Can you guess the year?

This shot was taken from the top of one of the rides at Fiesta. Not sure if there are enough clues, but see if you can figure out what year it was and how you made your decision. Have fun!     —Sharon

Here’s another one from the same year.

And one more.


  • I think this shot was taken in 2006


  • Not 1974, Shelley. Guess again!
    All the photos were taken Sunday of the same year.


  • i believe it is 2008 the herring boat next to the coast guard station was sold that year and the boats tied up next to the gloucester house no longer here


  • I want to go and say 2005 or 2006. I’m going by the Belinda B. I have got pictures of her in that exact location. And I’m thinking the black boat is where this guy I met was sleeping. I forget his name but he use to be a rodeo rider & he wore braces. For some reason Rodeo Bill is sticking in my mind. I remember him bringing me across the Lady Grace to get to his boat. The black one. Can’t remember the name. It was the boat that sank in the harbor after he decided to go to California without telling anyone. The boat was slowly filling up with water. He was suppose to keep emptying it. Guess you can’t do that if your not there. What a dope.


  • think that black boat is the frankie joe


  • I think 2005. And believe it or not the story is true. I actually looked inside the Lady Grace & all that was in there was a shop vac. If that boats the Frankie Joe, then I am wrong. We had to climb from the Lady Grace to the boat he was living in . I have close up’s of it. I’ll have to find them to get the name but he had a boat docked next to his which looks like the boat there. But come to think of it I met him in 2006. Oh Oh. I’m sticking with 2005 even though I think it is 2006…lol… There was another red lobsterboat that use to dock right beside the Belinda B. Man, I loved that Belinda B. I have her picture on my wall. She’s was one pretty lady. Of course I have the Split S.E.C.O.N.D. up on my wall also. A Maine boat & a beauty. Boy, I should right a boon huh?


  • Correction…lol… A book not a boon. What the heck is a boon. Good Grief, now I’m starting my own language.


  • Hey Dean. Just wondering about the Frankie Joe. Was a guy living on that boat. And if he was was his name Billy. The jerk left the boat with a hole in it. Duh!!! Do you think it may eventually take on to much water jerk. Oh by the way, there was an article in the Gloucester Daily Times about it sinking. I have kept most of those papers with articles about lobstering & fishing. I may still have that paper. Couldn’t believe he left the boat.


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