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Mutiny Avoided on Ardelle

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This group of buccaneers staged a brief mutiny on board Ardelle  last Friday when they refused to disembark from the vessel upon its return to Maritime Gloucester after a beautiful harbor cruise.

The mutineers, from Denver, Colorado and points west, explained that they had such a good time, they didn’t want to leave.


Wyoming Law May Cause Legal Problems For Photographers Shooting on Public Land, Including National Parks

This is frightening, not only because it may be interpreted to limit your right to photograph Wyoming’s magnificent scenery, but, more importantly, because its stated purpose is to impede otherwise lawful efforts to fight environmental degradation and health hazards. For example,if you happen upon a stream on public lands that appears to be polluted and you photograph it intending to send the photo to a local, state or federal agency for investigation,you face imprisonment of 1 year and a $5,000 fine!

I don’t know what can be done with regard to this atrocity, but be aware that if you visit Wyoming, you may be able to carry a gun, but be careful that that shiny new camera around your neck doesn’t land you in the hoosegow.

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Sunrise at Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park. Photo: Flickr user Diana Robinson (Creative Commons)

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