• Beautiful photo ~ I remember my grandfather driving out to the end of Eastern Point and standing with me until she revealed herself ~ I think it’s time my grandchildren meet her as well. Thanks for the post and the reminder of another Gloucester beauty ~


  • Nice shot here – them spray’s can get you sometime before you can get out of the way…I learned the seaweed and slime not good for running away alley oop 🙂
    Alley Oop – The Hollywood Argyles


  • It’s Northeaster! Not “nor’easter” (a made-up word coined by some blow-dried midwestern Weather Channel “meteorologist” who thinks he is using a real Yankee expression! Old timers spin in their graves when they hear or see this expression)! (Yeah, I know I’m losing this battle, but I still try to make a stand — like King Canute).

    But yes, a great photo, Geno!!


  • Wonder if Canute was wearing his “sou’wester” – for want of a nail…and it is one of the best pictures of Mama Ann that I’ve seen, or is that Mother Anne?


    • Sure he was. I have one too. But (see below) the purists would sound their “th” with directions ending in “East” (Southeast, Northeast) and drop it when it came to “West” (don’t ask me why).


  • Love this photo!


  • For some people may have always been nor’easter, for others there’s a difference. I grew up here, learning to say no-theaster, sou’wester, nor’wester, su’theaster, but that used to be the case all up and down the New England coast. Still is with some of us diehard old geezers.


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