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GloucesterCast 225 With Andrew Brousseau, Jess Biker, Melissa Cox, Paul Morrison, Bridgette Mathews, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 5/21/17

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This calendar is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at on the ‘events’ page.


With the rainy weather and chilly temperatures we’ve been having of late, I thought readers would like to see some snapshots from our daughter Liv’s wonderful trip to Italy. One of her best friends from college, Natalie, is getting married this weekend in Florence. For a pre-wedding adventure, Liv has been staying in the beautiful village of Manarola,  located on the Italian Riviera. Manarola is one of five fishing and wine producing towns that make up Cinque Terre (“Five Lands”) in the Province of La Spezia. The photos are from Manarola and the village of Monterosso.

Cinque Terre National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paths, trains, and boats connect the villages; cars are not allowed. 

Liv is loving the local seafood. Aren’t these paper cone containers fantastic for fish-on-the-go?

Liv enjoys going to beaches where ever she travels and I’ve asked her to let us know how folks manage trash in remote villages by the sea, like Manarola and Monterosso. As you can see in the photos above, there are trash and recycling barrels along the beach, and lifeguards also pick up garbage left behind.

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, Monterosso al Mare



Greetings from the Pond Team…

The huge Kestrel and Vernal Pond Team yard sale will be this Saturday, May 27th, from 9 am – 1 pm at the parking lot behind St. Peter’s Square (site of the Fiesta, 1 Rogers Street) in Gloucester.  

We could really use your help:

1)  Donate: If you have anything that you’d like to donate, please bring it to the Get Outside Center over the next two days, or feel free to drop it off at the Yard Sale sometime on Saturday morning.

2) Volunteer for a little bit:  It’s a fun, but exhausting event, so if anyone feels like doing any greatly appreciated community service and pitching in for an hour or so, it would be awesome. We especially need help during set up from 7 – 9 am, and most especially during clean up at 1 pm.  No need to RSVP, just show up.

3) Shop:  I’m not exaggerating that the donations we get are often ridiculously nice, almost like new, but sold at amazing prices. I generally don’t go to yard sales because I’m picky, but this one is like none I’ve ever been to. We also have 400 – 500 brand new books about crafts, art instruction, gardening, sports, cars and more that were donated by a publisher, and will be at least half off the cover.

4) Spread the Word: We always end up with lots of great stuff left over, so please help spread the word!  I’d really like to increase attendance this year, so please pass on this link to anyone you think might enjoy a beautiful day in Gloucester and an amazing yard sale!

Hope to see you on Saturday!!

   Anna DiPerna – Team Member

We just added some new photo spreads from recent activities to our website depicting what were up to!

MA senate votes on creative economy master plan


One of Senator Tarr’s bills, the 4 cultural districts and a failed vote were reported by Kate Lannan in today’s Gloucester Daily Times.

The bill

SECTION 1. Notwithstanding any special or general law to the contrary, the secretary of housing and economic affairs, in consultation with the executive director of the Massachusetts cultural council, the executive director of travel and tourism and the secretary of labor and workforce development, shall develop and maintain a master plan for the development and advancement of the creative economy throughout the commonwealth, provided that such plan shall be reviewed and updated in increments of not less than three years.

For the purposes of this section the creative economy shall include but not be limited to elements that encompass the visual and performing arts, cultural interpretation and presentation, tourism and affiliated economic activities related to and dependent thereon.

In developing and maintaining said plan the secretary shall seek to ensure inclusion of necessary components to support and strengthen the creative economy of each region and sub region of the commonwealth, as their special circumstances may escalate, and shall seek to maximize and capture to the fullest extent possible the opportunities for job creation, workforce training and skills development, in such regions and sub regions.

The process of developing and maintaining such plan shall include, but not be limited to, at least one public hearing in each geographic region identified in the plan, provided further that the plan shall recognize and support cultural districts as critical resources in advancing its goals.

S.202 SD.1688 By Mr. Tarr, a petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 202) of Bruce E. Tarr for legislation to create a creative economy master plan. Economic Development and Emerging Technologies.

creative economy stats: of the 226,000 North Shore jobs, how many do you think are arts and culture related?    Tourism related doubles that count

Downtown Harbortown Cultural District

Rocky Neck 



Near short and Main

Road closed

Donna Ardizzoni / Circle Consulting Group 978-526-9222

Free Family Film at Cape Ann Community Cinema June 3

Two chances to see a FREE family movie: The Sandlot, Saturday June 3rd, 12:30PM and 3PM. Cape Ann Community Cinema, 21 Main Street Gloucester MA. But wait there’s more: “A free North Shore Navigators ticket for every guest!”

free family film

City’s Memorial Day plans adjusted indoors due to weather forecast

From Lucia Amero, Cape Ann Veterans Services

Due to the inclement weather the 2017 Gloucester Memorial Day Ceremony will the held at Gloucester High School auditorium beginning at 9:00 on Monday, May 29.

