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Wine dinner series features a rotating line up of Chef/Owner Anthony Caturano’s friends from the Boston area


WHO: Famed Chef and Restauranteur Anthony Caturano brought his old-world style of cooking to Gloucester and debuted Tonno coastal Italian seafood restaurant in June 2016. Now Anthony has invited his Chef friends from the Boston area up to the north shore to launch a wine dinner series.

WHAT: Tonno is excited to announce the Guest Chef Wine Dinner Series. Each month, Anthony Caturano’s chef friends from the Boston area will visit Tonno and cook a special 4 course menu paired with wine from Savour Wine in Gloucester.

The Guest Chef Wine Dinner Series kicks off with Chef Dante de Magistris of Dante in Cambridge, il Casale Cucina Italiana in Belmont, and il Casale Cucina Campana in Lexington. Chef Dante has earned the attention and praise of national and local culinary…

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Coyotes: My Take 1/17/17

Here’s the thing. Back when I photographed my first interaction with local coyotes in the early days of the blog my stance was that coyotes are horrible and we might want to think about eradicating them (as if that’s even a possibility). Now 9 years later and living in East Gloucester where we routinely see them and hear them howling nightly. I’ve crossed paths with many coyotes since that time. They want nothing to do with us. You yell, they run. You wave your arms in the air, they really run. “Seven coyote bites recorded ever. This compares to the 4.7 million dog bites annually.” Source My stance officially changed when thinking about how much we would hear about coyote bites or deaths in the news because my line of thinking was that it would get seven day a week above the fold coverage if a person was killed by a coyote, and it just hasn’t happened. So my stance has completely changed in the past four years after realizing that while living in the heart of coyote territory in between the golf course and the seine fields that these creatures really want nothing to do with us humans unless we leave food out for them in the form of small pets. I’m sorry for the poor family that lost its pet.

The time when I nearly shit my pants coming face to face with a coyote on the Good harbor Foot Bridge-

Coyote at Good Harbor Beach 4:55AM 7/5/08

I was fumbling with my camera as I figured the coyote would take off and there would be very little time to take the picture. He did take off, and circled back to the footbridge where I snapped a lousy shot with the terrible light and the coyote moving around. Heart racing a bit making it difficult to hold the camera steady for the long exposure shot. I did my best though and this is what I came up with-

Face To Face With The Coyote On The Footbridge At Good Harbor

I nearly shit when I turned the corner on the footbridge and came face to face with the coyote.  Forgive my blurry, out of focus picture but my heart was beating a mile a minute and I wasn’t going to stick around to see what it was going to do next.  You can click the picture and select “all sizes” to see a bigger version of the shot.

Face To Face With The Coyote On The Footbridge At Good Harbor, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Gloucester At Dawn Poor Dead Coyote On Moorland Road 4:50AM 5/22/10

This poor coyote must have gotten hit by a vehicle within the past few hours as the blood was still vibrant red.

RIP Mr Coyote.  Hope your life on the island was a good one.

There must have been quite an impact to make his eye bug out like that on one side of his head.

Winter Cleanse…

Featured Image -- 384866

More Cape Ann Health, Fitness and wellness News-

Cape Ann Wellness

Now is the time to put “you” first by joining our Winter Cleanse.  A gentle food based cleanse to detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate ones body and mind.

Join us Wednesday night, January 18 @6:30pm to learn more about it.

Ayurveda Wellness Healing

25C Lexington Ave, 2nd Floor, Magnolia, MA

If not now, when?


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Gloucester Police Warn Residents After Dog is Killed by Coyote

Cape Ann Community

GLOUCESTER — Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken, Interim Chief John McCarthy and the Gloucester Police Department are advising residents to keep a careful watch on all pets after a resident’s dog was killed by a coyote last night.

At approximately 9:30 p.m., Gloucester Animal Control responded to Sumac Lane for reports of a resident whose dog had been attacked and killed by a coyote. The dog was on a fixed leash in the yard while its owner was inside the home. Animal Control officers searched the surrounding area but did not find the coyote.

