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LAST MINUTE PARALYSIS- PLEASE ADVISE!- The (Help Maybe Get a Couple More Years Out Of The Cheap Table I Got At A Yard Sale) Table Project

Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions.  I paid $15 for this table to use as a staging area for food when cooking with the STOK Charcoal Drum grill.

Knowing the complete monkey I am with any DIY project I didn’t want to commit a lot of dough to the project and I didn’t want to spend $75 doing a complete restore of an old $15 yard sale table.  The whole idea was to just try to preserve it for maybe a couple more years with it being left outdoors for three seasons.

Here was the original post where you can read the suggestions on how to treat the table-

Help! How Should I Treat This Wood Table To Preserve It For Outdoor Use?


I went and bought this stuff but I’m totally questioning if I should just sand it down roughly and wipe it down with an oil with some type of UV protection in it (if such product exists) or if its really so easy to sand it down and wipe it with a natural oil that I wouldn’t mind doing it once or twice a year.  Help!!! I HAVE MAJOR DIY PARALYSIS!!!!!


I’m a complete idiot with handyman stuff and figure I’ll just mess it up if I try to do the Polyurethane.

Gonna go outside and start sanding and hope someone makes a convincing argumet for either going forward with the polyurethane spar helmsman or rubbing it down with some other type of oil so I can move forward without this anxiety and paralysis.

Know what’s funny?  Ask me something about cameras or blogging or marketing and I’ll move forward on an initiative without a second of hesitation.  as soon as it comes to wood or mechanical stuff and I turn into the village idiot.

So please everyone, LISTEN TO THE PARAMETERS_

I don’t want to spend a lot on paint or oil because it’s just an old yard sale find. 

I want it to be quick and easy.

I mistakenly said I’d be using it for food prep but what I meant to say was that I was going to use it as a staging area for grilling.  So no food will ever hit the surface.  I don’t want it to be tacky.

I DO like a darker wood look like dark brown/ mahogany.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Submit your suggestions keeping in mind that I don’t want to spend more than $30 on materials.


If anyone is bored and wants to stop down the dock to coach me a little or has a product laying around that they think I should use, I’ll be down the dock all day working

95 East Main Street

Gloucester MA

Captain Joe and Sons.  Please stop down and give me some advice!

Just started sanding with the coarse sanding blocks and they work great. Not a lot of effort is scraping them right down

Update 7:44AM
Captain Pete Mondello stopped down with a sander. Even though the sanding blocks are super effective I’m gonna give the electric sander a go.
Girls came down the dock and I was ready to set the project aside but they wanted to help
Rough sand and damp rag drying complete. Kim Smith urging a stain first. Eric Lorden suggesting oil. Pete Mondello suggesting polyurethane
Currently at a standstill. Leaning toward the ease of wiping it down with oil every month or so.
Spoke with Kim Smith just now who convinced me that if I like the imperfections in the wood and already have the Helmsman Spar Polyurethane, that I may as well go ahead and use it. Her points were that it will hold up better than just oil and I could just go to work on the table right away. She also said to set up out if the sun because the poly may bubble up.
Kimcame down the dock with some latex gloves and a baggie to keep the brush in between coats
Plugging away. Am I supposed to poly the underneath?
First coat is applied. No one has died yet. Nothing has blown up. The table is still intact and I’m very happy with the initial results.

Now I’ll probably wait til tomorrow to apply the next coat. I’ll lightly sand it and coat it again. Thanks to all the folks who have offered suggestions :)

And so it begins

Making Pizza On the STOK Charcoal Drum With KettlePizza Developers and Sista Felicia Part III

We used the STOK Charcoal Drum Grill,Weber RapidFire Chimney and the KettlePizza Pro Kit which includes the basic KettlePizza kit PLUS the ProGrate/Tombstone

Buy The STOK Charcoal Drum Grill At Target If You Order Online you Save Money Here’s The Link To Purchase

Buy The KettlePizza Insert System At This Link-

Agatha Christie Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”


Agatha Christie (1890-1976)

Born Agatha Miller to a wealthy upper class family in Britain, she was home schooled and served as a volunteer nurse during the First World War. She married Archibald Christie in 1913, but they were divorced in 1926. Although she began to write during this period it was not until the publication of her first novel featuring Hercule Poirot that she enjoyed popular success. She went on to create several other characters, such as Miss Jane Marple, who have become staples of English crime literature and, more recently, the PBS series Mystery. Christie’s stage play, The Mousetrap, began its unequalled run in 1952 and is still running today. She is the most published novelist in history and trails only Shakespeare and the Bible in the number of books sold. She was made Dame of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth in 1972 and has won every literary award in her genre. She had a lifelong interest in archeology, which she frequently pursued with her second husband Sir Max Mallowan.

