Paul Korn Says “When are you going to see ‘Greasy Pole, the Musical!’? It is great. Everyone should see it.”


VIVA, Greasy Pole, the Musical!
    I said to Joey this morning, “When are you going to see ‘Greasy Pole, the Musical!’? It is great. Everyone should see it.”  Being Joey, he asked me to write my reactions, so here they are.
    Enjoy one hour of heart and history, laughter, song, soul, food and faith.  Everyone, local Gloucesterites, newcomers, visitors and tourists, should go see this wonderful production that is the premiere performance at The Annie.  High praise and joyful appreciation go to the cast, crew, musicians, backers and audience last night that made the play a perfect opening event for the summer. 
                      Even those of us who have enjoyed St. Peter’s Fiesta for many years in the past were treated to a deeper understanding of the role that “walkin’ the pole” has played in the history of our city.  And the singing, including spontaneous participation by the audience, was exuberant and full, celebrating life, death, joy and sadness.  Out-of-town friends who joined us in the fun last night now want to return to Gloucester to enjoy the real Festival and Walk.
                       Our special thanks go to Henry Allen, Keith Palazzola, Robert Newton and the fantastic band. 
    And Joey, try to make time to see this show.  Bring the family!
Paul R. Korn

Paul is wearing a Michael Gerber designed TAA “LET THE GOOD TIMES SCROLL” T-shirts that are available at Temple Ahavat Achim.


  • Great review – can’t wait to see it Sunday night!



  • I got to see “Greasy Pole The Musical” last night with friends. It was great! There was laughing and smiling throughout the whole show. You will see some very familiar faces there, I did. One of the photos as the back drop even had a picture of Angie Zerrilli in it. She was my foster parent for a while many years ago. Oh what a woman she was. Great singing, great acting and great music.
    Joey, go see it. You will love it.


  • Thanks for the praises Paul; glad you enjoyed Greasy Pole, The Musical. As a new theater crew member, it is so rewarding to see something come from nothing, but passion! I suspect we’ll be seeing many more creative works from this new community theater. But right now, it’s Viva St Pedro! Come see it!


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