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Adventure on the Railway

After a spectacular season Adventure went up on the Railway to get some love.

 Special thanks to the Captain’s that sailed, the terrific crew, and all the volunteers that show up.  Special thanks to all the special people that just came along for the ride. Thanks for all the terrific memories Adventure, you make us proud!

Sunday, Cape Ann Plein Air Quick Draw in Essex.

Forty CAPA 2017 artist and lots of other artist came together in Essex Sunday to create an amazing body of work in just two hours from 9am till 11am.  Many thanks to Cape Ann Plein Air 2017, Essex, The Essex Shipbuilding Museum and all the artist and volunteers that made this last week extraordinary!

Great entrainment, thanks Daisey Nell, Stan & the guys!

Grace Collins, an amazing young artist with so much potential is the painting I purchased.

Tim Kelly’s “Misty Morning” 1st Place 2017 Quick Draw

More Cape Ann Plein Air Art!

Last night stopped by Cape Ann Collectors at 474 Washington Street, Gloucester to see some more present and past Plein Air paintings.  Met one of this year’s artist Joe Lombardo and loved two of his painting, “Breaking Blue” and “Autumn”.

Emile A Gruppe’ “Mending the Nets”
Charles Movalli, “Lobster Cove”

The gallery also has works by past masters, including Emile A. Gruppe’ (1896-1978) and Charles Movalli (1945-2016)

Joe Lombardo
Joe Lombardo

Abram Platt Andrew Bridge

The Abram Piatt Andrew Bridge, the crowning achievement of the decade long Route 128 (Yankee Division Highway) is the gateway to Cape Ann and has been my view for the past five years.  It was completed in 1953 and named for our Congressman(1921-1936) A. Platt Andrew.  It is a four lane, steel arch span over the Annisquam River.  To me it is a ever changing work of art, different in every light and every season.  One of the treasures of Cape Ann and Gloucester.

Welcome to Gloucester Life Bloom Massage &Spa

The Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce celebrated the opening of Jinyu “Jade” Wang’s new business with a Ribbon Cutting Wednesday night.  Mayor Theken and Bruce Tarrs office joined the Chamber and her family and friends in wishing her much success.  She has a full staff of licensed massage therapist ready to support your health and well being.

Descendants Sunday Sail on Adventure

Out into the fog we went with thirty-eight descendants of Capt. Jeff Thomas, crew members and dorymen Frank Redmond, Samuel Amirault, Willie Muise (30 & 40’s) and Lovitt E. Spinney.  We also had relatives of the boat builder, John G. James.  The niece of Captain Frank Mitchell was aboard, she told me the story of how he rode out the Hurricane of 1938 with 140,000 lbs of fish in the hold and made it back to Boston, all safe.

In and out of the fog all afternoon it was an amazing day hearing the families stories and memories.  One family member brought a cannon on board and we were able to fire twice, just another fantastic Adventure!

As we headed in Schooner Lannon and Ardelle headed out for there second trip in the fog.

Jazz at Cafe Brew & Spirits

Great night last night at Cafe Brew & Spirits with Ken Steiner on Bass, Mike Dibari on Electric Guitar, Rikki Razdan on clarinet and the amazing Linda Amero jumped in for a set.  They don’t only have great brew, spirits and food but they also have music!

 If you haven’t been, go!  Linda Amero and her Trio will be there Thursday September 21st from 7:30-9:30.

SchoonerAdventure Dinner on the Deck

Last night 12 very lucky people that purchased the Great Gatherings Adventure Deck Dinner at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce 30th Annual Auction had a marvelous night.  The event was hosted by Sara Young and Captain William Leathers.  The food was generously donated by Relish Catering & Events.  From Sara’s Dark & Stormy when we arrived to the Cinnamon Panna Cotta it was a night to remember.  We couldn’t have had a more perfect night on our beautiful harbor.  We all love Cape Ann!!!

Photography Imitating Art

While welcoming vistors this weekend at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Rebecca Sway a vistor from Florida came in looking for information on locations her father(Albert Sway) painted during the 1920 -1950’s.  She had pictures of the art, I was able to identify 5 of 6 location.  The first was this watercolor.  It was easy because I  had recently taken a picture that matched it.  Love meeting people and being able to show them Cape Ann.  The best is when they email and say how much they Love Cape Ann!!!

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