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Give the Gifts of Cape Ann!

Stop by the Chamber of Commerce this coming week and pick up a Cape Ann Gift Certificate, there are over 200 places they can be used on Cape Ann.  Gift Certificates are also available at both Shaw’s in Gloucester and Tuck’s in Rockport.

In addition this year you can give someone the gift of a Cape Ann License Plate.  The Chamber provides  the gift card with all the details you just add the $40.00.  The process is simply, you do it all on line and the plate is mailed right to your home.  Everytime they look at that plate they’ll think of you and be supporting non-profits on Cape Ann.  So why not step up to the plate and show your Cape Ann love!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Gloucester!

Last night in a light snow we lit the Lobster Trap Tree, thanks to Art Haven, a lot of volunteers and children who showed up and painted the buoys.  The light snow yesterday brought a special magic to the city.  Merry Christmas from Gloucester!!!

Fabulous Holiday Night at Beauport Hotel

Last night Beauport Hotel opened their door for a fabulous open house.  Santa welcomed lots of children.  The decorations were spectacular.  The staff went out of there day to make all feel merry!  Reminded me of how all the big hotels in New York did Christmas when I was a child.  Thank you Beauport for a fabulous night!!!

Give the Gift of Cape Ann!

If you want a gift for the person who has everything stop by the Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce and pick up a gift envelope for free, you add the $40.00 and they can order their very own Cape Ann Licence Plate.  All the instruction are in the gift envelope, you just add the cash.  The proceeds from the plates fund non-profits grant request on Cape Ann.  This year Cape Ann Farmer’s Market, Action and Backyard Growers were all recipients of grants.  So spread the Cape Ann Love!

The Cape Ann Chamber also has Gift Certificates that can be used at over 200 local merchants.  You will be giving a gift that won’t be returned and supports Cape Ann Businesses.

A salute to the American turkey!

A turkey is a large bird in the genus Meleagris, which is one of only two birds native to America’s.  They were first called “Indian turkeys”.  An infant is called a “chick”, “poult” or turklette.  

They were once almost no Turkey’s to be found but now we find them everywhere, even in our yards.  They can be aggressive toward humans and pets.  Wild Turkey’s have a social structure or pecking order and humans are low on that order.  They believe 

they can dominate and that we are subordinates.  So as you eat your turkey on Thursday remember they were here first, be grateful they were!

Gloucester’s Unitarian Universalist Church

Gloucester oldest church building (1806) located at 19 Church Street facing Middle Street it was America’s first Universalist Society founded by Rev. John Murray in 1779, it was and still is a welcoming community, open to all.  Fondly called the UU by locals they sponsor concerts and many other community events through the year!

Historic New England, collecting paint by numbers!

Loved the article in the latest addition of Historic New England on Craft Masters Paint by Numbers.  They are part of my history.  While living in Europe in the late 50’s, early 60’s my father painted quit a few, they sold them in the PX and they were something to do.  

 When he was away on special assignment he had time on his hands and he would paint them.  I’m lucky to still have a few!

Garden Blessings

The gardens are put to bed for the winter.  I will miss the beautiful days in the sun tending them this summer.  The beauty of the flowers, birds, butterflies, and all the other friends that stop by.  There is so much peace in the gardens by the sea, the waves lapping against the shore, the boats passing by, wind surfers and beach goers.  The seasons pass and the garden sleeps till spring renews!  

Mayor’s Halloween Party, Sunday October 29, 2017

Huge thank to the Mayor, the organizing committee, police and fire department, Ringo Tarr, Mass Mudders, Rick Doucette and YMCA Leaders, Sea Cadets, Marshall Farm Stand, Addison Gilbert, Cape Ann Savings Bank, Health Department and loads of volunteers that made the day truly special!


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