Well, you know we never rest. So To Make GMG Even More Culturally Useful We’re Working On An Arts Calendar

My man James Eves at Cape Ann Giclee is going to be the Admin and master of operations for our Cape Ann Arts Calendar.

It’s been tried a million times by well intentioned people.  Building websites that will get traction on their own are nearly impossible.  An art Calendar on it’s own may sound like a great idea but to start with zero viewers and build it up to 40-80,000 views a day like GMG has involves an insane amount of work and dedication.  GMG has such a diverse subject matter which is what makes it such a monstrous hub of people’s daily media consumption.  Just Food, or Just Industrial Waterfront or Just Music or Just Butterflies and Flowers or Just Art On their own don’t add up to one one hundredth of the sum of the whole.

So leveraging the insane number of viewers we’re going to offer up the Community Arts Calendar which is being developed as we speak by master design guy James Eves.

So if you have an art event coming up, instead of submitting it to me, you’ll be submitting it to James and he will add it to the calendar.  Instead of the way I handle press releases of this type (as I get them I post them), it’s difficult to go back and see the whole calendar picture of what’s happening when.  This way it will all be laid out for you in an easy to read calender with who, when, what, where.

So if you are a museum, individual artist or gallery, submit your press releases to James and he will get you listed.

#Boom GMG Blowin’ Up Baby!



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“Eat Food or Die – A Plea for Help.”

Simple. Often overlooked. And my current challenge. There’s something about the cancer, the chemo, the hormone or radiation therapy, or my 14 daily medications that screwed up my eating. I can quaff water, but when swallowing most liquids and solid food I gag and burp up the clear sticky stuff. You can’t live on water alone. The only substance I can nourish myself with is supermarket brand chicken broth and rice soup. That’s the thin cheap stuff that’s 79¢ for a small can.
I was never a health food nut, but the writing’s on the wall for me (or rather the screen). Coconut milk perhaps? I can’t do spices, dairy, citrus, any more than a sliver of meat, and all bites are bird size and extra chewed.
Before I got sick, Joey C. called me Big Fred at 250 lbs. My lowest weight from cancer was 160 lbs. The height of my recovery registered 184 lbs and my doctors were happy. Now I weigh in at 171 lbs. and nobody’s happy. Please help me with your suggestions. Nothing too crazy please.
Below is the Sugar Cane luncheon I bought for my #1 Angel Donna Ardizoni. I only ate the broth from the seafood noodle soup (R). A great deal for $14. The Sugar Cane is aChinese/Vietnamese restaurant on Main Street in Peabody. Worth a visit.


Fenway Farms

Another great addition to the already fabulous Fenway Park…

High above Gate A, on the famous Yawkey Way, is the new Fenway Farms.  No, this is not some new Farm League team…it is instead the “largest organic rooftop garden in the majors.”  How cool is that?!

And, just like the beginning of the Red Sox baseball season, Fenway Farms is full of wins! Improved air quality. Win. Energy reduction. Win. A teaching opportunity for local youth. Win. Fresh, organic produce to be used within the ballpark concessions and the EMC Club. Win.

Those Red Sox are always thinking.

Read more by checking out these two articles.




Meet Sorellanza and Come Hear Us Sing (to You) from Our Hearts

Sorellanza2015Friday, May 1st at 7:00 p.m.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

24 Broadway, Rockport

Sunday, May 3rd at 4:00 p.m.

Annisquam Village Church

820 Washington Street, Gloucester

Saturday, May 9th at 7:00 p.m.

Ascension Memorial Church

31 County Street, Ipswich

Sunday, May 10th at 4:00 p.m.

St. John’s Episcopal Church

48 Middle Street, Gloucester

Tickets: $12/$10 Seniors & Students

Sorellanza has been entertaining audiences for nine years with an eclectic and upbeat repertoire. Their program ranges from Renaissance to Broadway, sacred songs, rounds, Beatles, and pop. Patti Pike directs the chorus. As part of our community outreach program, Sorellanza has invited a talented high school singer to join the chorus. Audiences will enjoy her youthful addition to the Sorellanza sound.


