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Backyard Growers Seed Starting Workshop: Part 1

Cape Ann Community


FRESH presents an evening of seed starting! At 7pm on March 2, local gardening expert Suzanne Gosselin will teach the ins and outs of starting seeds indoors. You’ll leave this workshop with new inspiration and knowledge for gardening and designing into the spring and summer! Sign up here!

Thu, March 2, 2017
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST
6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA

This workshop is part of FRESH, a six-week exhibition with accompanying workshops and presentations hosted by the Rocky Neck Art Colony (RNAC) and Backyard Growers.

In this exhibition, artists from all over New England will present works that reflect on the theme FRESH, exploring the ways in which food connects us to the earth, nourishes us, and ties us to warmth, family, friends, and memories. Join us in celebrating the new life that emerges as we leave the dark of winter for the optimism of spring! Contemporary, experimental…

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AZ One Gospel Duo Returns to Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church

Cape Ann Community

azone-trio-14-april-13-300x236-2On Sunday, February 26 at 10:00 AM, all are invited to a special music service featuring the singing of Gordon Michaels and Darlene Wynn, accompanied by pianist Mark Rasmussen.

The Az One Duo will stir your soul and rock your boat with their contemporary Gospel style that is full of tenderness, vocal prowess and humor.

The Reverend Janet Parsons will address the challenges we face to become an authentic anti-racist voice in her homily: Confronting Our Whole History: Trying, Failing and Trying Again.untitled

Child care is available during the service. All are invited to the community hall immediately following the service for refreshments and socializing.

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Cabin Fever Season – Company wide Memo From Kelly Cragg Danvers Indoor Sports

Hello Joey C.

Thank you so much for effort you make sharing the Cape Ann experience with your followers in Good Morning Gloucester. 

I did enjoy your write up. But I wanted to forward the real reason I made the decision to turn off scoring.

Attached below is a company wide memo I sent my staff a week ago. Also included is an article I reference to support my decision.  Over the past month and a half, we have seen a rise in problems with parents…… not the players. The scores make the parents crazy….not the kids.

Please take the time to look at the article attached and please, please, please feel free to call me if you have any questions. If you have a problem pulling up the attached article… Thomas Junta.

Best regards and intentions,

Kelly Cragg

Danvers Indoor Sports

And not every body gets a trophy at DIS ; )

Subject: Cabin Fever Season – Company wide Memo

Memo 2/17/17

To: Staff

Hello Everyone,

Some of you are already aware that I reference the time from January one to March 31 as “Cabin Fever Season. The term can be humorous in nature but I take it very serious.  It is not documented but this time  line window is what i consider problematic.  Over the years, I have seen a rise in emotional instability in all aspects of our business.  Whether it is Players, Coaches and even worse parents, it is notable to project that situations can escalate where our customers are not using filters they usually have to contain the simplest rise in emotions.

I attached a news story that some of you may remember.  It is a world we live in everyday.  I ask you to read it thoroughly to understand how easy it could be that we, can find ourselves in this situation.

I depend on all of you to be the ground forces to see these situations and diffuse them accordingly.  I am always close by either in person or phone to assist you.  Josh is here for you as well.  We have seen it and have dealt with these situations in the past and would be quick to assist you.

Starting today, any league games other than basketball, that we regulate will be scoreless for one week.  I will be turning off the scoring features on the scoreboards from 2/17/17 through and including 2/24/17 as a reminder to everyone, that we are conscious of potential spikes in emotions.

If anyone asks, Your DIS response or something similar to this can be; “No, the clocks are not broken.  We are recognizing that this is game and respectfully ask all of our patrons to understand that is only a game.”  Believe me, this will not be sufficient for a good portion of those whom inquire.  This decision will strike a cord with the people that may have lost sight of what they are doing here. You will even get negative discourse back.  You will even hear grumblings of people upset with the fact that we shut off the scoring. 

This is the intent.  Bring out the elephant in the room and go after it.

