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Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 9/26/16


Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

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A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

Image ~ September 25, 2016 ~ middlestwalk


Image ~ September 24, 2016 ~ Beauport, the Sleeper-McCann House


Businesswomen’s Fall Luncheon at Beauport Hotel

September 23, 2016 ~ chambercacc

Join the Cape Ann Businesswomen’s Group in Welcoming Adrianne Haslet-Davis to Cape Ann.


Thursday, October 13, 2016
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Beauport Hotel
55 Commercial Street, Gloucester
$35 per person

30th Anniversary Luncheon
This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Cape Ann Businesswomen’s Committee. We have a wonderful venue and excellent keynote speaker lined up.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis: Boston Marathon bombing survivor, philanthropist, advocate and inspirational speaker and now, Boston Marathon runner and finisher. Learn more about Adrianne here.

The Fall Luncheon is where we announce the winner of the Carolyn O’Connor Scholarship Award. This is a yearly scholarship awarded to a woman who is going back to school to further her education. Carolyn O’Connor was the first Chairwoman of the Businesswoman’s Committee. This award honors her dedication to the Businesswomen of Cape Ann and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

Click Here to reserve your seat for the Businesswomen’s Fall Luncheon.

Pigeon Cove Circle Bake Sale

September 23, 2016 ~ judithharris

Saturday  September 24th

Transfer Station in Rockport

8:00 AM – 12:00PM

Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Blueberry Muffins, Baked Beans and More…

GloucesterCast 201 with Israel Horovitz, Heidi Dallin, Kim Smith, Big T and Host @Joey_C Taped 9/25/16



GloucesterCast 201 with Israel Horovitz, Heidi Dallin, Kim Smith, Big T and Host @Joey_C Taped 9/25/16



Topics Include:

Man In Snow Israel Horovitz Opens Thursday Get Your Tickets Here
Heidi Dallin
Be an informed voter! Join us for a public information forum discussing the MA Marijuana Legalization Initiative.
Thursday, October 6th5-7 PM at the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester

The Forum will present both pro and con perspectives with Deborah Becker of NPR moderating and League of Women Voters explaining the ballot language. The goal is to help clarify confusions, educate, and have a question and answer session with attendees.

Keystone Species- Sea Otters and Prairie Dogs
NOAA Hosting A Hearing On At Sea Monitoring and Funding October 4th at The Local Office
Trails and Sails  City Hall, Cape Pond Ice, Cruise Ship Downtown Gloucester Packed With Visitors

The Gloucester Stage Company

Please help out Good Morning Gloucester By Downloading Dropbox For Free






I use Dropbox to store, send and share huge files. It’s totally free and a tool I use daily when putting GMG together. Because there’s so much content I’m running out of storage on my Dropbox account and I rely on it for producing the GloucesterCast podcast. If you could download this awesome free tool they will give you AND me a free 500 mb of cloud storage. It would help me out a ton if you downloaded Dropbox. I think you will find it to be hugely helpful and in turn you’d be helping the blog.

Thanks, Joey

I promise you Dropbox is not spammy, not a resource hog on your computer and doesn’t mess up your computer.  I’ve used it for years and it’s been an invaluable part of my workflow.

Here’s the link to get Dropbox and 500mb of free storage for free

Gloucester author book release

My fourth novel, White Mountains’ False flag is now available where all ebooks are sold.

September 16, 2016

Ransom Doniphon is a Park Ranger working in New Hampshire’s White
Mountains National Forest. While on a helicopter search-and-rescue mission he spies a make-shift shelter deep within the woods. When Ransom and his partner investigate there is a shootout leaving three men dead. What at first appears to be a mobile drug lab hidden in the woods turns out to be a home grown terrorist cell with roots that run deep into state and federal government.

John received an MFA in creative writing from Pine Manor College, in Chestnut Hill MA. He has a long publishing history in non-fiction. White Mountains’ False Flag is his fourth fiction novel. John lives in Massachusetts with his family and teaches screenwriting at Endicott College in Beverly Massachusetts.


