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GloucesterCast 132 With Guests Alicia Cox, Kim Smith, Paul Morrison, James Eves, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/25/15


Topics Include:
The biggest hugest development in the history of GMG the world- the Cape Ann Arts Calendar, Harborwalk Cleanup 4/26/15 at 10AM,  Mayor Sefathia recognized as Gloucester’s First Sicilian American Mayor, Cape Ann Museum, Causeway Restaurant, Funga Face, Folly Cove Designers Exhibit, Block Party Poll, How to insure that restaurants and retailers keep streets clear on Block Parties, Peter and Vickie’s Music Calendar, Why organizations that try to be exclusive rather than inclusive will fail in the media distribution game, The Studio and The Rudder half off excluding sushi through April, Who consistently has fried chicken on their menu in Gloucester?, Can Chucky Fry Chicken, Pan fried vs Deep fried Chicken, Kim Smith Covers Arrival of USCG Cutter Key Largo, Proper way to handle news outlets want to use our stuff in relation to Nichole’s post about burned up bus, begging contributors to place proper attribution to their posts, Brian O’Connor’s Solar install happened on Earth Day, Alicia getting her hair done at Fatima’s by John, Where does everyone stand on the resort pool chair saving technique outlined here, Trolling Joey to drive him nuts or sheer stupidity?, Liv’s Wedding Invitation, Tom’s Ghost Writing Gig, Girl Scout Cookie Poll, Frying in Vegetable Oil vs Lard, Clam on your french fry, Passports Community Dinner Benefiting Cape Ann Special Olympics, new features on GMG- and The Cape Ann Arts Calendar, Being Google friendly vs Google Useless, New Banners For GMG Topics Coming Courtesy James Eves

Last Week’s Podcast Subscriber Contest Winner Won Two Free Tickets At The Shalin Liu For The Miranda Russell Band’s May 7th Concert and The Winner Is- Tim Parker

Tim Please Contact Me So I can Let Miranda Know To Leave Your Tickets For You!

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Gloucestercast 133 With Donna Ardizzoni, Nichole Schrafft, Alicia Cox, Toby Pett, Super K and Host Joey Ciaramitaro taped 4/26/15



Gloucestercast 133 With Donna Ardizzoni, Nichole Schrafft, Alicia Cox, Toby Pett, Super K and Host Joey Ciaramitaro taped 4/26/15

Topics include: Dave Moore from Summahville, 28th Annual Pride Stride, Downtown Gloucester Bingo, CB Fisk Opus 145 Open House, James Eves New Arts Calender Category- Open Houses That Offer Free Grub, New Management At Greg’s On Railroad Ave, Rockport Looking For Youth Baseball Players, Saltwater Massage Studio Opens at 65 Pleasant Street, Group Question -Would You Get a Massage From A Person Of The Same Sex?, Male Gynecologists, Massage Chubbys, Clam On The French Fry, Thanking James Eves For Creating New Navigation Buttons and The Poll, Contributor’s Picks For The New Navigation Buttons, How Different People Access GMG, Nichole’s Trip To Virginia Beach, Unrest Outside Of Camden Yards Holds Baseball Fans Inside The Park After The Game, Staycation Success, The Redevelopment of Baltimore Waterfront, Nichole Is a Twitter Egg, iPad Apps Reccomendations- Instagram, Crossy Road, Amazon, Dropbox, Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, Carousel, Phonto, Apple Watch, Super K’s Verbal Abuse Of Siri,Favorite Android Keyboard Apps, Swiiftkey vs Swype, Joey Still Makes Phone Calls, Scrap Metal Drive At Magnolia Historical Society.



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Last Week’s Podcast Subscriber Contest Winner Won Two Free Tickets At The Shalin Liu For The Miranda Russell Band’s May 7th Concert and The Winner Is- Tim Parker

Tim Please Contact Me So I can Let Miranda Know To Leave Your Tickets For You!

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Poll- In Our Quest To Make GMG More Bettah- Please Vote On Your Choice Of Navigation Buttons (designed by James Eves)

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In Order To Provide Cleaner Navigation Buttons In The Top Post Which Is Stickied As The Top Post When You Navigate To  I Asked, And James Eves Volunteered To Design Clean Symmetrical Navigation Buttons For Us.  I Don’t Have A Clear Winner In My Mind.  On One Hand The Same Color Is Sort Of Soothing, But On The Other The Different Colors Differentiate Each Subject and Make Them Pop.  I’ll Include Options For The Three Different Color Pallets and Another Poll For All Upper Case Or Capitalized.  Please Vote and Help Make The Blog Even Better.

Thank You, Joey

28th annual Gloucester Pride Stride Day

What a great turn out for this fun event.  Our FOB Melissa Cox took some photos from the hook and ladder.

What’s the magic age to….

What’s the age in which you let your oldest babysit the younger sibling(s)? Is there a magic number? I am going to go with maturity and behavior of younger siblings.

Does it depend on how many kids? I have 2 kids 4 years apart, one boy one girl. I let my oldest stay home with the youngest probably at 11 years old. Then there’s your families with 3 and 4 kids. What if they are well behaved children in general? Can’t the 11 year old watch the 8,6 and 4 year old?

Oh and to clarify I am talking about a span of 1 to 2 hours, not all day.





2015 Pride Stride Live Blogging 1:10





Want to learn the concert business? Maybe we have a job for you.


Vickie and I are looking for someone who wants to learn the concert business and is willing to work at it with determined dedication. We’re a very small company. Everybody does everything, from booking to promotion to customer support to data entry to house and stage management to washing towels and shopping for the artists’ back-stage goodies. So will you.