The referees will still be able to keep time but discourage to not use the scores.   Any referee, not adhereing to the week long process will be talked to.  Referees are to report win and losses as normal, with actual scores.

Enjoy the attached read.  It is a reminder of how bad things can turn worse.


From the New York Times-

Father in Killing at Hockey Rink Is Given Sentence of 6 to 10 Years



Thomas Junta, who beat another father to death after an argument at a practice hockey game, was sentenced to 6 to 10 years in prison today, double the state’s guidelines for his crime, involuntary manslaughter.

Judge Charles Grabau of Middlesex County Superior Court accepted the prosecutor’s sentencing request, calling it ”lenient and most generous” given the circumstances of the killing. The judge said he had even ”contemplated exceeding the commonwealth’s recommendations.”

The reason for the longer sentence, Judge Grabau said, was that he found ”aggravating factors” in the killing. In particular, the judge said, the fatal beating took place at a youth hockey game and the sons of both Mr. Junta and the victim, Michael Costin, witnessed it.

But, presumably addressing the millions of Americans who watched the trial on Court TV and CNN, Judge Grabau said, ”My sentence is not meant to send a message to anyone in the outside world” about parental rage in youth sports.

Thomas Orlandi Jr., Mr. Junta’s lawyer, called the sentence extreme and said he had already filed an appeal. Mr. Orlandi had sought a suspended sentence with community service for Mr. Junta, 44. The lawyer insisted at the sentencing hearing, as he had throughout the trial, that Mr. Junta had acted in self-defense.

Mr. Junta maintained his composure while two of Mr. Costin’s sons, addressing the court as victims, described how much they missed their father, who cared for them as a single parent. But Mr. Junta dropped his head in his hands and began to weep when Mr. Orlandi read letters by his own son and daughter asking Judge Grabau to release him on probation so he could help care for them.

In his address, Brendan Costin, 14, the oldest of Mr. Costin’s four children, recalled the hockey game as ”just an average day at the skating rink,” he said, until a stranger began attacking his father, sending blood rushing down his face and causing him to lose consciousness.

”I realized I had just witnessed my dad literally being beaten to death,” Brendan said.

Mr. Costin’s sister, Mary Barbuzzi, said she considered the sentence fair. ”We believe justice has been served,” Ms. Barbuzzi said. ”Our prayers will be with the Junta family, and our family will try to move beyond this tragedy.”

Under state law, Mr. Junta must serve at least the minimum sentence, six, though he could receive a few months off for good behavior. Mr. Junta, a 270-pound truck driver who outweighed Mr. Costin by more than 100 pounds, will be sent to the state prison in Walpole.

After the judge rendered his sentence, Mr. Junta’s 11 brothers and sisters pushed their way out of the court; some cursed at reporters.

”I am shocked,” John Junta, a brother, said. ”I was hoping for probation. But I thought at least he would get state guidelines.”

Mr. Orlandi said a major ground for appeal would be that Judge Grabau refused to let him introduce evidence that Mr. Costin had psychiatric troubles and a lengthy record of convictions for petty crimes. Mr. Orlandi said that evidence would have shown that Mr. Costin, not Mr. Junta, had been the likely aggressor.

Mr. Orlandi tried again to introduce this evidence in the sentencing hearing by reading letters from Mr. Junta’s two children and a friend who alluded to Mr. Costin’s troubles. But Judge Grabau said he was ”disturbed by the disingenuous introduction of Mr. Costin’s character.”

”This is an attempt to shift the focus to the victim as culprit,” Judge Grabau said.

As a retort, Judge Grabau told the packed court room and the national television audience that the beating at the hockey rink on July 5, 2000, in Reading, north of Boston, was not the first time Mr. Junta had used his fists in front of his children. In 1991, Judge Grabau said, Mr. Junta had repeatedly struck his wife while their children watched, at a wedding. His wife took out a restraining order, but she never pressed charges and continued to live with him.

