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It’s Our Awesome Buddies Alicia Cox DeWolfe, Hanna Kimberley and Rick Doucette’s Birthday Today!!!!!!


We’re Celebrating Tonight At The Seaport Grille!

Celebrating Our Tell It Like It Is Alicia Unleashed DeWolfe, Homiecast Regular and all Around Awesome Dude Rick Doucette and The Sweetest Feminist You’re Ever Gonna Meet- Hanna Kimberley’s Birthday Tonight!



Community Stuff 8/4/15

Northshore Sports Desk

Hi Joe – the North Shore Sports Desk will be broadcasting live from inside the Cape Ann Savings Bank this saturday morning the 8th from 8-9am. Nick Curcuru – Gloucester Times and Phil Stacey – Salem News will be hosting the show. Guests will be the cape ann savings bank student athletes of the year as chosen by the bank and the show. A male and female each from gloucester high, manchester/essex and rockport high are chosen. Thanks Joey for a mention!! Best- Pete Kelley

The Cape Ann Y – Mobile Y program is offering free one week tennis lessons next week August 10th. Tennis lessons take place at the High School Tennis courts for kids ages 5&up.  No cost, just need to register at the Cape Ann Y.  The Mobile Y Program is sponsored by the United Way- Women in Action.   

Youth Tennis Lessons

Ages: 5 years & up, co-ed

Week of August 10th

Location: Municipal Tennis Court at Gloucester High School

Ages 5-8 years Time: 5:00pm

Ages 9& Up Time: 6:00pm


his top-notch program will introduce the game of tennis to beginners and reinforce strong  skill-development for returning players. Through a series of games and fun activities, your child will make new friends and learn the basics of tennis in this fun and recreational setting.   Kids are encouraged to bring their own racquets, if they do not have one we have a limited number available. 

This special 1 week clinic is offered at no cost, however kids are required to be registered. We have limited number of spaces available!   Register for all week or just the days that you want! 

Teens from around the globe get an up close look at Gloucester.

Young women from around globe check out the Sea Pocket Touch Tank Aquarium at Maritime Gloucester Saturday as part of the Women2Women Conference.  Photo by Desi Smith.

GLOUCESTER — A group of 120 young women from all over the globe descended on the Maritime Gloucester museum Saturday afternoon to learn all about marine science, the local fishing industry, and what it’s like to be a female sea captain.

The point of the program was to help inspire these young women — ages 15 to 19 — and assure them they can have a place among the next generation of influential chemists, biologists, engineers, mathematicians — even seafarers, if that’s their dream.

Read the full article from the Gloucester Daily Times.


Blackburn Challenge Outrigger Canoe Video

Hi Joey,
My lovely wife, Mary Kay, Cindy Perry and Scott Tyrrell paddled a 4-person outrigger canoe in last week’s Blackburn Challenge. We belong to Boston Outrigger Racing Association and our club was well represented in this year’s event. The 4-person outrigger is called “The Duke” and had a couple of GoPro’s running. As you know, the seas were big and there was plenty of adventure! Our “ama” or outrigger filled up with water and we had to drain it on the beach in Gap’s Cove. We had a terrific race and hope Good Morning Gloucester enjoys our video!

GloucesterCast 145 Taped 8/2/15 With Toby Pett and Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 145 Taped 8/2/15 With Toby Pett and Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Planning For Beach Traffic, Sailor Stans, Foreign Affairs Sunday Brunch, Our Alicia DeWolfe Now Hostessing at Foreign Affairs, Dinner Dealer, Short and Main, End Of Season Sale Items, Palazolas Closing 50% off Sale, Toby’s Huge Pet Peeve With Signs At The Rotary, Kate’s Photoshoot With Vignette Of Pop Gallery At The Marine Railways, Props to Peggy Russell At Pop Gallery For Using Social Media To Promote Her Retail Shop. Check Out Pop Gallery Online Here

Some Shots From The Pop Gallery Shoot. You can get all of these looks at Pop Gallery

Kate started working out using the Beachbody Workout.  She feels great, loves the products and the workouts and that’s why she became a Beachbody Coach.  I can attest to her being totally motivated by the workout and the challenges and most importantly the results.  I’m 100% convinced that it works big time.  If you would like to talk to her about it here’s the link to find out more.

Subscribe to the Gloucestercast here-



Millard Fuller Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

The Quoter is still sailing. Here’s another one of my favorites from the collection for your consideration.

“It is easier to act your way to right thinking than it is to think your way to right action.”

Millard Fuller (1935-2009)

Fuller founded Habitat for Humanity, which has built more than 150,000 homes for those in need in more than 90 countries. Volunteers build houses with the recipients, who then repay the cost of materials at no interest, revolutionizing the way in which philanthropy works. The holder of 50 honorary degrees, Bill Clinton awarded him the Medal of Freedom in 1996.