Greg Bover

There has been a request for a Vote Verga Parade Photo

GMG does not endorse candidates.  No photos in any of our posts of politicians are meant as endorsements.  This post has been requested as a matter of fairness.  

Best of luck and thank you to all elected officials that donate their time to make Gloucester a better place  

Community Stuff 7/4/15


Join us for Mug Up, July 11, 2015, 10AM to 3PM, at Gloucester Marine Railways, Rocky Neck!


Phyllis A Marine Association
July 11, 2015 * 10AM-3PM
at Gloucester Marine Railways, Rocky Neck

Maritime Saturday

Join us for mug-up and
help with our
“Michigan Bears Genealogy Discovery Campaign”

Are you related to the group of men who brought
the gill net fishing industry to Gloucester, MA
from Charlevoix, MI
in 1910 and the following years?

We are looking for descendants of the Arnolds, Lasleys, Jones, Places, Dahlmers, Lafonds, Tysvers and other “Michigan Bears”.                       
Please help us piece together this enormous list of people who can trace their lines back to these men and their vessels,
and to tell their stories!

The Official GMG Android App Has Been Approved and Is Now Available In The Google Play Store!

So if you go to the Google Play Store, type in “Good Morning Gloucester”  you will come up with the app.  Even if you already downloaded it from an email I sent you, you should get it on the Google Play Store so the automatic updates will come right to you!

If you have the app, please take the half of millisecond to give it a nice rating if you feel it’s worthy.  Thanks, Joey

Also thanks to James Eves from Cape Ann Giclee and Bill O’Connor from North Shore Kid who helped me out big time with a few much needed image files. 

Get it on the play store free by Clicking This Link



Just the ability to listen or download the podcast for offline listening  would be enough reason to get it.  But then you have all the direct links to The Blog, The Cultural Calendar Events Page, The Facebook page, Gloucester Marine Forecast, Cape Ann Eats News, Cape Ann Wellness News and More-


A fairly complete listing of July 4th parades, fireworks and other fun activities on the North Shore from North Shore Kid


Hi Joey,

We’ve put together a fairly complete listing of July 4th parades, fireworks and other fun activities on the North Shore.  See the complete list here:

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid

Video: Making Pizza On the @STOKGrills Charcoal Drum With @KettlePizza Inventor/Owners and Sista Felicia At The Crib Part II

We used the STOK Charcoal Drum Grill,Weber RapidFire Chimney and the KettlePizza Pro Kit which includes the basic KettlePizza kit PLUS the ProGrate/Tombstone

Buy The STOK Charcoal Drum Grill At Target If You Order Online you Save Money Here’s The Link To Purchase

Buy The KettlePizza Insert System At This Link-



You Just Gotta Try It

Joey C:

Cape Ann Dining News

Originally posted on capeanneats:

Alchemy Bloody Marys

Yes, that’s a house made jalapeño popper and bacon.

On the left: The Bloody Hammer with house infused jalapeño tequila, topped with house made jalapeño popper

AND to the right: The Bacon Bloody with house infused bacon vodka, topped with candied bacon.

These are just two of the many delicious cocktails on Alchemy’s Brunch menu. Alchemy serves brunch on Saturday & Sunday from 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM, with live music on Sundays starting at noon.

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Reiki Share to Benefit ‘Reid’s Ride’ – Raising Funds for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

Joey C:

Cape Ann Wellness News –

Originally posted on Cape Ann Wellness:

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit

July 7th. ‘Community Reiki Share’ to Benefit ‘Reid’s Ride.’ 

‘Community Reiki Share.’ 5:15 pm – 8:15 pm at the Manchester Community Center. 40 Beach St. Manchester-by-the-Sea. On the MBTA Train line; wheelchair accessible. Reiki Sessions ‘By Donation.’ $20.00 suggested donation. ($10.00 for Seniors.) Make Checks Payable to ‘Reid’s Ride.’

To find out more about Reid’s Ride and how you can participate and donate – Join Lorraine and Deb Sacco and their wonderful group of organizers and participants!  Just being there is energizing!

Each month a local charity is designated to receive a portion of the proceeds. Using ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ to select which charity to team with, the first step being – Basic Physiological Needs (Air, Water, Food, Shelter.) The steps to ‘Realizing One’s Full Potential!’ 

Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs.svg

Charities we have partnered with include – Open Door Food Pantry, Beverly Boot Straps, (January,) Wellspring…

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Video: Making Pizza With KettlePizza Inventor/Owners and Sista Felicia At The Crib Part I

Part 1) Talking To Al Contarino and George Peters About The Inspiration For The KettlePizza System and Setting Up The KettlePizza Insert With The ProGrate. In part 2 we videotape making the pies.