People that refuse to use Google are maddening!

Let me clarify.  I know this topic has come up at least a dozen or so times,  maybe a hundred times on the blog.

Don’t believe me? GOOGLE the phrase: GoodMorningGloucester “Google is your friend”
Actually,  Let me Google the search results for you,  here-


But it is beyond frustrating when the same people ask you the simplest questions via social media which require more keystrokes to actually type the question than it would to get their answer had they simply typed the subject into Google.

An example of this would be

Where in Hades is Cape Ann Giclee?


I know I’m not cracking up,  please just for my own sanity,  click on this link to Google-

Link to Google

And type in- Cape Ann Giclee address

You get the address to Cape Ann Giclee,  right? 

I’m not the only person in the world for which Google engineers designed the algorithms to give the desired search results am I? 

Am I living in some crazy Google MATRIX world where Googling  something only gives the desired results to me and the rest of the world gets exactly the opposite search results of what they were looking for?


My Pollinator Garden Talk and Short Films Screening at the Hamilton Wenham Public Library

Male Luna Moth ©Kim Smith 2013Male Luna Moth and Phlox davidii

Please join me on Wednesday evening, April 29th, at 7pm at the Hamilton Wenham Public Library where I will be giving my Pollinator Garden program and screening several short films. This event is free and open to the public. I hope to see you there!

Catbird eating  dogwood fruits ©Kim Smith 2014Catbird and Dogwood Fruits

Monarch Butterfly depositing egg ©Kim Smith 2012Female Monarch Butterfly Depositing Egg on Milkweed 

I am currently booking programs for 2016-2017 and would be delighted to present to your club, library, school, and private or public event. See thePrograms Page of my website and feel free to contact me at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com with any questions.

©Kim Smith 2014Willowdale Estate Topsfield

Tuesday is Passports Community Dinner Night!

Join us Tuesday nights for Passports Restaurant’s Community Dinner Nights!

  • 4 – 9 pm
  • 3 Course Dinner
  • $15.00
  • 10% of Proceeds Go To Your Organization
  • Reservations Requested

Celebrating 20 years in business we are giving back to the community every Tuesday night. Full menu also available.

If you would like to inquire about support for your organization, please email us at passportsrestaurant@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you!

Passports Restaurant 110 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

Please call for Reservations: 978.281.3680

For questions please call:

Eric Lorden

978 304-7723

Need a man’s opinion……….

For all you guys out there:

What is the age in which you DO NOT wear your baseball cap backwards?

I’m going to go with the answer of: when is doesn’t look ridiculous??

There are some guys that can pull it off in their 30’s and 40’s and others who it just looks ridiculous on.










Call for Entry: Gloucester Photography

Where is it?

A photography exhibit of Gloucester

The Matz Gallery Committee of the Lyceum Committee is seeking photographs of hidden corners of Gloucester. Photographs may be of any structure or location as long as it is accessible to the general public.


All photographs must be of Gloucester.

  • All sites photographed must be visible from public roads or walkways.
  • Minimum size 12″ by 12″ matted and framed.
  • Maximum size 24″ by 20″ matted and framed.
  • Photographers do not have to live on Cape Am
  • Artists may submit up to two (2) images for consideration.

Please send digital photographs to three email addresses: cpark@pobox.com , abckeep@comcast.net, and

Please put Gloucester Exhibit in the subject line.

Ifyou cannot send a digital image, please send an email to Matz Gallery Committee, spo2@earthlink.net, and ask to arrange a time to show the committee your work.

Submissions are due by April 23.
Applicants will be notified by May l0 if their work has been selected.

The photographs will be exhibited for the month of June 2015 in the Matz Galiery of the Sawyer Free Library.

New Kid on the Blog


Digital Painting by E3

Hi FOB’s,

I am James Eves, owner of Cape Ann Giclée. Some of you may recognize me from the blog and some from my work with artists and photographers on Cape Ann. I’ve been a huge Friend Of the Blog for several years and some folks have assumed that I am a contributor to the blog because I have been on it so often. However, today is my first day as an actual contributor. Wah-Hoo!

