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Dragonfly Catcher


I shot this photo of a dragonfly ten years ago, when it was easier than it is now for me to crawl on my hands and knees chasing little critters through the weeds. The image reminds me of a wonderful haiku by Chiyo, a Japanese poet who died in 1775.

The poem’s meaning becomes clear and poignant when we are told that it was written upon the death of Chiyo’s young son. The poet then became a nun.

Hokku (haiku)

Dragonfly catcher,

Where today

Have you gone?

Healing Wall Slide Show

If you have visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, you know first hand the emotions and memories it evokes. A visit to The “Wall That Heals,”  a 1/2 size replica of the Memorial now on display at the Fuller School site, is no less evocative. In a short slide show, I have tried to capture some of the emotions and sensibilities that envelop  most visitors. Each person brings his or her own memories and wounds, physical and emotional, of that era. It is truly a place that heals.

The display will be here through Sunday, June12.

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