We used the STOK Charcoal Drum Grill,Weber RapidFire Chimney and the KettlePizza Pro Kit which includes the basic KettlePizza kit PLUS the ProGrate/Tombstone for higher volume/higher temperature pizza bakes.

Note: we cooked pizza last night on Sista Felicia’s new STOK Drum and we used the included charcoal basket which comes with the STOK and does teh same thing as the Weber Rapidfire Chimney only the STOK system comes with the charcoal basket and with Weber you need to buy a chimney as an accessory.








Community Stuff 7/2/15



Did you adopt your dog(s) from Cape Ann Animal Aid? If so, you and your family are invited to attend the Rescue Dog Reunion on Sunday, July 12, 2015 from 11am-3pm. The event will be held at the Gloucester Dog Park in Stage Fort Park. Bring your dog(s) to reunite with Animal Aid staff and volunteers and potentially meet litter mates and original rescuers while enjoying activities, photo opportunities, prizes and more! Register online at or call 978-283-6055 for more info.


Eat, Drink, & Be Merry – all for a GREAT cause! Come support Action’s annual holiday toy & clothing drive by eating at Jalapenos on Wednesday, July 8th.


GLOUCESTER, Mass. and BRENTWOOD, Tenn. — Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello and Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken are pleased to report Addiction Campuses, a Tennessee-based specialized addiction treatment center, has partnered with the Gloucester Police Department’s ANGEL Initiative and will be offering at least one full scholarship to one of their campuses.

“The success we have seen from this program has been outstanding and the support from treatment centers is invaluable,” Chief Campanello said. “We are looking forward to bringing Addiction Campuses on board and are so grateful for their dedication to our cause.”

The Gloucester Initiative places those struggling with addiction into treatment centers, rather than jail cells. Under this initiative, those suffering from the disease of addiction can come into the Gloucester Police Department and turn over their remaining drug supply and paraphernalia without the threat of arrest. The policy went into effect earlier this month in an effort to reduce the number of overdoses in Massachusetts. Click here to view the official police policy document.

“We value the assistance and dedication from these treatment facilities toward the ANGEL mission,” Mayor Romeo Theken said. “Support from Addiction Campuses puts us one step closer to ending the epidemic that is opioid addiction.”

Given the immediate positive response from local, state and national organizations, Chief Campanello and businessman John Rosenthal launched The Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I.) — a new nonprofit organization created in response to Gloucester’s revolutionary drug addiction program.

“All of us at Addiction Campuses are beyond excited to be able to assist with the ANGEL initiative,” said Addiction Campuses CEO Brent Clements. “This unique approach to ending opioid addiction is quite inspiring and we are looking forward to much success.”

@SistaFelicia Put On An Absolute Backyard #Pizza Cooking Clinic Using @KettlePizza and My @STOKGrills Charcoal Drum



Al Contarino and George Peters are the creators and owners Of KettlePizza, an insert system that turns charcoal kettle grills into outdoor pizza ovens for very little money.  As it turns out Al’s sister Donna is a regular GMG reader and after seeing my obsession with grilling and that I bought a KettlePizza insert, she suggested that Al and I get together and have at it making some backyard pies.

Well I feel pretty comfortable cooking up meat but when it comes to dough and pizza making obviously I’m gonna enlist Sista Felicia who already has her own dough recipe and multiple pizza recipes in her cookbook- Gifts of Gold (purchase her cookbook here)

Felicia maintained that one of the key reasons for the over the top results besides having awesome equipment in the Stok Drum Charcoal Grill and KettlePizza was the very best ingredients from Sclafani’s Italian Bakery and The Cave

The fun we had making pizzas in the back yard combined with the crazy incredible results makes The KettlePizza system an absolute no brainer must have grill component.

Check Out the KettlePizza Website to Order Yours

You already know how much I love my STOK Grill- check out the STOK system here

Check out some of the results-



Desert Pizza Which I Have NOOO IDEA Where Felicia Came Up With The Idea For A Dessert Pizza  But It Was BANANAS!


Guy Grub- Brisket On The Smoker Play by Play

Originally posted on The Homie Cast:

So Lobstermen and Smoking Fanatic Pete Libro, Skipper of The F/V Cabaret IV had an extra smoker that he gave me to use down the dock.

I sent Toby out to buy a brisket and he came back with one from Market Basket for $6.99 lb which seems like a lot but it is grilling season so that’s probably the reason for the high price.

Laid out a couple sheets of foil and liberally applied Toby’s Rub. Covered it up and put it in the fridge til tomorrow morning. Plan is to get the smoker going at 6AM.





Look for the live updates tomorrow.

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