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GloucesterCast 246 With The Cast Of To Kill A Mockingbird, Melissa Cox, Ron Gilson, Ainsley Smith, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith, Heidi Dallin, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/15/16

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00:50 Cape Ann Community Cinema Ticket Contest We will have two free tickets to give away I will post a question from the podcast, people need to share the podcast, tag me in it and answer the question for a chance to win the tickets.

01:26 Honeycomb Stare

28:20 I’m gonna tell your mother and I’m gonna enjoy tellin’ your mother!

03:23 To Kill A Mockingbird At Gloucester Stage Now Through the 27th of October More Info And Get Tickets At The Gloucester Stage Website– I Was Blown Away.

35:00 Melissa Cox Running For Gloucester MA Councillor At Large- Why? Link to Her Facebook Page

53:42 Ainsley Smith-

01:05:35 Ainsley Smith Totally A Secret Agent

01:08:07 Ron Gilson’s Movie Presentation- GO SEE GLOUCESTER’S GOLDEN AGE OF FISHING PREMIER OCTOBER 26TH At Rose Baker Senior Center

01:26:25 Crows are driving Kate mad. online suggestions for getting rid of crows- cut down all the trees, shoot,them. Neither are gonna happen in our neighborhood. Person online advises to review your own attitude toward the crows, suggesting that if they irritate you then you get more mad, the more mad you get, the more irritated you become. I was sitting home for a half hour and never noticed the crows until Kate mentioned them, but during that time span that’s all she could think about.

Pat Dalpiaz reports- Happy Belly plus Serenitee card = truly happy belly. Lunch there this week was GREAT

 Franklin Cape Ann Hanger Steak Contest



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What is happening here? A hungry swim of cormorants have pushed a stream of bait fish towards the shallow shore waters. The minnows are met by equally as hungry Snowy Egrets and Great Egrets waiting on the rocks. I’ve watched many egrets eat prey and they often toss it about in the air for half a minute before swallowing whole, I think to line it up so the fish or frog goes straight down its gullet. At that very moment when the egrets are adjusting their catch, the gulls swoop in and try to snatch the minnows from the egrets. This scene was filmed at Niles Beach. My friend Nancy shares that she has observed the egret  and cormorant symbiotic feeding partnership many mornings over by where she lives on the Annisquam River.

Will Pittsfield museum be the pits? Last ditch attempts to keep the art in MA

Will Pittsfield’s Berskshire Museum earn a derisive eponymous nickname?
The Berkshire Museum wants to sell its core collection, 40 works including two Norman Rockwells, a lovely John LaFarge Magnolia, a Vuillard, and other high lights* for an expansion and redirection. The deaccession has been denounced in art news headlines for the past year, and defended by its museum board. Various alternatives have been batted about including merging with Williams College or moving the art to other MA institutions. Two of the works to be sold were given by the artist, Norman Rockwell. Three sons of the artist are suing to keep the art at the museum. The barbershop depicted in Rockwell’s April 29, 1950 Saturday Evening Post cover was located in East Arlington, Vermont. The Rockwells moved from VT to Stockbridge in 1953. If it’s sold and leaves MA completely, I hope it ends up in a museum near East Arlington, VT.
The auction sale dates are closing in. Crowdfunding for legal costs ramped up, but only recently. Visit the trending gofundme campaign Save the Art Save the Museum
The Rose Art Museum and Detroit art sales were thwarted. However, full court PR campaigns weren’t launched for an auction sale, which is now the case with the Berkshire Museum upcoming sales at Sotheby’s.
The Sotheby’s sale on the 13th includes artists with connections to Gloucester such as Anna Hyatt Huntington, Paul Manship and Milton Avery:

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If your body could speak what would it say?

Join Christina as she discusses cravings, weight imbalances, fatigue, heartburn, and the body’s many cries for help, and what they mean. This event is open to the public, so you do not need to be a CFCA member to attend. Since it is being held at a gym, please feel free to bring a beach chair as seating may be a bit limited/creative.

7th grader MIT fan wins 3M competition

Gitanjali Rao, 11 year old from Colorado and huge fan of MIT, was inspired to invent a better way to test water for lead. Her idea won the 2017 3M America’s Top Young Scientist competition. Here’s an excerpt from  Laura Wamsley story on NPR: “I went, ‘Well, this is not a reliable process and I’ve got to do something to change this,’ ” the seventh-grader told Business Insider. Rao tells ABC that while she was doing her weekly perusal of MIT’s Materials Science and Engineering website to see “if there’s anything new,” she read about new technologies that could detect hazardous substances and decided to see whether they could be adapted to test for lead.

