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This calendar is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at on the ‘events’ page.

Gloucester Police Seine Boat Champs

The Gloucester Police Department won this morning’s rainy seine boat races aboard the Nina!

Second place went to the Fire Department on the Pinta. The Coast Guard hit the Beach third on the Santa Maria.

Snotty, cold conditions….good job done by all.



The beautiful new Saint Peter statue was unveiled at Friday night’s Fiesta opening celebration. Sara Favazza, daughter and tenth child of Captain Salvatore Favazza and Maria Lucido Favazza, did the honors. Salvatore Favazza commissioned the original Saint Peter’s statue in 1926 and in 1927, Gloucester celebrated its first Saint Peter’s Fiesta.

Unveiling The New St Peter Statue #GloucesterMA #stpetersfiesta 

Matt Cooney Mystic pilot boat working Sail Boston

That great Sail Boston photograph you saw (besides those from GMG) or article you read was taken from the Mystic. The talent they bustled about Boston Harbor among the Sail Boston Tall Ships included journalists like the one that shared this photo back to them.




Four of the sweetest little Piping Plover chicks hatched Thursday morning, June 22, at Good Harbor Beach. They are all beautiful and perfectly formed and healthy. Within hours of hatching, the mini-marshmallow-rockets were zooming and tumbling about the shore. Mom Joy and Dad Joe are in full on protective mode, doing their best to chase seagulls and people out of their territory.

Don’t mess with Mama Joy!

Last year the East Gloucester neighborhood kids named the parents (Joy and Joe) and chicks (PuffPuff, FluffFluff, and Tootsie Pop). The parents are most likely the same pair as they have nested in nearly the exact same spot as last year. Comment in the comment section for name suggestions if you would like. Wouldn’t it be great if the four names were somehow Fiesta inspired 🙂

Good Harbor Beach is going to be very crowded this weekend. If the chicks manage to survive the first ten days, they’re odds of surviving increase dramatically.

How we can all help the Piping Plover chicks survive:

1) Perhaps the most important point to understand is that within hours of hatching, Piping Plover chicks are on the move. They soon begin to explore outside the symbolically roped off area. Keep an eye out for the chicks. Educate friends and family that they may see these tiny vulnerable creatures on the beach. Do not approach the chicks or adults, but observe quietly from a distance. Mom and Dad Plover will let you know if you are too close.

2) Don’t leave behind or bury trash or food on the beach. All garbage attracts predators such as crows, seagulls, foxes, and coyotes, and all four of these creatures EAT plover eggs and chicks.

3) Do not linger near the Piping Plovers or their nests. Activity around the Plovers also attracts gulls and crows.

4) Keep dogs off the beach at all times of the day and evening.


Snuggling next to Mom for warmth.


Clip from last year’s year Piping Plover Family —

This Weekend in the Arts

Traditional Sicilian Puppet Shows
during FIESTA!!!




– GRATTULA BEDDATULA – Sicilian Cinderella

– SICILIAN FISHING VILLAGE – Medieval tin soldiers Rinaldo and Orlando tame the sea dragon!

– CANTASTORIE – Song-story about a young boy from the Fort’s yearning to walk the greasy pole and win the contest at St. Peter’s Fiesta.

Thanks to a LCC Mass Cultural Council grant from the Gloucester Cultural Council and an anonymous Donor, the Ethnic Arts Center will offer these shows of traditional Sicilian culture at St. PETER’S FIESTA 2017!  Students of the World Family Puppet Theatre will work beside Dora Tevan to perform. The shows are free and no tickets are necessary.  The facility is accessible to persons with disabilities.

Puppets 6-1.jpgFor more information, call Dora Tevan at 978-546-3222,
or visit the World Family Puppet Theatre Facebook page,
or the website.


Gallery 53 Artist,
Mary Rhindelander McCarl ~ Artist Demonstration

Artist Demonstrations on Rocky Neck
Fridays, 6:00-8:00 PM
Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck
53 Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930
Gallery hours:
Sunday-Thursday, 10:00 AM–6:00 PM;
Friday- Satuday, 10:00AM–8:00 PM.

The Rocky Neck Art Colony’s Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck is sponsoring a series of artist demonstrations this 2017 season. On Friday June 23, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, the public is invited to watch Mary Rhinelander McCarl demonstrate how she prepares hand-decorated paper for use in collage work. Light refreshments will be served. The gallery plans demonstrations by other Gallery 53 artists on subsequent Fridays during the summer. For more information call 978-282-0917. Please plan to stop by and meet the artists.

Mary McCarl, a Gloucester resident, has been a member of Gallery 53 for ten years. She studied sculpture and drawing as a teenager, then received professional training as an historian of the art and culture of the European Middle Ages. She spent some domestic years running art festivals, making costumes and batiks, and participating in a Bicentennial wall quilt project. In retirement she paints with transparent and opaque watercolors and acrylics in addition to working with fabric in wall quilts and collage. In her most recent work she has concentrated on paper collage, the subject of the demonstration. McCarl applies acrylic paints to a variety of papers by scraping and stamping them with instruments ranging from plastic forks to bubble wrap. She then cuts and mounts them on backgrounds of large pieces of watercolor paper, which have also been painted, scraped and stamped, to complete a finished work. All demonstrations are free and open to the public.


