

Yup, that’s $10 bucks for some suds..errrrr $9.75…What a friggin bargain.

Big League Eddie, he’s a hard worker, and the kids really love him! (Although this grown adult has her head up his ass, that’s a fan!)

This is Yawkey baby!!! Let’s go sox!!

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