Animal Control officers and Gloucester Environmental Police are monitoring the entire Rocky Neck area today.

To prevent coyote attacks, Gloucester Police advise residents to follow safety tips from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife:

  • Do not approach, feed, pet, or try to interact with wildlife, including coyotes, foxes, or other wild animals.

  • It is always…

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Need a place to watch the game?

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Looking for a place to watch the game tonightMinglewood Tavern and Latitude 43 gotcha covered.

The Latitude 43 side bar will be open late tonight for your viewing pleasures.

We also are supporting the American Liver Foundation tonight in the tavern with Mile 21 reuniting for some great tunes. 10% of all food sales today will go towards this awesome cause. The game will be on down there too. AND food til 11 pm! Go Pats!!

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Quality Grill Parts Heavy Duty Stainless GrateThe @WeberGrills Smokey Mountain Smoker and Weber Rib Rack Review

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More From Joey’s BBQ Blog-

Northeast BBQ

After purchasing the Quality Grill Parts Heavy Duty Stainless Charcoal Baskets I was so impressed with how well they were built and the quality of the material I wanted to upgrade the grates on my 18.5 inch Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker.

I planned to cook up four racks of pork ribs for yesterday’s Pats/Texans playoff game.

Only problem was that fitting four slabs of spare ribs on an 18 inch WSM I was going to need to use a rib rack. The Weber Rib Rack for $12.99 is a nice value, purchase here.   It’s well built and designed.  The slots are spaced enough apart that the ribs don’t lean up against each other.  When comparing them to the Char Broil ones they both had nice builds but the Char Broil one had six slots instead of five which would have placed the ribs closer together and if the ribs…

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Time for a Big MAC Attack!

Cape Ann Wellness

Your Bridge to Health; Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and SpiritYour Bridge to Health; Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

No, NOT this kind of Big Mac ….

… THIS Kind of BIG MAC – mac

Join Today/Come Often is the Motto at the MAC.  I recently renewed my membership and made a commitment to myself to attend regularly. Whether at the Big MAC, Little MAC, or any of the number of fitness centers on Cape Ann, the key is to find at least one, two or three exercises you enjoy, can afford, and that fit into you lifestyle. Then, make time to engage in them regularly. Mix it up and have FUN!

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What goes up must come down! 

David Brooks and friends taking down the buoys from our beloved Lobster Trap Christmas Tree.  

I have to say that it would not be an exaggeration to say that thousands of photos were taken of the tree this year. People would just drive up, get out of their cars, take a picture and drive away. I met several from Europe taking them. Being able to walk inside has really made a difference it seems.

Don’t forget the auction of the boeys on January 27 at the Cruiseport!

Great job David and company!  Can’t wait till next year!  Well, in between it is going to be nice to have a great summer….

Ken Hecht 

Do you like Football? You’ll dig Yoga.

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More Cape Ann Wellness News

Cape Ann Wellness

Yoga is just like football. Well, except for the fact that one of the very first tenets of yoga is Non-Violence (ahimsa), and football is an extremely violent game – yoga is just like football.

Tom Brady is one of the most successful athletes of all time in any sport. He knows that success isn’t decided on Sunday: but in the days, weeks, months, and years leading up to game time. One of my football coaches used to say:

“Cry in the dojo;

Laugh on the battlefield.”

He’s the first player at the training facility in the morning. You hear in the way he answers questions at press conferences his singular focus of preparing himself for the next game. His diet doesn’t consist of Nachos and Jack and Cokes, but wholesome and nourishing food. He isn’t staying up until midnight watching old movies, he’s asleep in bed well before most of…

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Two for One Thursdays

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This winter, every Thursday at Pigeon Cove Tavern enjoy two entrées for the price of one for you and a friend! Please print and bring your coupon on Thursday to receive the deal:


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Burgermania & Throw Back Thursdays at Minglewood



Every Thursday Night is BURGERMANIA at Minglewood Tavern, followed by Throw Back Thursday with DJ Skully starting at 9 PM.

PS. Did you know food is served until 11 PM on Thursday, Friday & Saturday?

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