It’s Schooner Festival /Block Party/ Trails and Sails Weekend!

Buckle Your Chinstraps It’s Another Jam Packed Awesome Weekend In G-Town!

If you don’t go down to Gloucester Maritime to check out the Schooners you’re just straight up bananas.  They are beautiful and it costs like nothing.

Check out some footage from our Kim Smith and Craig Kimberley-

Shot and Edited By Kim Smith

Shot and Edited By Craig Kimberley

For More Info-

31st Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival

Labor Day Weekend– September 4-6, 2015

September 2015 Downtown Gloucester Block Party

Friday Night September 4th

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Visiting hours for Fred Bodin will be at the Greely Funeral Home, 212 Washington Street, Gloucester on Wednesday, September 2nd from 4pm to 7pm. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Gloucester Gig Rowers’ new boat fund, c/o Maritime Gloucester, 2300 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA 01930.

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This calendar is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at on the ‘events’ page.

Adventure’s Freight Hauling Voyage from Greg Bover

Gloucester’s recently restored 1926 Schooner Adventure was hired by a group of Maine farmers, the Greenhorns, and an outfit called Maine Sail Freight, to carry goods from Portland to Boston for sale in the Boston Public Market, the first such delivery under sail since before WWII. Their idea was to show that there are alternative ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. I shipped aboard as a volunteer deckhand. It was a privilege to be part of such a fine crew (most of whom are half my age or less).

We left Gloucester at 2300 on Wednesday after our regular member sail and arrived in Portland to load the next morning. There were plenty of volunteers to help get the goods on the ship. We left Portland at 0600 on Friday morning, sailed south all day and through the night tacking against the prevailing southwesterlies. I stood lookout and did my turns at the helm from 0400 to 0800 so I saw moonset and sunrise with my two watch mates while everyone else was asleep. It was an amazing experience to be sailing such a powerful ship twenty miles off the coast in darkness and almost total silence. Whales, porpoises, gannets, and shearwaters came by to check us out. There was some time to catch up on sleep and eat the great food coming from the galley before going back on watch from 1600 to 2000, and sailing into Boston Harbor. We unloaded early Sunday morning so the goods could be sold at the Boston Public Market and entertained visitors on deck during an Open Ship before sailing back to Gloucester and anchoring in the outer harbor allowing Columbia, in town for the Schooner Festival, to stay at our usual spot on Maritime Gloucester’s Webster Pier until the next morning. As the official schooner of the City of Gloucester, part of Adventure’s mission is to represent the city in places beyond Cape Ann, I think we did so ably. Our upcoming trips to Provincetown and New Bedford will continue that ambassadorial role.

A link to the NPR story:

My crewmate Lukas Baumgaertel sent these pictures. <<…>> <<…>> <<…>> <<…>>

Gregory R Bover

V.P. Operations, Project Manager

C. B. Fisk, Inc.

Cowboying the ForesailCraig and Natalie in the holddeck panoramaoff watch

Wednesdays with Fly Amero~ This week’s guest: SASQUATCH! 7-10pm 9.2.2015

This week only…
Fresh Baked Haddock – $12.95!

Wednesday, September 2nd – 7pm
Special Guest: SASQUATCH!


Sasquatch, a.k.a. Paul Cohan is a notorious fixture here
on Cape Ann. Paul’s love for our community and culture is
beautifully expressed in his powerful anthem, “Wrapped in
the Arms of Gloucester”, which you can see and hear live
at the Rhumb Line this week. All ya have to do is be there.
– 7pm! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
Allen Estes

J.B. Amero

Jon Butcher

Looking forward… seeing you there :-)

Saturday Clean Up

clean up

Good morning all:


When:                  Saturday, September 5, 2015

Where:                 Near Cruiseport, we can do Rogers and Main

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00


Thank you all and see you there and then to see the Schooners

Please check the calendar on Good Morning Gloucester for events happening on Cape Ann.




