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RAVENSWOOD IN THE FALL- Get it while you can!

Yes, it’s 76 degrees and sunny on this fine fall day in November! Hannah, Ruby, and myself took to the trails to catch up on some last minute fall colors. Can you find Ruby?



Live Art Opening! Sarah Wonson @ Passports

Enjoying some food and bev while admiring the fantastic new work by Sarah Wonson. Come on down tonight, or anytime soon to Passports and peep it folks! 

The scene

The food, it’s on the house! Mmmm Eric’s crab cakes!

Thistle. Monotype

1 Pine & White-Ellery Windows. Giant Wood Block prints.

Dandy. Framed Monotype

Are you in need of some warming up? Passports has your back!

Nothing takes off the chill in your bones like a bowl of the amazing gumbo at Passports Restaurant! Once you have a bowl, you’ll never be the same. Trust. (and you will have an addiction)

And here’s a little tip of mine. When you get your pop-over (which comes fresh out of the oven, and free!) rip it open and place a pat of butter inside without opening it. Wait 1 minute, and it will start to melt out of the wrapper. Pick it up and squeeze it, and BOOM piping hot butter melts all over! Enjoy.

So addictive!

Mega Yard Sale Saturday: In part w the League of Women Voters

It’s a multi-family, friends and neighbors yard sale event! The League of Women Voters will be participating as well, (their table sales to benefit their organization’s student scholarships). So come out to support and treasure hunt!

Location: 546 Washington St.

Time: Sept. 5th 9am – 3pm

Home furnishings, kitchen supplies, outdoor and yard furniture, antiques, collectables, sporting equipment, lawn & garden, and a vast multitude of other exciting treasures!!

Located just up the hill from The Willow Rest, (plan your beach feast & grab some surprises from the sale!)

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