Advice Please- Butcher Block Grill Cart Restoration Project

Featured Image -- 362337

Northeast BBQ

Found this cart locally and figure it will make a nice little staging area for the grill. I enjoyed the last grill table restore project but I’m thinking about going in a slightly different direction with this one.

You can check out the last project here-

Help! How Should I Treat This Wood Table To Preserve It For Outdoor Use?

LAST MINUTE PARALYSIS- PLEASE ADVISE!- The (Help Maybe Get a Couple More Years Out Of The Cheap Table I Got At A Yard Sale) Table Project

Update: Day Two Grill Staging Table Preservation Project

Here’s the new cart-

It’s got some staining on the top.  On the last project I used spar varnish and the table came out great but on this one I’m thinking about sanding and then applying a stain of some sort and then Bobby Bobskill recommended a product called Poly Wipe.  Anyone ever heard of it?

Anyone know what…

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Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 9/23/16



Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C ~ 3 Comments

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

Image ~ September 22, 2016 ~ judithharris


Sawyer Free Library Week of Sept.25,2016

September 22, 2016 ~ sawyerfreelibrary



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Veteran’s Day at the Cape Ann Museum

September 22, 2016 ~ Cape Ann Museum

A call for wartime letters and photographs.

On Friday, November 11 – Veteran’s Day – the Cape Ann Museum will host a series of special programs in appreciation of the men and women of Cape Ann who have served or are serving our country in the military. The citizens of Cape Ann have a long history of service – from the Revolutionary War to current conflicts.

For this day, the Museum is creating a short film to be screened. The film will pair photographs – from the Civil War to today – with readings from letters written home by men and women on the front.  We are reaching out to the community to help supplement this project with photographs and letters you may have from all military conflicts, but especially those since the Civil War.

Anyone caring to share photographs and letters is asked to bring them to the Museum’s library on Wednesday, October 5 or Thursday, October 6, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. where Museum staff will scan them for inclusion in the film. Submitted items can be picked up on Wednesday, October 18 or Thursday, October 20, or they can be donated to the Museum to be preserved in the archives.

For more information on this project, please contact

g.a.r. box 1 ff7
8th mass vol. militia, field & staff, 1864
photog unk.

Image: From the G.A.R. Colonel Allen Post 45, Gloucester archive. Officers of the 8th Regiment: Chaplain J. S. Sewall, Adjutant A. Hunt Berry, Lt. Col. C. T. Hanley, Quartermaster J. A. Ingalls, Col. Benjamin F. Peach, Jr., Asst. Surgeon Ebeneezer Hunt, Major David W. Low, Surgeon J. L. Robinson., photographer unknown, c. 1864. Collection of the Cape Ann Museum.

Architecture Talk at the Cape Ann Museum

September 21, 2016 ~ Cape Ann Museum

Architect Eleanor Raymond: A Pioneer in the Field

Thursday, September 29

7:00 p.m.

The life and accomplishments of Eleanor Raymond (1887–1989), a pioneering woman in the field of architecture during the mid-20th century, will be the subject of a talk presented by documentary film maker Lyda Kuth. A graduate of the Cambridge School of Art and Landscape Architecture for Women, Eleanor Raymond was a noted innovator partnering with solar energy researcher Dr. Maria Telkes to design one of the first successful solar-heated buildings in the Northeast. On Cape Ann, Raymond designed homes for artist Natalie Hays Hammond, anthropologist Carlton S. Coon and a summer cottage for herself overlooking Gloucester’s outer harbor. Lyda Kuth is an independent filmmaker and Executive Director of the LEF Foundation, which supports New England independent documentary filmmakers. She has been recognized by the Massachusetts Cultural Council with the prestigious Commonwealth Award and honored by Women in Film and Video New England with an Image Award.


Member cost is $10; Non-member cost is $15. Reservations are required. To purchase tickets or for more information please call (978)283-0455 x10 or email

Tickets can also be ordered online at Eventbrite.

Not a member of the Museum? Join now and get discounted tickets to all our events!

