Summer Dreaming

Waking up early this morning to go catch sunrise I heard the wind and decided to not go shoot,, yes I’m a fair weather photographer, well only when it’s March and the temperatures in the teens with wind chill.. I hope you enjoy this sunset shot from Colby Farm taken last September

Mass at the Mohans Altar of St. Joseph

We were honored to have Father Michelle Benetti from Bishop Fenwick present Mass to us during our Novena yesterday at Sista Felicia’s home.  It was a beautiful morning and Father B, being from Northern Italy had a special request to sing his favorite song Dell Aurora  which happens to be one of our favorites as well!

Please join us at Atomic Cafe in Beverly, MA on Sunday 3/18 at 3 PM for updates and information from MassBike North Shore (MBNS)!


Heidi — 

Our regional chapters help us stay connected with each municipality across the state. One of our newest chapters, MassBike North Shore, is focused on connecting local communities to improve the cycling experience for all through advocacy and education. In order to make this happen the goals of the group are:

  • To set up regional communication channels to state and local governments to advocate for cycling
  • To create a resource group that will be available to respond to circumstances in a manner that is both proactive (public hearings, meetings, education, events, etc.) and responsive (crashes, road repairs, policy issues, etc.)
  • To foster and grow events that identify connections and infrastructure around the region as well as to celebrate the victories as they come
  • To create a forum for local groups to network with other groups to develop successful advocacy strategies

Please join us at Atomic Cafe in Beverly, MA on Sunday 3/18 at 3 PM for updates and information from MassBike North Shore (MBNS)!

We are looking for anyone who is interested in being involved in education, advocacy and community support in every community on the North Shore. The advisory board for the MBNS will give a brief presentation and then there will be time for open forum discussion as well as networking and socializing. Please join us for an afternoon of community, advocacy and cycling talk!


Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

MassBike works to improve bicycling across the state of Massachusetts through legislation, education, and outreach.

Meetinghouse Concert by The Spectrum Singers featuring Masterworks by Joseph Haydn, ‘Mass in Time of War’ and Franz Schubert, the ‘Magnificat in C’ with distinguished soloists and orchestra

Cape Ann Community



The Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation hosts a performance of Haydn’s Mass in Time of War, and Schubert’s Magnificat in C on Sunday, March 18 at 3:00 p.m. at the Gloucester Meetinghouse at the corner of Middle and Church Street.  Doors open at 2:30; come early for the best seats. The performance features the outstanding Cambridge-based Spectrum Singers, distinguished soloists, and a large orchestral ensemble.

Spectrum Singers Music Director, John Ehrlich, describes the two monumental works. “Haydn’s Mass in Time of War bristles with abundant energy and amazing choral and orchestral effects,” he notes. “The trumpets and tympani are boldly featured, painting the sounds of war that were occurring nearby as Haydn composed the music in 1796. Schubert, whose work bridged the Classical and Romantic periods, is renowned for his treatment of melody and harmony. His Magnificat in C, written when…

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After the Fall: A Lesson in Mindfulness

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Today has me reminiscing about Nor’Easter Riley- derived from ‘Reilly,’ which comes from the Old Irish name Raghailleach.

(Video by Tucker Destino)

‘Sheltering-in-Place’ Nor’Easter Riley brought hurricane-force winds, astronomical tides, record-breaking waves and flooded roads. With flying debris and falling tree limbs, I chose instead to shelter-in-place and watch the 3-day storm unfold on the news and social media. Over the 3 days I watched as people were evacuated to safety, trees fell onto homes and branches through car windshields. Never did I expect during this Nor’Easter that I would end up injured in my own home!

Accidents Often Occur in the Home Despite my efforts to stay home and safe, while home alone I ended up falling down my basement stairs. Late that night my husband was on his way home with a weekend guest. I was distracted and…

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The arduous work of rebuilding the Niles Pond Brace Cove causeway continues, despite the mid-week blizzard. I walked the causeway Tuesday night and then again the past several mornings–the pace of the restoration is fantastic and will soon be completed. Many, many thanks to the generous residents of Eastern Point who are striving to keep Niles Pond from being engulfed by the sea.

R. B. Strong’s Larry expertly operates the John Deere excavator, deftly extracting and moving boulders around as if they were pebbles on the shore. The track-hoe not only scoops and lifts the massive rocks, the bucket is also used to tamp down the boulders once in place, as you can see in the video below.


Last night’s sunset shifting colors.

Beautiful Fish: Rosefish (Acadian Redfish) with Landings -By Al Bezanson



“This is one of the most plentiful of the commercially important fishes in all but the shoalest parts of the Gulf: on the offshore banks, in or over the deep central basin, and along shore.”

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI\

The situation cited in the excerpt above, in a couple decades after this 1953 publication, proved no longer to be the case.  Subsequent data from NOAA shows 184,370,800 pounds landed in 1951 declining to 290,321 pounds in 2000.  This plot is from published NOAA data.

Comments invited.  Surely some readers of GMG were involved in this fishery.



St. Joseph Feast at Sista Felicia

Another fun and inspiring time at Felicia’s on Friday night celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph. Wonderful time. The food, the altar, the guests and the hostess made for such a beautiful evening. Thank you Felicia.

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Top o the mornin’ from Farm Bar and Grille! Irish breakfast & Mike O’Leary & Friends LIVE celtic music felt like a pub in Dublin, and home 🍀🍀

Saturday Saint patties day @FarmBarGrille in Essex started extra early this year (officially 9:30 AM to 11 AM) with a superb Irish Breakfast,  LIVE Irish music from Mike O’Leary & friends, festive beverages, amazing coffee & famous Irish soda bread. They’re serving a great menu ALL day. Get over there while it lasts! (And mark your calendars next year!)


shamrock shakes, irish coffees and other specialty festive drinks


Farm Bar and Grille, 233 Western Avenue, Essex, (978)768-0000 Facebook – @FarmEssex

MENU and scenes from early this morning

Mike O’Leary played with David de La Barre (Irish whistle and voice) and Linda Swicker (voice). Fiona Warner lilting voice accompanied the trio, and with Maeve, too.


Irish Breakfast LIVE music Michael O’Leary and friends at Farm Bar and Grille St Patrick’s Day 2018 (L-E) David de La Barre, Linda Swicker,  Fiona Warner, Michael O’Leary

tail end of mountain dew

bonus (one of Michael O’Leary’s favorite St. Patrick’s Day tunes) do you know it?

Their restaurant En Fuego will feature some creative St Patrick’s Day specials, too.

Beacon Sunset

Driving around the back shore in Gloucester there are so many incredible views of our gorgeous town, this scene is no different. As I approached the Beacon Marine the light was changing fast I knew there wasn’t much time so I quickly pulled over and grabbed gear and set up through the railings just in time,

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