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OFNAJ-woodstock-logo-860px THE OLD FOLKS NOVICE ACOUSTIC JAM is looking for


After more than two years of weekly jam sessions, this collection of aging amateur acoustic musician wannabes is reaching out to others who are similarly situated. Join us at 7PM on Wednesdays at Cape Ann Giclee , 20 Maplewood Ave., Gloucester. We are laid back (or, perhaps, unconscious), non-judgmental, folks who simply like to sing and play acoustic instruments and learn from each other as we select songs to play from an eclectic and large repertoire of compositions of previously recognizable tunes. Our tastes range from The Carter Family to Woody Guthrie to Levon Helm to The Beetles and The Grateful Dead.Join us as we take the best of these artists and turn their work into sometimes barely recognizable mutations, having a great deal of fun in the process.

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