Save 10% on Reiki treatment…

More Cape Ann Wellness News

Cape Ann Wellness

Congrats to our own Ayurveda Wellness Healing staff member, Kim Sardo, for becoming a first degree Reiki Practitioner!


Contact her to book your Reiki session and receive a 10% savings before Oct. 22.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a type of energy work, performed by the touch of the hands. It is extremely powerful, yet gentle.
When the flow of energy is disrupted or blocked, imbalance can occur. These imbalance’s come from many situations in our everyday lives, such as emotional or physical injury, negative thoughts, unexpressed emotions. Reiki can help to get you back in harmony/balance.
Some benefits of Reiki
• Increase in the bodies self healing ability
• Better Sleep
• Deep relaxation
• Release stress and relieve pain
• Reduce high blood pressure
• Supports immune system

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”🙂

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4AM #GloucesterMA. The Mighty F/V Kathryn Leigh Pulls Up To The Dock To Load Bait Before Heading Out To Harvest #Lobster 

Thank Goodness We Still Have The Tommy O Designed Outriggers For Captain Mike Tupper


Gotta Keep The Patients Upright In Rough Seas!


Above the latest patient- Mike Tupper back on An Even Keel Thanks To Tommy O’s Engineered Personal Outriggers.

Tommy O displays the prototype built back in 2013 for a vertigo addled Pete Mondello-

2013-08-25 16.22.57

and here’s a happy Pete ready to go fishing-


Gloucester Seniors bring home the Olympic Gold!

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that the GLOUCESTER PACE SITE WON THE OLYMPIC GOLD last Thursday at the PACE Olympics!  We are hoping to get some coverage for this huge accomplishment in Good Morning Gloucester and hopefully a picture!

I know you were unable to attend Element Care PACE Olympics on Thursday, 9/15 so I’m sending along a few photos of Gloucester residents who participated in the PACE Olympics and a write up below in case you are interested in covering it as a news or sports story.  The attached photo’s include:

  • Trophy shots of the Emerson team including some with Bob Wakefield, Element Care CEO
  • Paul Scola, a Vietnam Vet who said “I love PACE.  It takes care of all my needs.  I’d recommend it to other vets.”
  • Our Albanian seniors said “We love PACE and the Olympics which take us back to when we were young.”

Element Care PACE Olympics Write Up

Eleven Gloucester residents haven’t given up on their Olympic dreams and they are all over 55 years of age!   In fact, they participated in the 5th annual Element Care PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) Olympics on Thursday, September 15th, 10am – 1:30 pm. and won Olympic Gold, bringing home the trophy to Gloucester! (Note:  Element Care’s headquarters are in Lynn at 37 Friend Street)


The Gloucester Olympians include 7 over age 70, 2 over age 80, a 68 year old Vietnam veteran and members a local Albanian community who competed on one of seven teams representing Element Care PACE centers on the North Shore and Merrimack Valley. This year’s PACE Olympics consisted of four games:  Bocce, Bean Bag Toss, Fast Ball Relay and a new event, A Healthy State of Mind, a three-part relay race consisting of a two-person puzzle competition, a cup and plate stacking challenge and a ping-pong sinker race.  “We offer a wide variety of events so people of all ages and abilities can compete,” said Bruce Jankowitz, Element Care’s Director of Marketing.

The games are extremely competitive with participants practicing at least 2-3 times a week, some even daily leading up to the event.  Each team was supported by cheerleaders decked out in their team colors with noisemakers, necklaces and pom poms.   Just like the international Olympics games, the PACE Olympics offered a variety of games, multiple rounds of competition, intense training and athletes who come together to compete for the gold or in this case the PACE Olympic Trophy that was presented by Bob Wakefield, Element Care’s Executive Director to Element Care’s Emerson PACE center in Gloucester.  The PACE Center at Buffum in Lynn won the trophy last year.

“The goal of Element Care’s PACE Olympics is to promote wellness and a healthy, active lifestyle for older adults so they can live in their homes and communities, safely and comfortably, for as long as they can, keeping their stays in hospitals and nursing homes as minimal as possible,” said Wakefield.