This is not an easy job. Hours vary from week to week. Priorities can change suddenly without warning. No matter how much you prepare, the unexpected always happens. And sometimes it all seems to be going terribly wrong.

If you are an excellent communicator, great with people, thrive on challenge, love to learn, love music, embrace the unknown and can find clever ways to get stuff done with almost no supervision, this could be the job for you. It’s not an internship. You’ll get paid.

Watch our video (below) and get a taste of what it’s like to put on an outdoor concert (most of our shows are not outdoors, but it’s the only video we have that shows some of the work we do behind the scenes).

CLICK HERE. Check the box that says, “I want to be on your Street Team” (Oh, did we say you’ll be managing a street team too?) and tell us why you want to learn the concert business. We’ll get back to you.

Found on the Hard Drive 2008 “The Old Ocean Reporter” and the “New Ocean Reporter”

Found on the Hard Drive 2008 “The Ocean Reporter”

ocean reporter

One of my first Cape Ann paintings when we moved back home in 2005. “The Ocean Reporter” Oil on Panel 9″x12″ by Paul F Frontiero Jr.

The New “Ocean Reporter”


Join The Ned Nugent & Mark Pelosi Duo for Brunch Today @ Alchemy Gloucester…12-3pm 4.26.2015

ned nugent mark pelosi alchemy

I’ve seen this duo recently and they are a pleasure to listen to.Plus the food, ambiance and service @ Alchemy Gloucester is so good….if they have that bubbly peach drink, I highly recommend it..

Sharon and Leo Have Some Nice Things To Say

Hey Joey!
    Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for keeping our spirits up all winter!  …wicked winter that it was!  (Yep..we had snow today, April 23..) Even seeing our favorite vacation spots under the snow made us happy.  Everyday after shoveling we would come in and read your daily blog. We would “catch-up” on news, see what Sista Felicia was cooking, and plan new places to go on our next visit. 
    Sharon and Leo

Phyllis A Marine Association Events Calendar

Phyllis A Marine Association

81 Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 * 978-381-3901 *

Celebrate the Phyllis A‘s 90th Birthday throughout 2015

April 2015
April 25 – Saturday Workday
April 26, 2015 Gloucester Pride Stride
April 27 – History Sharing Program at the Rose Baker Senior Center

May 2015
May 2 – Volunteer Orientation
May 9 – Saturday Workday
May 23 – Saturday Workday
May 25 – History Sharing Program at the Rose Baker Senior Center
May 30 – Schooner Challenge & Luncheon

Saltwater Massage Studio is up and running at 65 Pleasant St

Joey C:
Your source for Cape Ann health, fitness and wellness information

Originally posted on Cape Ann Wellness:

Hey Joey!
Saltwater Massage Studio is up and running at 65 Pleasant St (formerly Mamie’s Kitchen)! We’re having a little “studio warming” party this Friday night from 7-9. Stay and mingle, or stop by for a quick peek – either way I’d love to show you the transformation! ALL ARE WELCOME.
Like all good events – there will be wine, cheese, and a few raffle prizes…
ps Hey look – the massage room came complete with a GMG sticker!
pps Check out the latest Gloucester T/tank now for sale at the shop!

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Community Stuff 4/26/15

The Vietnam Memorial Wall is coming back to Glouceter for the first time in close to 20 years.

Dates: July 9th – 12th

Times: Opening 10:00 am July 9th – 5:00 pm July 12th

Location: The Fuller School, 4 Schoolhouse Road

(Off Route 128 at Blackburn Circle, Gloucester, MA)

In support of this event, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is hosting a Paint Nite Fundraiser on Saturday May 16th, 2015 at 7pm. 

At Piant Nite, a master artist (James A. Fox) will give you step-by-step instructions to create a work of art of your very own! All supplies are provided! Cash bar, light food and Raffles! Invite your friends!!!

30% of the ticket price will be benefit the “Wall that heals” 

Only 13 Tickets left!!  Don’t wait and miss out on this fantastic night out!

For Tickets:

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post #32
14 Prospect St.
Gloucester, MA 01930
Visit our website for more information:

Solar Success!!! Brian and Diane O’Connor Had Their Solar Install On East Main Street #GloucesterMA Done On Earth Day and It’s Looking Sweet!


Back In January we were there when Brian’s Solar Advisor Kevin Prickett came by to look at Brian’s house and make recommendations.  Here is what he had to say back in January-

Hi Joey, Just a quick follow on Brian and Diane O’Connor’s Solar evaluation. Brian and Diane’s home has qualified and they have decided to put rooftop solar on their home in Gloucester.  (Only 15% of homes in MA are eligible.) Because of their home’s orientation to the sun and other factors, their entire cost will be covered by various federal, state and utility incentives.  In fact they will actually be making money over and above their cost.  And getting 90% of their electricity for free. If anyone else would like to find out if their home qualifies, I just need their contact information and our techs will initially rate the home via satellite.  If it qualifies, we can up with a time for us to talk about how it all works. (About 90 mins.) I am in the process of working with several other Gloucester residents and will keep you posted on their progress. Many thanks for your continued support, Kevin Prickett Solar Advisor

As you can see it’s all come to fruition!

If you would like a completely free Solar evaluation to see if your house qualifies for the crazy amount of incentives and as Kevin states potentially 90% of your electricity for free, Fill Out The Form and They Will Contact You To Set It Up-

From just a few months ago in the snow for the evaluation when we took the video, to an Earth Day install, Brian’s gotta be psyched!  Looking at the installation it looks like a super clean job.


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