It all happened the other day…

during a little pre-game celebrating for the Bikini Speedo Dodgeball world championship 2015. I mentioned to Joey that I’ve been thinking about creating a calendar for art events on Cape Ann. I want a single place to go on-line to see what is happening over the weekend and alert me on my phone. I have, too often, missed openings for shows that I really wanted to see simply because I didn’t have a convenient way to be reminded of the event. Joey loved the idea and wanted it for his FOB’s. He’s always looking for ways for the folks in his community be well informed.

I had a bit of a buzz on…

and didn’t think about it again, until Joey called today and set me up as a contributor. I am so pumped. I can’t wait to have a single place to see what’s happening in the world of art on Cape Ann and to share it with all you FOB’s.

I’ll be posting art events in two ways

The first will be in the usual manner. I’ll post announcements and press releases straight into the blog.

The second is a public google calendar that I will maintain and is hosted at the Cape Ann Giclée web site on the Cape Ann Art Events page. Submissions for the Calendar must have the following

  • A Title
  • A Date and Time
  • A Place including complete address
  • A Short description (no more than a paragraph)

I hope this calendar will help us all get out and see (and buy) art.

A Delightful Havdallah Evening at Temple Ahavat Achim – May 2nd

Temple Ahavat Achim

86 Middle St., Gloucester, MA


TAA presents a special event for members and guests:




7:30 pm – Supper 

8:15 pm – Havdallah Service 

8:30 pm ’til closing –  A cabaret in three acts:


  • Danceable blues & rock with Bobby Kramer Trio & a special guest
  • Charlee Bianchini performing folk
  • Mark Arnold at jazz piano

Make your own sundaes to sweeten the evening!

$10 in advance or $12 at the door


RSVP is appreciated – it will allow us to know how much food to prepare!

Call Natalia at (978) 281-0739!

We look forward to seeing you for a night of frolicking and friendship!

Heath’s Tea Room … Re-opening Friday April 24th, 2015. Now accepting Mother’s Day Reservations for our 11:30 am, 1:30 pm & 3:30 pm seatings.



Here’s a slide show of one of my visits. I highly recommend the cottage pie, quiche and the Roast Turkey with Stuffing  is to die for. https://www.flickr.com/photos/joey_grl/sets/72157626793853325/

visit their website> http://www.heathstearoom.com/Home.html 

Gloucester Bingo

The Gloucester Downtown Association

Gloucester Bingo    Come downtown, support our local small businesses and have a bit of fun.   You may have heard that Boston created “Boston Bingo” as a means to jump start their local economy…well, we are having some fun with “Go Fish/Gloucester”!  We thought this could be a great promotion for Gloucester too and we would love for you to participate with us.   We are creating a “bingo” sheet with 20 or so general categories where one or more blocks could be satisfied by shopping/dining in your business.    An example of a few categories are:   

Snag a sparkly piece of jewelry

  •    Upcycle something (buy something used)
  •    Enjoy a drink with a friend
  •    Grab a sweet treat, pastry or cookie
  •    Visit a downtown bookstore
  •     Buy a Glosta themed Tshirt or item
  •     Purchase a Mother’s Day gift
  •     Ahoy! Buy something nautical

The plan is for this promotion to run from April 22 through May 22 .   On April 22 there will be 6,500 inserts in the Gloucester Daily Times and we are planning a media/social media blitz to get the word out.   Once complete there will be a few  locations to drop off their bingo sheet and be entered in two different raffles.  A winning card will enter players in a raffle with prizes such as having lunch with Mayor Sefatia, a trip for two on the Ardelle, a Maritime Gloucester membership and we are working on other prizes from local businesses.  If you would like to donate a prize, please let us know.  Submitting a card with one line completed in any direction counts as one entry into a raffle, while a card that is completely filled out will see the player entered into the grand prize raffle.  Winners drawn from the raffle will have their choice of all the prizes available at that point with grand prize winners having first pick.
We truly think this is a fun and creative way for engaging our customers and thanking them for supporting their local businesses.

For more information regarding the Gloucester’s Downtown activities please follow the link below.





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