The PACE Olympics were held on Thursday, September 15th at Danvers Indoor Sports.  PACE at Element Care in Gloucester is located at 29A Emerson Avenue (next to Pathways for Children)

Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 9/21/16


Cape Ann Community

Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C ~ 3 Comments ~ Edit

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

Kestrel Adult Adventures:Survival of the……..Prepared!

September 20, 2016 ~ kestrel.educational.adventures ~ Edit

Imagine yourself crouched over a small bundle of dried plant fluff that you collected, striking your fire steel until a spark ignites. The fluff catches, and before you know it, you have made a warm fire! Trusting in ourselves to survive in the outdoors can be fun and a wonderful confidence booster. This 2 hour workshop will cover some basic important wilderness survival skills. Our class will prepare you for real life survival situations such as cold emergencies, hunger and dehydration, conflict avoidance techniques (think making friends, rather than enemies), and of course how to get rescued. We are also open to your input into the direction our class takes. Just email us your interests.

Overarching themes will be:

-Finding the ability to overcome our fears

– Temperature regulation using human-made and natural materials and fire

-Wild edibles

-Learn how we humans can still be dependent on the natural world for survival


  • Dates    Sundays: Oct. 9th: Finding Food, Nov. 6th: Dehydration & First aid; Dec. 4nd: Cold, Conflicts, and Rescue
  • Time:  1:30-3:30
  • Enrollment Cutoffs: Min. 8 Participants, Max. 15 for each day
  • Ages              14 to infinity!
  • Price              $12 per Sunday, Advance registration necessary
  • Location         Tompson Street Reservation (Concord St Access)
  • Instructors     Clay

Sign Up Here!!

Kestrel Preschool Adventure: Nature Design

September 20, 2016 ~ kestrel.educational.adventures ~ Edit

Through play, stories, and hands on experiences, we will learn about the lives of some local animals. Each day, we will meet at least one animal and will make something original and creative based on that animal’s body or behavior. We might meet a snake and feel its skin, and then make clay snakes with scale patterns. We might observe insects and then make and test lightweight insect wings. This program is based on spontaneous experiences and discoveries to allow plenty of room for individual ideas and imagination.

  • Dates    6 Friday Mornings, September 30-November 4th, 2016
  • Time  10am-12:00noon
  • Ages              4-6
  • Price              $90
  • Location         The Get Outside Center, 186 Main Street Gloucester
  • Instructors    Jessica

Sign Up Here!

Kestrel Homeschool Adventures: Animal Heroes


September 20, 2016 ~ kestrel.educational.adventures ~ Edit


Have you ever wondered or cared about the impacts of humans on wild animals and the environment? This fall we will take a look at human actions that have helped wild animals, and we’ll find places and things that can cause harm. As a group, we will brainstorm ideas for conservation projects and other actions that will help wildlife, and carry out one or more of our ideas. We might help restore populations of salamanders or turtles along their migratory routes, and possibly help raise, tag, or track sensitive populations of local creatures. Who knows what our group might come up with! We’ll follow the Service Learning Model as closely as we can, within the time constraints.

This program targets students 7-14 years old and will be held in the Ipswich area. You can find more info about the program on our website at Homeschool Adventures!

The Cape Ann Y & Cape Ann Special Olympics are excited to announce that on Thursday, September 29th at 6:30 We will be holding open tryouts for our new aquatics program at the Cape Ann YMCA (71 Middle Street Gloucester, MA 01930)

September 19, 2016 ~ coliecatherine ~ Edit

Gloucester, MA – The Cape Ann Y & Cape Ann Special Olympics announce a plan to offer a swim program for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. The Y has a long history of swim programs from parent/child swim classes, and lessons to nationally ranked competitive teams and this collaboration with the Special Olympics is the perfect way to offer competitive and developmental instruction for people of all abilities. Cape Ann Special Olympics and Brace Cove Foundation are providing financial support for this program.

Tim Flaherty, Executive Director of the Cape Ann Y said, “We are so grateful to the Brace Cove Foundation and the Cape Ann Special Olympics for this collaborative opportunity. This grant allows us to further our reach and deepen our commitment to providing programs and activities for all members of our community. The Y truly does welcome all, and this swimming program is another example of our commitment to developing partnerships and programs that make this possible.”

