Oysters Around Town

As promised, GMG Jimmy and I drove ourselves all over the Cape seeking $1.50 or less Oysters for you faithful readers.  Here’s a handy chart.  ONLY Oysters that are $1.50 or less are included when they are offered consistently on a particular day of the week.    NOT occasional specials if you can’t depend on what day of the week oysters might or might not be offered.

This chart includes only $1.50 or less Oysters  offered on specific days of the week on a regular basis


Restaurants for oysters click here for Word document

We had a good time visiting with the various wait staff and bartenders.  Thanks to all for their input!

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GloucesterCast 275 With Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Ruth Pino, Bob Gillis, Kim Smith  and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/19/18


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Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Gloucester’s 400th Anniversary Input Meeting April 28th! Check The Facebook Page For More Info

Good Morning Gloucester April 2018 Oyster Quest– Thanks Pat and GMG Jimmy

The cutoff became $1.50 and pat discusses the parameters.

Trader Joe’s Birdsnests in the Airfryer

Speaking to a dog owner yesterday- there may end up being a murder.

Dogwalking Tips For The Piping Plovers

The Studio Restaurant Is Now Hiring All Positions


The Undermining On The Boardwalk On Long Beach Is Scary

Briar Barn Inn www.briarbarninn.com Photos

Steel Cut oats to lower your cholesterol



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This calendar is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at capeanngiclee.com on the ‘events’ page.

America’s oldest music school NEC presents new Opera / Later The Same Evening inspired by Edward Hopper paintings

Black box theater at New England Conservancy “Edward Hopper paintings come to life”

A chamber opera based on the paintings of Edward Hopper about to start !
Music composed by John Musto | Libretto by Mark Campbell
Joshua Major, Stage Director | Robert Tweten, Conductor

Artists: Chelsea Baccay, Rush Dorsett, Julia Dwyer, Alexandra Saori Erickson,Jeongmin Kim, Kaitlin Loeb, Emily Siar, Ana Mora, Whitney Robinson, Corey Dalton Hart, Christopher Remkus, Gregory Sliskovich, Kyle Bejnerowicz, Grant Braider, Corey Gaudreau, Taehwan Kim, Matthew O’Donnell, Seung Yun Kim, Seiyoung Kim, Erin McMullen, Kristen Murdaugh, Yoonjeong Yoo

One more matinee tomorrow-22

New England Conservatory: Plimpton Shattuck Black Box Theatre


Throughout the community people took the time to participate in Earth Day cleanups and events.  I was only able to cover a small fraction of the events and locations. Let us know how you spent Earth Day weekend. We would love to post your stories on Good Morning Gloucester. Thank you so much!


Organized by Ainsley Smith and Nick Illiades from Gloucester’s Clean City Commission, The Great Gloucester Cleanup took place at six locations–St. Peter’s Square, Pavilion Beach, Washington Street, Cripple Cove, Good Harbor Beach, and Horton Street.

The volunteers filled over ONE HUNDRED BAGS OF TRASH!!!!!!!!


After the cleanup, a fabulous cookout was hosted by Jamie at her beautiful shop located right on the inner harbor, One Ocean One Love. Jamie provided the burgers and much of the food; Caffe Sicilia donated cookies; Pigeon Cove Ferments, the sauerkraut; and Ma and Pa’s, the pickles. Additionally Beauport Hotel, Clean Pro Gloucester, and Lone Gull provided breakfast. Please say thank you for supporting The Great Gloucester Cleanup to these local businesses by patronizing their establishments. 

Meanwhile, over at Good Harbor Beach, I was watching the Piping Plovers this morning from 8am to about 10:30. With many volunteers expected for the Good Harbor Beach clean up location I thought there would be lots of folks interested in learning more about the PiPl, and yes, there were!

While there, I also met Gloucester’s new animal control officer Teagan (rhymes with Reagan) Dolan. He’s very interested in helping the PiPl and the dog officer’s stepped-up presence at Good Harbor has had a noticeable impact on the number of dogs off-leash and in the dunes at Good Harbor Beach. Teagan is suggesting to dog walkers alternative locations such as Plum Cove Beach and Cressies Beach. I showed him where the roping that cordoned off the nesting area broke overnight and he got out his trusty pocket knife and fixed it on the spot!

Then onto Eastern Point, with the great wildlife news of the weekend is that my friends Lyn and Dan released the Young Swan back to Niles Pond! You may recall that the Young Swan became frozen in the ice in early winter. Lyn has been kindly taking care of the immature swan all winter, housing him in a chicken coop remodeled (by carpenter Joel Munroe) just for a swan, replete with a heated pool.

Releasing the Young Swan at Niles

Lyn and Dan gently and humanely covered the swan with a blanket while carrying him to the water’s edge. Upon release, he immediately headed into a reeded area and then down to Skip’s dock where he took the longest swan bath imaginable, dip-diving and splashing for twenty minutes. When last I saw him, he was perusing the pond’s edge, becoming refamiliarized with his home territory.

Stretching his wings!

