2011 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage From Good Morning Gloucester

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A ton of thanks go to the entire GMG Team for all bringing their A-Game for our Superbowl- The Saint Peter’s Fiesta

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Fiesta: Greasy Pole Trailer From Sam Hartson

Can you guess the year?

The Greasy Pole Makes The Life In A Day Movie Shown At The Sundance Film Festival – Here’s The Trailer

People Magazine Features Gloucester and The Greasy Pole In Bert The Conquerer’s Guide To Thrills

Photos of The St Peter’s Fiesta From 1930-1939

Fiesta ten years ago!

Fiesta 2002

11 Days!!! New Contest- Fiesta Families


17 DAYS!!!

16 DAYS!!!

15 DAYS!!!!!

Inside The Saint Peter’s Club With Anthony Saputo

Cape Ann Museum Presents St. Peter’s Fiesta – Inspired Family Fun Day

13 Days!!! A Contest From The Infamous Fred Buck! AND St Peter’s Fiesta Family Free Fun Day At Cape Ann Museum!!!!

12 days!!! Ladies’ Choice Contest From The Infamous Fred Buck and With Prizes

10 Days!!! Contest- St. Peter On The Move- More Fiesta 1950

10 Days Baby!!!! Fiesta Specials At The Lone Gull!

9 Days!!! Saint Peter On The Move Part II From the 1930s

2011 Greasy Pole Updates

Greasy Pole – The Musical SPECIAL GMG PREVIEW!

7 Days!!!! Saint Peter’s Novena At The Legion

“This Is Fiesta” Director Sam Hartson Talks About His Second Film

Paul Korn Says “When are you going to see ‘Greasy Pole, the Musical!’? It is great. Everyone should see it.”

Warren Durgin Talks About Saint Peter’s Fiesta Traditions

st. peter on the move, part 3 from the infamous one- 1973 and 1950 Fiesta

This Is What We Live For

Scotty Clayton- 1986 Greasy Pole Champ

and so it begins 2011 st peter’s fiesta jr seine boat practice 4:40am 6/20/11

It’s Fiesta Week At Cape Ann Community Cinema & The Annie

Video- Greasy Pole It’s Coming

Exhibition of St. Peter’s Fiesta Photos by Greg Cook

2011 senior seine boat practice

2011 – St Peter’s Novena Photos by David Cox

Gearing Up For 2011 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Photos Seine Boat Practice

Three Minute Preview- “This Is Fiesta” Playing Wednesday -Sunday At Cape Ann Community Cinema

These Are Your 2011 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Seine Boat Crews

Saint Peter Moved Back To The Club From the American Legion

In Case You’re Not Fired Up For Greasy Pole

Last Night’s Novena

2011 Greasy Pole Shrine Takes Shape

Traditions passed on through the generations

It Ain’t Fiesta Without Ambie’s Sausage Sandwiches- Fiesta 2011

Fishermen Tattoo Series- Georgie Bono St Peter’s Fiesta Tattoo

Video Building The 2011 Greasy Pole Shrine

2011 Saint Peter’s 5K Race Start Video and Results

FOB Frankie Ciolino Finishes the Fiesta 5K In 4 Hours and 36 Minutes And Lands In the Clink

Fiesta Run – Wall St.

2011 Fiesta – Thursday Night (Photos by David Cox)

If It Rains Fear Not- There’s Still Stuff To Do To Get Your Fiesta On!

St Peter’s Fiesta through The Years- The Bible From Joey Palmisano

Joey Dasilva 2011 Friday Greasy Pole Champ

The Clayton Girls Sport Their St Peter Earrings

FIESTA 2011 – Friday Night

Video- 2011 Friday Greasy Pole Champ Joey DaSilva

2011 Friday Greasy Pole Champ Joey DaSilva Pictures

St. Peter’s Fiesta Friday Slide Show From Thom Falzarano Including Greasy Pole and Seine Boat Races

Video- 2011 Jr Womens Seine Boat Champs Donna Del Mare

Coast Guard v. Navy Seine Boats

Doug Shatford Pimps His Fiesta Shirts On Commercial Street

Video- Greasing The Pole 2011

2011 Fiesta Hat Ladies- The Unveiling

FIESTA 2011 Sat.-The Preliminaries

Saturday Seine Boat Races – Dialed In!

Saturday Night Fiesta!

2011 Saturday Greasy Pole Rough Cut Part I

2011 Saturday Final Greasy Pole Walk- Portraits From The Pole

New addition for the Crazy Hat Ladies!

Greasy Pole Shrine admired By The Infamous Fred Buck

2011 Saturday Greasy Pole Rough Cut Part III -Arrival At The Greasy Pole

Evie Enjoys Her First Greasy Pole

2011 Saturday Greasy Pole Final Round and Your Champ

A Two and Four Year Old’s Recap of Saturday’s Greasy Pole & Fiesta!

Fiesta ’11- Sun.

Greasy Pole Faces

The Breakfast of Champions Photos From Fred Buck

2011 Sunday Champ Ali D’Angelo Winning Greasy Pole Walk Captured By Rick Isaacs

2011 Saturday Saint Peter’s Fiesta Photos From David Cox

One more time!

All Your Love- All Your Heart- All Your Power- Everything You’ve Got Part I

2011 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Parade Pics from Joe Lentini Part I

Please Welcome New GMG Contributor Craig Kimberly- St Peter’s Fiesta Parade Video and More

Gloucester Views From Up High

All Your Love- All Your Heart- All Your Power- Everything You’ve Got Part II

One of the best Fiesta happenings!

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