The Memorial Day parade has been canceled.


Lunch will take place in the Gloucester High School cafeteria immediately following the ceremony.

For all those participating in the ceremony, please arrive at the auditorium by 8:30. Please pass this information on. Please post on social medial.


Thank you.


Lucia Amero

Salty Frank’s Dogs

Have you been lately?  You should.     6 Roger’s Street, Gloucester.

After an afternoon baseball game the other day we wanted a quick, buy yummy, fix for dinner.  We didn’t want to cook….but didn’t have the stamina to head out for a sit-down dinner.  I also had my hopes set on sitting outside by the water and enjoying more of the nice day we’d been gifted.

We quickly made the decision to head to Salty Frank’s Dogs.  We hadn’t been there since we grabbed some dogs and fries to take to Pavilion Beach to watch the Parade of Lights during last September’s Schooner Festival.

Definitely the right choice for that night….and again for this past Saturday.  While Salty Frank’s has a picnic table out front for a quick meal, we wanted to head to the sun on the other side of the street and look at the boats.  They had no problem at all with us taking their tray…and even a box of napkins…with us to enjoy from our perch in St. Peter’s Square.

My husband had inquired about their new Lobster Salads, but didn’t order one.  The owner (Frank, I’m assuming?) threw in a container of salad with a generous chunk of lobster meat as well!

We sat, watched a bigger fish chase the minnows, checked out some of the fishing fleet, enjoyed the warmth of the sun, and chatted about Finn’s game and the week ahead.

A big thanks to Salty Frank’s for being so kind and accommodating.  Sometimes totally simple nights like the one we shared are the best.

CHECK OUT SALTY FRANK’S HERE   and don’t forget that they have ice cream too!

They’re a pretty great option en route to the beach or out for a day on the boat.  Their “Beach Box” consists of 12 hot dogs, 4 bags of chips, and 4 drinks for $32…or substitute fries for the chips for $37.  They have lots of other menu items as well.

IMG_7084Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.16.09 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.15.38 PM

Cape Ann Farmers Market Opens in 1 week! See you June 1st at Stage Fort Park!

Cape Ann Community

The Cape Ann Farmers Market will open for the season starting Thursday, June 1st from 3:00 to 6:30 at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester and running through October 12th. Fresh produce, meats, cheese, delicious prepared foods and local products from over 45 vendors, along with a playground, grills, and great views make this a special market. Parking is free and convenient.  For more information, go to


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Here’s the thing about Bron Bron

I used to just flat out hate LeBron, but after really watching him play I’m not so much of a homer that I can’t admit he’s probably the best that’s ever played.

As the most dominant player in the game there’s just no need for his incessant whining.  It destroys his likability.  Before Bron Bron I would have said Jordan was the best Basketball player ever but there’s huge difference.

You never saw Jordan bitch piss and moan the way Bron Bron does.  He’d be five times the star he is if he just manned up and played instead of acting like such a bitch all the time.  You never saw Jordan flop all the time.  He’s undoubtedly his own worst enemy.


Killdeer Chick

Lost of folks are asking, are the Piping Plovers nesting in the Good Harbor Beach parking lot? The answer is no, the Piping Plovers are nesting on the beach near boardwalk #3. The mama and papa, and now chicks, that are running all around the GHB parking lot are a shorebird named Killdeers. Comparatively quite a bit larger, and more commonly seen, Killdeers are related to Piping Plovers, but are a different species.

Killdeer Chicks and Parent, Good Harbor Beach 2016

That I am aware of, this is the second year in a row Killdeers have chosen to nest at the Good Harbor Beach parking lot. It is frightening to see the babies zoom in and out between the cars. The mom and dad give vocal cues to the chicks, but still they run willy nilly. Killdeers have a fondness for human modified habitats, such as the GHB parking lot, and a willingness to nest close to people.