Swan Rescuers Lyn and Dan

Lyn’s little Little Aruba rescue puppy and Dan



Beautiful Fish: Wreck Fish

Wreck Fish, Wreck Bass

Reaches a length of 4½ to 5 feet at least, and a weight of more than 100 pounds. Small wreck fish are most likely to be found under floating logs or wreckage, as the common name implies. When larger, they take to bottom.

Occurrence in the Gulf of Maine—  The only report that has reached us of a wreck fish in any part of the Gulf of Maine is of one 24½ inches long, weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces (dressed), taken on the northern edge of Georges Bank, August 13, 1951, by the trawler Winthrop.  Another, 6 inches long, was caught on the surface off No Man’s Land Island, near Martha’s Vineyard, August 21, 1925; and two have been brought in from the Grand Banks, one of them many years ago, the second in 1929.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI http://www.gma.org/fogm/Polyprion_americanus.htm

Al Bezanson

The Great Gloucester Cleanup 2018

This was a great cleanup.  So many volunteers that came out today.  I also want to thank Mom’s Kitchen for offering something to drink if you were volunteering.  The volunteers were numerous and dedicated to cleaning up our beautiful city.  Thank you to all the volunteers and the One Ocean One Love for the after cleanup cookout,  Cape Ann Sup, Ocean Alliance, WeCann, Gloucester Clean City Commission, Coast Guard and the One Our at a Time Gang for all your great work.  Would also like to thank Mother Nature for a beautiful day.

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Captain Carlos’ new chef, yummy new menu!

Rose, Carla and Jamie down at Captain Carlo’s have welcomed aboard Chef Bill Ross (formerly of Lobsta Land) and have rolled out a delicious new menu for this season that include some awesome looking risotto dishes and new flatbreads, along with Thursdays special of $17 Prime Rib with 2 sides and Fridays $14.00 Lobster Roll and fries.   Every weekend they have specials that include this week’s …Lump Crab Stuffed Grey Sole with a lobster, basil sauce…Boneless Pork Chop Au Poivre over Yukon gold mashed potatoes with a cognac Dijon mustard Demi…Herb Seared Salmon with a tomato vinaigrette, capers, garlic, shallots, yellow and red grape tomatoes.   I had the Pork Chop special and it was delicious!!

Follow Captain Carlos on Facebook to see their daily and weekly specials!!

Earth day

Let the clean up begin and continue


Beautiful Daughter of Gloucester

Alice May Brotherton Campbell 1887 – 1916

A while ago, I read a book called The Black Flag written by Barry Stacks of Gloucester and enjoyed Gloucester as a main character in the book.  The Black Flag refers to ships returning to harbor flying a black flag indicating a death on board while at sea.  It’s an interesting coincidence that for my family history research, I’d been trying to verify that a William Campbell who died at sea aboard a Gloucester vessel in 1905 was the Campbell in-law that I was looking for.  My search led me to a new cousin and a new “view” on what the Ryans looked like back in the day.

This is Alice May Brotherton, daughter of Mary Ryan and John J. Brotherton.  This young lady is just beautiful!  Unfortunately she died at a very young age due to kidney problems.  She did marry C. Angus Campbell whose father William is the aforementioned death at sea I was attempting to confirm. I got this picture from a cousin who is a descendant of Angus and Alice Campbell.

This cousin, Pam, was able to verify that the William Campbell I’d found in the newspaper as having died at  sea aboard the Schooner Senator was indeed Alice’s father-in-law.  Pam was tickled that I could provide her with the verification of his death at sea and I was very pleased to obtain this picture–especially since most of those old Ryan ancestors weren’t overly fair of face. I’m certain God blessed them with other qualities.

It’s the telling of stories such as these that keep ancestors and history alive.  And, since we are starting to hear about the upcoming 400th anniversary of Gloucester,  it seems even more important to share them.


Join us for the second annual #GreatGloucesterCleanUp ! Today from 9 am to 11am. Last year, we had well over 100 volunteers join us in a one day cleaning spree!

This year’s locations are:
– St. Peter’s Square
– Pavilion Beach
– Washington Street
– Cripple Cove
– Good Harbor Beach
– Horton Street

POP UP: Restorative Workshop THIS SUNDAY 6:30-8PM

Cape Ann Wellness

Popular demand and the transition to Spring is asking us to balance all the buzzing around with deep relaxation. North Shore Restorative Yoga is offering a POP UP: Restorative Workshop this Sunday to nourish us all!Settle into quiet and stillness while healing your body with gentle, therapeutic restorative poses using bolsters, blocks, blankets and sandbags all by candlelight. Master instructor, Katie Schroeder, will lead you through mindful breathing, guided relaxation and offer gentle massage/reiki assists to completely harmonize your being.  All levels, no experience and everyone welcome!

THIS Sunday April 22, 2018 6:30PM-8PM 

$25 Sign up at www.nsryoga.com


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Dogtown Trail Run Sunday May 20, 2018 9 AM Race Start

Join Cape Ann Trail Stewards for a 5-mile trail race through Dogtown. All participants will earn a one year membership to Cape Ann Trail Stewards, and all profits from this race will go back to trails on Cape Ann.