The fatal fight began when Mr. Junta said he saw a team of young players, including Mr. Costin’s three sons, using overly aggressive play against a team on which his son, Quinlan Junta, then 10, was playing. Mr. Junta argued with Mr. Costin about it, and later the two men scuffled just off the ice until Mr. Junta was told to leave the arena. But he soon came back, so enraged that he pushed aside the assistant rink manager, Nancy Blanchard, leaving a large bruise on her arm, Judge Grabau recalled today.

The two men soon encountered each other again, with Mr. Junta ending up atop Mr. Costin, punching him in the head and neck so hard that he severed an artery at the base of Mr. Costin’s brain.

Massachusetts sentencing guidelines recommend a sentence of 3 to 5 years for a first-time offender for involuntary manslaughter. In imposing the stiffer sentence, Judge Grabau came close to what the guidelines recommend for a first-time offender found guilty of voluntary manslaughter — 8 to 12 years.

In his victim’s address, another son of Mr. Costin, Michael, now 13, spoke of learning of his father’s death from a doctor.

”Right there, I knew my life would never be the same,” Michael said. ”My life hasn’t been the same. My dad isn’t there in the morning to wake me up. He isn’t there when we play sports.”

”Your honor,” Michael said, ”No matter how much of a sentence that you give Thomas Junta, my dad got more. My dad will never be back to me and my family.”

I don’t want to sound dramatic About The End Of Western Culture Beginning With U12 Girls Soccer, but I Totally Think It Is


The ABSOLUTE 100% highlight of my week is getting to watch my daughters play soccer.  I LOVE the place where they play –Danvers Indoor Sports.  It is clean, well run, and an awesome modern place where the kids can get their sporting activity on even in the dead of winter.

But I’m afraid that the place where my favorite thing in the world to do has now succumbed to the idiots that have brought us participation awards instead of tournaments where there are winners and losers.

A couple of weeks ago the scoreboards stopped keeping score.  The timers worked just fine, but when a team scored a goal, it didn’t register.   Among the parents we just assumed that the scoring system where the ref changes the scores was broken.  But yesterday we found out that it was a conscious decision to stop displaying the scores because people were getting too charged up over the scores and because… feelings.


Are you kidding me?????? 

We’re just gonna stop keeping score now??????  I can’t, I really really really can’t believe that this is a thing.   I’m so beyond disappointed that this is the direction people want to go with the youth of America.  So soft.  So beyond soft.

This is craaaazy.





And This Is Why We Shouldn’t Drink When We Tape The HomieCast- We Agree To Crazy Shit


So DeWolfe somehow got all us on the HomieCast to agree to do Crossfit Saturday morning.  Normally in the middle of the summer when I’ve been active I wouldn’t be too concerned.  But I’m literally so tight I can barely walk.  #prayforthehomiecast

This from Chris-

It’s time for the Homiecast men to man up! During the most recent Homiecast , the guys were called out by Crossfit coach Chris DeWolfe.
Joey, James and Craig all agreed to try out the Community workout that Crossfit Cape Ann offers at 9am every Saturday morning. The cost is only $5 per person and all the proceeds are donated back into community. Coach Chris is holding them to their word! Join the Homiecast at CFCA for what should be a fun and exciting hour! Must be
18 years or older.

Crossfit Cape Ann
18 Sargent St A, Gloucester, MA 01930

GloucesterCast 219 with Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/22/17


GloucesterCast 219 with Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/22/17


When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast.  So once you subscribe check your email for that verification.  if you don’t see it, check your spam folder in your email acct.