Like Piping Plover chicks, Killdeer chicks are precocial. That is a word ornithologists use to describe a baby bird’s stage of development at birth. Precocial means that shortly after hatching, the bird is fully mobile. Plover chicks are not completely mature, they still need parents to help regulate their body temperature, but they have downy feathers and can run and feed themselves within moments after emerging. The opposite of precocial is altricial. Birds that hatch helpless, naked, usually blind, and are incapable of departing the nest are altricial. Robins and Cardinals are examples of altricial birds. 

Adult Kildeer

If you encounter the Kildeer family and would like to take a photo, or simply observe these adorable babies on-the-go, my advice is to stand quietly and don’t chase after them. Running after the chicks will put the parents into panic mode and they may lose sight of the other siblings. As the chicks mature, they will spend less time in the parking lot, and more time in the marsh and at the tidal river edge. Kildeer adults, and even the chicks, are actually good swimmers. Last year the Kildeer family crossed the tidal river and spent the second half of the season on the opposite side of the marsh.Compare the Killdeer chick above, to the Piping Plover chick below.

Piping Plover Chick and Mom

Killdeer Family all grown up, September 2016

This Weekend in the Arts

Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck
Opens for the Season. 

Gallery 53 officially opens for the season on Friday, May 26 with an Opening Reception on Saturday, May 27 from 6 to 8pm that features creative artist-made munchies and a selection of beverages.

Housed in a historic 19th century building, Gallery 53 is a juried member-run gallery that features an original and distinctive collection of fine arts and crafts by Rocky Neck Art Colony members. It is conveniently located on the waterfront between the Studio and Rudder restaurants at 53 Rocky Neck Ave in Gloucester, MA. The gallery hosts Opening and End-of-Seasonparties, showcases work by invited New England artists in seven Summer Artist Series (SAS) shows, and sponsors engaging Artist Demonstrations on Friday evenings. All events are free and open to the public.

Six new artists were juried into Gallery 53 this year: Traci Thayne Corbett, painter; Eric Hahr, silversmith; Richard Honan, found object assemblage artist; Anni Melançon, potter; Connie Vallis, intaglio printmaker and Karen Watson, mixed media collage artist.

Gallery 53 is open daily from May 26 to October 15, from 10am to 6 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and 10am to 8pm Fridayand Saturday. For more information call 978-282-0917.

See Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Art of David Arsenault Gallery
Ramps Up for Straitsmouth

It’s been eighty years since the public has had safe access to Straitsmouth Island, off the coast of Rockport, MA.

island cruise.jpgThe Thacher Island Association, the non-profit arm of the Town of Rockport for Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands, is raising $300,000 for a new boat launch. Paul St. Germain, President of the Thacher Island Association, notes, “The island will continue to be maintained as a wild life sanctuary by Mass Audubon. We have created a full mile of groomed walking trails. Visitors can view the massive and unusual rock formations and a future visitor center and museum will make this a new and exciting destination for boaters and kayakers in the years to come.”

With $75,000 dollars still needed, The Art of David Arsenault Gallery has stepped up to try and make a difference. “I’ve been inspired to paint Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands a number of times. My wife and I appreciate the tremendous work the Thacher Island Association volunteers have done over the years to care for these Rockport treasures. This is one way we can give back.”

thacher island north to south.jpgOn Saturday, May 27th from 5-9 p.m. the Art of David Arsenault Gallery hosts, “Ramp Up for Straitsmouth,” a benefit with dynamic jazz saxophonist, David Arteaga and a special guest. On Sunday, May 28th from 1-4 p.m. Paul St. Germain will be sharing updates about the Straitsmouth project in a discussion entitled “What’s New at Straitsmouth?.”

Since opening a gallery in Rockport in 2015, Arsenault has created six different paintings connected to Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands: “Island Cruise,” “Straitsmouth at 6 a.m.,” “Thacher: North to South,” “Seeing Double,” “Autumn’s Early Light,” and “Early for Dinner.”


Twenty percent of sales will be contributed to the Thacher Island Association. Arsenault has created a 12×18 poster to commemorate the event and will be raffling a signed 16” x 40” canvas giclée of “Straitsmouth at 6 a.m.” St. Germain adds, “Arsenault’s art certainly captures the beauty and magnificence of this island as well as many other local sites.”

If you can’t attend but would like to help, donations can be sent c/o the Thacher Island Association, PO Box 73, Rockport, Ma 01966. Or, you can donate at


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.43.37 AM.png

Jane Deering Gallery presents Drawn from Life which opens with a public reception on Saturday May 27th from 3:00-5:00pm at 19 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, next to the Cape Ann Museum.  Drawing never dies.  All artists drew, observed and worked from life at some point, including from the life model, as part of their artistic visual vocabulary and learning.