Link to more 3M finalists

Gitanjali Rao NPR story wins 3M Americas Top Young Scientist.jpg


USS CONSTITUTION was launched on this day in 1797 and remains in active service today at the Charlestown Navy Yard.

One of my great memories will always be riding into Marblehead Harbor during the 200th celebration in July 1997.  Happy Birthday USS Constitution!!!

No Butts about it

We’ve been curious about what’s been going on at the corner of Herrick and Main, near the Crow’s Nest.  So GMG Jimmy set about to find out!


Artist Susan Waller has been working on this project for about a week and expects it to take another 10 days or so.  It is her way of asking smokers and other litter-ers to think twice about creating pollution.  Susan says “I’m a smoker too and I say, if you are going to smoke, clean up after yourself.”   Yes, please. Clean up after yourself just like Mom taught.  Thanks GMG Jimmy for helping out here.

John Abisamra Footbridge Photo

Hi Joey

Attached is a photo I took from the foot bridge of Good Harbor Beach as the sun was rising on the horizon. The title of it is simply “Good Morning Gloucester”. My favorite place to watch the sunrise is from the footbridge of Good Harbor Beach. Many people will be either walking the beach or parked in their cars waiting for those magical moments. It is an awesome way to start the day!!.

Have a great day!

John Abisamra


Check us out in this months @northshoremag . An amazing spread of our #bluefintuna from the summer.

SeniorCare Fundraiser Breakfast at Lobsta Land

Cape Ann Community

SeniorCare Inc. will hold its annual autumn fundraising breakfast at Lobsta Land Restaurant, located on Causeway Street in Gloucester (Route 128, exit 12) on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  Tickets are $12 per person and include your choice of pancakes, French toast, eggs, or a fruit plate with yogurt. Tickets are available in advance online, by calling 978-281-1750, or may be purchased at the door. Proceeds from the breakfast will benefit the full spectrum of programs offered by SeniorCare.

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Partnering With Clean Gloucester To Distribute Auto Cigarette Butt Containers

Thanks Ainsley For Dropping Off A Bunch Of Cigarette Butt Holders To Distribute.  Already Passed Out Three To Our Fishermen.

Anyone can come down and get one for free, you don’t need to be one of our fishermen,

Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Co

95 East Main St

Gloucester MA

Click map for directions-


You can also pick them up at Extreme Truck and Auto repair on Kondelin Rd and Maplewood Car wash On Maplewood Rd.

A Great Program to Keep Cigarette Butts Off The Street! Check out Clean Gloucester On Facebook Here-




Upcoming film projects and studying the life story of our beloved Mr. Swan led to learning more about the life story of many creatures found at our local ponds. Frogs in all their myriad incarnations I soon discovered were the keystone species, playing starring roles as both predator and prey. American Bullfrogs are by far the most common, but I also filmed Green Frogs and Wood Frogs. I shot hundred (perhaps thousands) of photos of frogs, and hours of footage too, and have only begun to organize, but here is a small sampling.

American Bullfrog Snatching a Bee Mid-air

Young Bullfrogs lay in wait for bees and other insects drinking nectar from the pond lilies. They’ll sit stone still for half an hour and in some cases, even much longer, for the perfect moment. The smallest Bullfrog can leap several feet across the water and lily pads to snatch an insect mid-air.Half tadpole, half frog, froglets are outgrowing their tadpole stage, but are not yet fully fledged frogs.

When the hunter is hunted. Birds and otters feast on tadpoles, frogs, and froglets. Larger Bullfrogs are cannibalistic and eat smaller versions of themselves. First hatch-year Little Blue Herons (pictured) eating a frog in the above photo and a froglet in the photo below.

More about pond life coming soon!

If you would like to help towards the completion of my documentary film Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly, filmed in the wilds of Cape Ann and Angangueo, Mexico, please consider making a tax deductible donation here:


Donors contributing over $5,000. will be listed in the credits as a film producer.

For more information, visit the film’s website here: Monarch Butterfly Film

For an overview of the film’s budget, please go here: Budget

Thank you so very much for your help.

With gratitude,

Kim Smith


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