Greg Bover

Gregory R Bover

Montana Mountain Hi! GMG sticker at sea level…

Hi Joey,

Can you find the message anyway?


Where: Ruby Valley, south west MT visiting family and friends

Elevation in picture: lake at 9025 feet (peak is 10,400)

Start: under 6000

Distance: 12 mile trail

Best wildlife sighting: Rocky Mountain goats

Record: longest hike yet for the 10 and 11 year olds–eastcoasters Charles& George with their MT buddies Christopher and Ian

Lure of Fishing: yup
Rivers run through valleys with the best wild trout fishing in the US

Snow: yup

Water temperature: 39 ?
Cooled my battered feet like New Year’s  polar plunge.  Ian’s mom, Andrea, soaked and swam (grew up bathing in cool Patagonia waters)

Must see Nature…and as in Gloucester

Expert fishing guide: yep
(one friend works summers here and winters in Chile)
Ruby Springs

Cool scientists: yep
Penguin and Antarctica experts deploy from here. Kid’s book check out Fraser’s Penguins

Local art, sustainable and foodies: yep, here are just a few

The Emerson Center for Arts and Culture,


The LARK and Victory Taco

Virginia City Players

Jackson’s Garden and farmer’s market

Norris Hot Springs


Gloucester’s 57th Sidewalk Bazaar August 6th, 7th and 8th

Joe, the Gloucester Downtown Association is proud to once again organize the Gloucester’s 57th Sidewalk Bazaar.  The Bazaar features Shopping, Deals and Steals, Crafts, Art, Food and Music.  The date is August 6th, 7th and 8th from 9:00 to 5:00 PM. We will have Kid’s Activities, Roaming Railroad, Non Profits, and Something for Everyone! See you all there.

Joe Ciolino

Director – Gloucester Downtown Association. 


Community Stuff 8/2/15

ALI 1  ALI 2 Chamber Ad FINAL

David Calvo submits-

joey i don’t know if you can post this but i testified and its on the front page
The following appeared on
Headline: In Massachusetts and elsewhere, a push for child-custody reform – The Boston Globe
Date:    Aug 1, 2015     
The State House hearing room seemed an unlikely place for grown men to bare their souls.

New Summer Program At O’Maley

Hi, Joey,The first “Summer Science Grad Camp” at O’Maley Innovation Middle School has just wrapped up. An enthusiastic group of “graduates” of Grades 7 and 8 at O’Maley spent two weeks working alongside teachers exploring new ideas and innovative projects that could be incorporated into the science curriculum at each of the grade levels in future years.
Grade 7 students and teachers delved into life science studies for a week in the O’Maley “Slime Lab,” studying single-cell organisms, engaging in dissection studies and examining human anatomy with new model torsos that just arrived at the school. They spent another week exploring engineering ideas, culminating a full building event with concrete in the lab. Grade 7 students also had three field trips to the MIT Museum, the Museum of Science and the Harvard Museum of Natural history, all in Cambridge.
Grade 8 students extended the work they had done with the O’Maley 3D printers during the school, applying their new skills to two exciting projects: designing and creating prosthetic hands, and “printing” 3D chocolates (visiting Gloucester’s own Turtle Alley for inspiration)! They worked with e-Nable, an organization that uses 3D printing to produce prothetics, on the design software, and also explored tessellations–using repetitive geometic shapes to create a design on a flat plane.   
Here is the link to more photos from this two-week program:


TBT Post Carrying New Line Featuring design by a Rockport local graffiti artist Scott Perdomenico

Hi Joe,

We would like to let you know that TBT Post has a new line of clothing, casual ware in pure cotton (100%) design by a Rockport local graffiti artist (Scott Perdomenico) and manufactured all in the USA (finishing done in Gloucester), this line is called “Winslow” and is a TM property of our company.

I’m attaching some pictures of it, hope you like it.

Thanks and talk to you later.



East Gloucester Map, 1884 from Pat Dalpiaz

Joey–I am attaching a couple of pictures I thought you might find interesting.  Several years ago, I bought this map at Dogtown Books and had it framed.  My dad grew up on Haskell Street which is why I picked this map out of all he had to offer at the bookstore. 
These pictures are taken through the clear covering the framers used and therefore not as clear as they might be otherwise.  Still, I thought you and others at GMG might like to see a little piece of East Gloucester, 1884!  I think it’s pretty cool.

You can see others here.  This is Plate 5.

I follow GMG and appreciate all your efforts along with your hard working crew of volunteers!   Pat Dalpiaz

Gloucester Plat Map for Capt Joe 001Gloucester Plat Map for Capt Joe 003

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