Paprika Grill Robbery and Community Support Links
Emrah Gives Thanks  Robbed at Knifepoint , Thief Got away with the cash register and roughly $300

Kim nominated for Essex Heritage County Trailblazer Go to to vote for Kim if you’d like in the Connecting People To Place Category.  Four categories.  Preserving/Connecting People To Place/Advancing Or Educational Mission/Building or Growing our Future.
Oscars This Weekend- Kim predictions- Best Picture- LA LA Land. Best Actor- Casey Affleck,

Wildlife biologist and coyote expert Jonathan Way to speak at Salem State Tuesday, February 28

More Bald Eagle Sightings.  This time Morgan Faulds Pike- The Woman Who Created The Fisherman’s Wives Memorial Link
We have people from the Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute coming in on Sunday
John McElhenny Joining the GMG Roster!
Paprika Grill Photo- from Craig Kimberley

Devon Harmon Speaks About Her Family Selling The Bass Rocks Ocean Inn

Devon writes-

This past December brought one of my biggest life changes. After 5 generations of my family owning and operating Bass Rocks Ocean Inn, we decided to sell. As much as we have loved being apart of Bass Rocks, seeing how happy we have made our guests, the relationships we have made- we needed our family to be closer together (some of us in Florida and some in Massachusetts). We found a resort in Little Torch Key, Florida- Parmer’s Resort. We purchased Parmer’s in January, seeing the unspoken beauty and potential of the resort. Being here for only a month, we can’t wait to make this resort as special as we were able to make Bass Rocks for so many others. Although we have started a new venture, we will never forget our family at Bass Rocks Ocean Inn and appreciate all the memories that were created there. For me, it will always be my first home.


Wildlife biologist and coyote expert Jonathan Way to speak at Salem State Tuesday, February 28

WHAT:                Jonathan Way, PhD will be on campus to describe his work investigating the behavior and social ecology of coyotes and to discuss public policy regarding predators. The talk is part of the Wellness U Experiencing Wildlife Series, which is organized by the Human Dimensions of Wildlife Unit of the Bates Center for Public Affairs. This free event is open to media and the public.

WHEN:                Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 11 am to 12 pm

WHERE:               Salem State University

                              352 Lafayette Street | Salem, MA  01970

                              MLK Room, Ellison Campus Center

WHO:                  Dr. Way is the author of two books related to the study of coyotes, one of which, Suburban Howls, details his experiences studying eastern coyotes in Massachusetts. Dr. Way details and runs the Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Research organization where he is continuing his goal of long-term ecological and behavioral research on coywolves. Dr. Way’s second book details his experience at Yellowstone National Park, where he takes regular trips to study coyotes. 


Here is Jon Way’s website-


Poet John Ronan at the Cape Ann Museum

More Cape Ann Community News-

Cape Ann Community

John Ronan: Poetry Reading & Book Talk

Saturday, February 25 at 2:00 p.m.

Gloucester’s former poet laureate John Ronan will read from his most recent book, Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown (Backwaters Press, 2017) and discuss its connections to Gloucester, including “Good Harbor, Home,” which was written for and read at John Bell’s first inauguration as Mayor of Gloucester. Through Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown Ronan hopes to convey that love and language create community.

This program is free and open to the public. Reservations required. Free registration can be made by calling 978-283-0455 x10, emailing, or online at Eventbrite.

John Ronan is a poet, playwright, movie producer and journalist. He has received national honors for his poetry and is a former National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, Ucross Fellow, Bread Loaf Scholar and Poet Laureate of Gloucester, MA. In 2010, his volume of poetry,

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“He made me gain weight.”

I So Want This Microsoft Surface Pro 3 At This Price! take My Money Please!



I’ve coveted a Surface Pro ever since they came out with the second generation and made the awesome updates.  It was universally heralded as an awesome machine but the price was prohibitive at over $800.  These refurbished ones are a STEAL. 

Here’s the difference between this and an iPad.  This runs EVERYTHING that a desktop computer does.  it’s not a mobile platform meant to dumb down everything so it can run.  Look at those specs!  256GB SSD and a core i5 for $429????  Take my money please!  there’s also a 64GB i3 processor one for $339 but that extra $100 for the 256/i5 is a no-brainer!

Buy one here at this link– it’s the Microsoft store selling them through Amazon.

Side note, never be afraid to buy refurbished through Amazon.  You’d never know it wasn’t a brand new unit.

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