The new “Cape Ann Sharks” will consist of two levels of training, all working toward the State Special Olympic Games held each year at Harvard Stadium.

Level I will practice once a week working on skills including; 10M Assisted Swim, 15M Flotation Swim, 15M Walk, 15M Unassisted Swim, 25M Assisted Swim and 25M Flotation Swim. Space is limited for this program as it is a 1-1 ratio in the water.

Level II will consist of 12 athletes that have the ability to swim more than one stroke (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Butterfly or Backstroke) and more than three laps consecutively. This level will practice twice a week.

The North Shore YMCA Sharks Swim Team, the Y’s highly respected competitive team will provide guidance and technical assistance for the program. The Sharks swim program will also offer support as needed with high school swimmers.

The YMCA of the North Shore: The Y is one of the nation’s leading nonprofits strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. For over 150 years, the YMCA of the North Shore has been strengthening the foundations of community for its more than 50,000 members. The Y provides programs and services in 25 cities and towns. We nurture the potential of children and teens, improving the nation’s health and well­being and providing opportunities to give back and support our neighbors; regardless of age, race, ethnicity or socio-economic background.
Brace Cove Foundation provides grants to increase the capacity of nonprofit organizations to provide essential social services and educational opportunities on greater Cape Ann. For more information, visit
Cape Ann Special Olympics Gloucester based program, provides athletic opportunities for individuals with intellectual or physical disabilities. Our goal is to provide year round sports training and athletic competition at no cost to the individuals. At the present time our program is offering aquatics September- June, soccer in the fall, basketball and bowling in the winter, and track and field in the spring. With program growth we hope to offer several other sports including, golf, bocce, cycling, softball and flag football.



Dear athletes and parents,

Cape Ann Special Olympics is excited to announce that on Thursday, September 29th We will be holding open tryouts for their new aquatics program at the Cape Ann YMCA (71 Middle Street Gloucester, MA 01930). From 6:30-7:00pm the developmental swimmers will tryout. The requirements for the developmental participants are:
Athletes must be willing participants in the program
Athletes must be ready to enter the pool at session start time
Athletes are expected to remain in the pool during the session
The competitive team tryouts will be held from 7:00-8:00pm. The requirements for the competitive team are:
Athletes must be able to swim more than one stroke*
Athletes must be able to swim more than 3 laps consecutively*
Laps must be completed within a predetermined time period
Athletes must be willing to wear a bathing cap and goggles to practice and competitions
Parents are not allowed on deck but may watch the practice from the gallery
Athletes must be on time, being late to two practices will equal one absence*
Athletes are allowed up to 7 unexcused absences*
Athletes must be willing to compete for Cape Ann Special Olympics Aquatics in competitions*
*Due to limited spots available on team/structure of the program
Requirements for all Cape Ann Aquatics athletes:
All athletes must adhere to the rules of conduct set forth by the YMCA policies
Parents/guardians/staff must remain onsite during both sessions

image image

Free Icehouse Tours next two weekends for Essex National Heritage Area Trails & Sails

Cape Pond Ice Company, 104 Commercial Street, Gloucester, on the Fort, is pleased to offer free Historic Icehouse tours over the next two weekends, in partnership with Essex National Heritage Area’s Trails & Sails.


Free Historic Icehouse tours at Cape Pond Ice offered over the next two weekends, September 16, 17 & 18, and September 23, 24 & 25:  Fridays at 2pm, Saturdays at 11 am & 1 pm, and Sundays at 11 am.

Chill with the coolest guys in town!  Enjoy a cool visit to Cape Pond Ice Company, icing Gloucester’s fleet since 1848.  We were featured in Sebastian Junger’s account of The Perfect Storm.  Tours highlight the history of the ice industry, with vintage film of natural ice harvests. See first hand 300-pound block ice being made (up to 350 tons per day), fishing vessels taking on ice and ice sculptures being carved in our historic Icehouse on Gloucester’s working waterfront.

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