Celebrating 90 Years of Fiesta!
With Saint Peter’s Fiesta film series
at the Cape Ann Museum


Philip Reisman photograph. St. Peter’s Fiesta, 1951. Collection of the Cape Ann Museum.

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to join in the 90th anniversary celebration of St. Peter’s Fiesta with three days of films documenting Fiesta’s rich history. The film series will run on a continuous basis throughout each day in the auditorium. Free with Museum admission on Friday and Saturday; free and open to the public on Sunday.

The Greasy Pole (2009)
Runtime: 8 minutes
Created by Emile Doucette, Tom Papows and Michael Pallazola

The Fiesta of St. Peter (1998)
Runtime: 40 minutes
Created by Shep Abbott

St. Peter’s Fiesta is the largest, most colorful of the celebrations which Sicilian immigrants brought to Gloucester. The tradition of celebrating Fiesta began in Gloucester in 1927, and while it remains a deeply religious event at its core, by the 1930s it had expanded to become a City-wide occasion. Fiesta is still celebrated in Gloucester every year in late June and is capped off with four days of music, dancing, parades, fireworks, seine boat races and the traditional greasy pole competition.  On the last day of Fiesta, an outdoor Mass is held, followed by the blessing of Gloucester’s fishing fleet.




Rockport Art Association & Museum’s Experimental Group Opens Fifth Show

What: Unexpected No. 5 Exhibit
Where: North Shore Art Association, Gloucester, MA
When: June 12 to July 8, 2017

Reception Sunday June 25, 2-4 pm Rockport Art Association & Museum’s Experimental Group Opens Fifth Show The Rockport Art Association & Museum’s Experimental Group opens its fifth group exhibition, “Unexpected No. Five” at the North Shore Art Association in Gloucester, MA. This show features artworks of about 80 artists, works of both the RAA&M’s artists and contributing members. Works on view in the exhibition range in medium to include paintings, mixed-media, graphics, sculpture and photography.

Cindy Journey Stalemate 3.jpg

The Experimental Group is a creative forum, its main mission is to increase public awareness and to foster self-expression by bringing artists together to explore and share ideas that cultivate creative freedom. The EG is encouraged and supported by the Rockport Art Association & Museum.

If you would like more information about the exhibition, would like to schedule an interview and a walk through, or need additional promotional images please contact: Nella Lush, Experimental Group, Chair, 978.886.4582 or via email

The Rockport Art Association & Museum (RAA&M) is one of the oldest and most active art organizations in the country. The Association has a long and distinguished history that has spanned 96 years

Rockport Art Association & Museum 12 Main Street,
Rockport, MA 01966


Three Imaginations:
Digital Abstract Art & Photography by
Matt Cegelis, Otto Laske & Ruth Schneider

June 18 – July 28th, 2017

Meet the Artists Reception Saturday, June 25, 2-4 PM

Centennial Gallery at the Musculoskeletal Center
4 Centennial Drive, Peabody MA 01960
Gallery Hours, Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

On June 18, 2017, the Centennial Gallery opens a 6 week exhibition of abstract art and photography by Cape Ann digital artists Matt Cegelis, Otto Laske and Ruthie Schneider.

“Three Imaginations” is on view June 18 – July 28th, 2017 during gallery hours Monday-Friday from 8 AM – 6PM.  The public is invited to a reception for the artists and friends on Saturday, June 25, 2-4 PM in the Centennial Gallery at the Musculoskeletal Center, 4 Centennial Drive, Peabody.

While markedly different in their background, aesthetics, and set of tools, the three artists share a strong commitment to digital work of quality and an equally strong commitment to educate the public about entirely new kinds of creative processes emerging in the visual arts.

In their work, the artists showcase many of the new kinds of work now possible through the use of intelligent software tools. Their work conveys an expansive breadth of vision both within and between disciplines of visual art, showing that the conventional boundaries between these disciplines have become entirely permeable.

Matt Cegelis uses digital photography as the starting point in his work. From “straight out of the camera” abstract compositions, to explorations of new aesthetic possibilities that he conjures from his images, Matt’s work invites viewers on a journey of serendipitous discovery… using their own imaginations as guide.

Otto Laske combines musical and gestural impulses in consistently experimental work that is focused on achieving a classic balance of lines, shapes and textures. His paintings are characterized by striking color/shape combinations intensified by drawing. His black and white graphic work harks back to German expressionist graphic art of the early 20th century.

Ruthie Schneider merges photographic images to create new and sometimes painterly results that take on a new dimension and interpretation. The use of textures and fragments from her unfinished paintings add subtleties and pique the viewer’s imagination.

All the artwork in the exhibition is available for purchase.




Getting the greasy pole ready

Joe Pamisano shares a pic of the prep of getting the pole ready for tonight’s first greasy pole event beginning at 4:45 today down at Pavilion Beach.  Looks like a nice low tide and there will be plenty of room so come down and share the VIVA!!


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