Passports Restaurant Community Dinner Night Gloucester Dog Park


Passports Restaurant provides support to Friends of Gloucester Dog Park , Eric seen here with Tom Schauer Treasurer of the organization.  Excellent Food, great prices 3 Course Meal for $15, and 10% proceeds to the organization, and  a doggie-centric Raffle.







John Theo’s new murder mystery novel Cape Ann (CLEAN READS, 2015) is now available where all e-books are sold.


Jeremy Callahan is an ex-cop turned schoolteacher. He lives in the small seaside town of Rockport, Massachusetts, located in the heart of Cape Ann.  His best friend is Brian Walden, a CEO of a software company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One night Brian is gunned down in front of Jeremy by an apparent drive-by-shooting. Jeremy utilizes his law enforcement background to embark on a mission to find out who murdered his friend. While on the trail he runs into the FBI, Securities and Exchange Commission and into the arms of a beautiful new Harbormaster named Carrie.


John Theo Jr. has been a freelance writer for over ten years publishing both fiction and non fiction. He holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. He is an adjunct professor at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, where he teaches screenwriting. Cape Ann is his second full length novel. John lives on Cape Ann, Massachusetts with his family.  

Check out the Facebook Page here-


Jim Dialpaz Wins The First GMG Logo Shirt Contest!

My husband Jim in his GMG tech jacket while we took the harbor lighthouse cruise sponsored by the Cape Ann Museum last week.  Not the best picture in the world, but the logo is clear!  Again, it was great to meet you. Thank you for your time.   Jim and Pat Dalpiaz

Gloucester in August 019

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Beau’s Juicery & Co. At 11 Center St #GloucesterMA First Look…

Check Out Our Video-

Check it!- and on Instagram-


Beau’s Juicery & Co.

A mother and daughter offering cold pressed juices & naturally inspired items in downtown Gloucester, MA. 11 Center St. Open Mon-Sat 8-4 & Sun 8-12

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Bonaparte's Gulls Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015While recording audio for film projects this past week I was wonderfully surprised to come upon this small flock of the beautiful and graceful Bonaparte’s Gulls feeding at low tide!.Bonaparte's Gull winter plumage Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015Bonaparte's Gull Massachusetts Diving ©Kim Smith 2015

The water was very clear and I think in the above photo you are seeing not the gull’s reflection, but its open mouth plunge for tiny shrimp.

Bonaparte's Gulls Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015

Non-breeding plumage.

Bonaparte’s Gulls are exquisite creatures to observe. Appearing to delight in riding the waves, they twirl every which way before diving for krill.

In this flock you can see very clearly the changing feather patterns from breeding to non-breeding, with the signature charcoal gray smudge behind the ear on the gull on the left. Typically by mid-August they have gained their winter plumage. During breeding season the feathers of the hood become entirely black.

We see Bonaparte’s Gulls in Massachusetts in spring on their northward migration to the boreal forests of Alaska and Canada and again in the summer as they return to winter grounds along the Gulf of Mexico and southern Great Lakes region. I at first thought that these were Laughing Gulls but the pinkish-orange feet and legs and buzzy vocalizations tell us otherwise.

I ran into my friend and long-time Annisquam resident Hank Junker on Lighthouse Beach and he reports that every summer he sees at least one Bonaparte’s at Lighthouse Beach or the adjacent Cambridge Street Beach. Hank also mentioned that they are typically here earlier in the summer, around the first week of August.

Bonaparte's Gull Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015

Black wing-tips and pink-orange feet suggest Bonaparte’s Gulls

Bonaparte's Gull -Ring-backed Gull Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015

Ring-billed Gull in the background, Bonaparte’s in the fore.

The Bonaparte’s Gull is about half the size of the Ring-billed Gull. I have learned to observe closely groups of gulls because different species sometimes feed together and you never know what fascinating bird may be amongst the flock.

Bonaparte's Gull Diving ©Kim Smith 2015

Bonaparte's Gull Diving -3 Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015The gulls are finding a smorgasbord at dawn’s low tide, feeding on krill and other crustaceans.   They get into tussles over feeding turf and, with a flourish of wings and a sharp, rasping “keh-keh,” they give each other the business, in no uncertain terms!

Two more photos here Read more

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