This race will cross landscapes that are unique to Cape Ann, providing runners with a technical, exciting course guaranteed to challenge even the most nimble runners.

Racers will enjoy running through Dogtown, past many cultural and natural features such as the cellar holes, Babson’s motto boulders, Whale’s Jaw and Peter’s Pulpit.

Race Sponsors: Timberline, Cape Ann Savings Bank, Cape Ann Tree Service Inc., Common Crow, Ipswich Ale Brewery, Coastal Greengrocer

Pre-registration fee is $25 and $30 on race day. You can register on our website, see link below, payment via PayPal. Mail in forms available as well.

Contact us with any questions. Visit our Facebook page for trail map, periodic updates and race day information.

Parking is available at the O’Maley School, 32 Cherry St Gloucester, just a short walk from the race start.

Pre-registration and info –  http://www.capeanntrailstewards.org

Email – contact@capeanntrailstewards.org

See Events   –  https://www.facebook.com/capeanntrailstewards/

Registration form – http://www.capeanntrailstewards.org/racereg.html



Thank you to all the friends of our Good Harbor Beach Piping Plovers, to dog owners who are staying away from Good Harbor Beach, and to all who are advocating for the PiPl.

Early this morning I found both Mama and Papa feeding in the intertidal zone, along with our little Bachelor. The second pair has not been seen since they were chased off the beach last weekend. There seemed to be fewer dogs on the beach this morning and I am so grateful to the dog owners who are helping to watch over the Plovers.

Yesterday was a much needed quiet day for the Plovers; it was cold and rainy, and an on-leash day. There were folks with dogs off-leash, though they weren’t near the PiPl. But there were fresh tracks running through the nesting area.

Here is why, at this very critical time during Piping Plover breeding, it is imperative to keep dogs and people out of the nesting area. The Plovers are actively courting. What does that mean exactly? 

  • The Plovers first stake out a territory. For the third year in a row, they have chosen the area around the big rock, by boardwalk #3.
  • Both male and female actively defend the territory from other Piping Plovers, as well as other species of large and small birds.
  • Throughout an average quiet day, the male PiPl builds many “nest” scrapes for the female to inspect. If the female is interested, the male displays an involved courtship dance. If she continues to be interested, he will mate with her by jumping on her back where they join together cloaca to cloaca, but for only mere seconds. During that time the male fertilizes the female’s egg.
  • Piping Plover courtship requires a tremendous amount of energy, and each courtship episode takes about twenty minutes, from nest scrapings to mating. If the birds are constantly interrupted by dogs tearing through, and people walking through, the nesting area, courtship and mating are delayed, over and over again.
  • If the Piping Plovers are allowed to mate early in the season, the chicks will be born that much earlier. The earlier the chicks hatch the greater their chance of survival, especially in the case of Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester’s most beloved and heavily trafficked beach.
  • In addition to repeated courtship interruptions, we are having an unseasonably cold April. The Piping Plovers are spending a great deal of energy just trying to keep warm. This is evidenced by how often they stand on one leg to thermoregulate.

Papa Plover defending all things Mama Plover.

Papa Plover vigorously building shallow teacup-sized nest scrapes.

Papa Plover inviting Mama Plover to inspect.

Male Plover cloaca. All birds have a cloaca, the V-shaped vent from where sperm, eggs, and pooh are emitted. During courtship, the male’s cloaca swells considerably.

Meet “the Bachelor,” the bird bane of Papa’s existence.

How You Can Help the Piping Plovers

1) Under no circumstances is it acceptable to enter the Piping Plover nesting area.

2) Keep ALL dogs far away from the nesting areas. A Piping Plover’s brain does not differentiate between a dog on- leash versus a dog off-leash. When a dog, off-leash or on-leash, comes within twenty feet of a PiPl, they immediately stop what they are doing, whether foraging, courting, mating, or resting.

3) During courtship, the Piping Plovers tolerate one or two quiet persons, from a distance, but crowds of three or more put them in panic mode.

4) Help spread the word about the Good Harbor Beach Piping Plovers.

5) Sign up to be a Piping Plover volunteer ambassador by emailing Ken Whittaker at kwhittaker@gloucester-ma.gov

Thank you, but most importantly, the Piping Plovers will thank you too when chicks hatch and chicks fledge!


The good news is that I found one pair, and they are definitely a couple, in the #3 nesting area. The bad news is that while down to #1 nesting area to look for the other PiPl, dogs and their owner were in the #3. I ran down the beach to find a man scooping up his dog’s poop in the nesting area. The tracks show they were inches from where the Papa PiPl had built a nest scrape. And No Sign of the PiPl. So grateful for the dog owners that are keeping their dogs away from the nesting sites, but it is not a few dog owners ignoring the law, it is every day, off and on all day long – dogs off-leash on on-leash days, dogs in the dunes, and dogs in the nesting sites. #pipingplover #gloucesterma #shorebirds #endangeredspecies #barrierbeach

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