Drawing is an active, investigative pursuit of things we see and wish to know.  It is, apparently, immortal and brings us into a different, deeper and more fully experienced relation to the object.

Artists in this exhibition include five from Cape Ann —Erma Wheeler, Celia Eldridge, Leon Doucette, Melissa Cooper and David Hruby; and four artists from California — Mary Heebner, Isabelle Greene, Connie Connally, and Linda Jones.

The exhibition continues through June 30th.  Gallery hours:  Friday – Sunday, 12noon – 5pm and by appointment at 917-902-4359 and info@janedeeringgallery.  Works from the exhibition can be viewed on the gallery website


Flatrocks Gallery opens their fifth season
May 25th with ‘In Deep Water’

A group show meant to inspire people to action. With grace, beauty and humor these artists use their gifts to raise consciousness about climate change, sea level rise, and ocean pollution.

Two exciting artists from ‘over the bridge’ anchor the show, both committed to art as activism.

Resa Blatman-The_Breaking .jpg

Resa Blatman, from Somerville brings us her commitment to nature in all its power and vulnerability with work that is at once haunting and lovely. Her artistic process is filled with intention; creating layered paintings and installations using a dynamic mixture of materials. In combining paint, assemblage pieces, and intricately laser-cut mylar forms, she affects deep space and pulls the viewer in. Blatman “seeks to remind us of the precarious nature of our habitat.” Blatman’s work is complex and beautifully rendered, reminiscent of the allegorical and precise painting of the Dutch masters, and inspired by the Baroque, Romanticism, and Victorian decorative art.

Michelle Lougee-detail-octoplas.jpg

Michelle Lougee is an environmental artist, sculptor, ceramicist, illustrator and teacher from Cambridge. Her work focuses on the delicate balance between nature and human society and technology. The duality of this relationship is explored in both materials and subject matter. Her signature material, post-consumer plastic bags is laboriously transformed into yarn and then crocheted into lifelike interpretations of sea life. The results are playful vibrant sculptures. Their animated details are delightful, yet jarring because of the reference to the dangerous infestation of plastics in our oceans. Lougee states, “In my art, I strive to replicate the animated quality that all living things possess. That is what makes nature beautiful. My job as an environmental artist is to capture that beauty in my work while instilling a message into it.”

Murry-Adin-Horizon 1.jpg

The show is supported with a few offerings each from four artists of Cape Ann. Adin Murray, an extraordinary painter from West Gloucester, shares examples of his most recent series “Horizon” . For  Murray,  “The space where the sky and water meet is powerful, profound, and humbling….and speaks to the universal truth of constant change.” These commanding hyperrealist paintings represent in the context of the show that which we revere and take for granted.  Local lawyer, musician, community organizer, multimedia artist Karen Ristuben describes herself as an environmental advocate at the core. She brings to ‘In Deep Water’ a version of her multimedia work created for the Boston Museum of Science’s show -Ocean Stories, a collaboration of artists and ocean scientists working across disciplines to communicate the state of our oceans.  Ristuben’s contribution is both visually compelling and inspirational. During  Mia Cross’ stint as the 2016 Goetemann Artist in Residence she spent her early mornings walking the beaches of Gloucester. There she found “scavenging for objects and repurposing them exciting, especially when the objects have carelessly been tossed and deemed invaluable.“ From the debris emerged a guardian angel of the waters. Cross offers her cleverly created physical manifestation to to bear witness to our throwaway society. To visit Rockport artist Nina Samoiloff’s studio, there is no doubt she is committed to cleaning up our shores. The mounds of flotsam divided up by color, product, or material  are alarming.  By arranging her collection into pleasing mosaics, she documents our excess and disrespect with a quiet grace.

With ‘In Deep Water’ Flatrocks Gallery’s aim is to stimulate discussion and inspire viewers to action, with a collection of thought provoking, inventive, beautiful artworks.  In Deep Water runs May 25- July 2. A reception for the artists will be held Sunday, May 28th 4-6pm.The gallery will host the ocean advocacy group, Tidal Shift’s workshop crafting jellyfish from used plastic. for all ages Sunday, June 25th 3-5pm.


What a thank you!

Nice read. Cape Seafoods, State Fish Pier, Gloucester, MA takes a moment to write a letter of thanks to the Mayor, to the City, to all involved with Gloucester at the Boston Seafood Shows.

“This initiative has a direct impact on our company in terms of image of course but also financially.”

Cape seafoods

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