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GloucesterCast 242 With Phil Hayward, Bill Whiting, Kim Smith, Nicole Bogin, Karen Pischke, Sharon St Clair and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

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The Receiver

Cape Ann Wellness

peg  I started with the door a tiny bit ajar, just enough open, pushed by curiosity.  A bit skeptical of a design laid out by a book promising change. Things have never been that clear cut, that easy for me to find inner peace, joy, balance. But because I’m gifted with enough courage and insanity mixed together in my winded fire proposition I joined 40 Days to Personal Revolution at Cape Ann Power Yoga.

  I came weekly, daily, and eventually moment by moment. Wondering…what would, what could happen if I looked inside, if I opened that door wider. Together with a group of new strangers, soon to be friends, fellow seekers, journeyed each week with a designated intention to find change. And when I least expected it, in the most simple ordinary moments, change found her way in like a soft-pawed cat through the crack between the door and…

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Backyard Growers Presents: Raising Urban Chickens

Cape Ann Community

Do you love chickens? Have you been wanting a small flock of your own? Wondering what breed is best for you?

Come join Backyard Growers on October 12th as we partner with local chicken farmer, Jess Araneo as we go over the ins and outs of chicken raising, and even get to meet a bird or two!

Tickets and more information here.

chicken blurb.png

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I see in the surf spray the face of an angry sea god. What do you see?

Roiling sea at high tide today #goodharborbeach #gloucesterma #hurricanejose

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Sustainable Seaside Goldenrod

Angry sea #backshore #gloucesterma #hurricanejose

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This morning around 8am

Help Cape Ann Seniors in their Homes

Cape Ann Wellness

Looking for a job that works around your schedule? Sound too good to be true?

ABC Home Healthcare has immediate openings for homemakers to help our Cape Ann seniors in their homes. See below to learn more or visit us online to get startedHomemaker_WEB_Cape Ann

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tropical storm #Jose in #GloucesterMA like a Winslow Homer sort of day

Gusty and sunny a few hours past high tide here. Thinking about the double devastation across Caribbean, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.




Gloucester side of Long Beach looking to Rockport side: Read more

4TH Annual Festival in the Shipyard

COME JOIN US AT…The Essex Shipbuilding Museum…for the 4th Annual “Festival in the Shipyard”, and bring the whole family down for this fun and free event!
Including: An art show • live music • cookout • brick oven pizza • baked goods and beer and wine sales. There will also be a kids craft station, a raffle station and activities for all.
The event will showcase artists and makers and celebrate local creativity. The artwork will be for sale.

It’s a little outrageous, but we thought we’d try it anyhow

It all started when Gloucester’s Joe Langhan (a founder of the Food Network) invited me to taste his pastrami.  Having grown up in the pastrami capital of the world (NY), I was skeptical.  But I went down to see Joe’s Beantown Pastrami operation at the Boston Public Market and had a sandwich.  Instantly, I was transported!  I hadn’t tasted pastrami like this since — not the last time but — 2 times ago when I went to NYC — a few years at least.

Right then, Joe and I agreed to try a Beantown Pastrami pop-up during a blues concert at our new venue, 9 Wallis, right down the road in Beverly.  The first one in early August was a huge success.  Joe ran out of food.  So we tried it again 2 weeks later.  Another hit.

Having been so popular in the evening, Joe wanted to try it for lunch (pastrami’s favorite meal) every Friday … but with a twist.

“What if you have a comedy show so people can Laugh Over Lunch (#LOL)?” he suggested.

Vickie and I LOVED the idea and together with Joe, we coined the phrase Pastromedy (Comedy + Pastrami = Pastromedy), which debuts this Friday from Noon – 2pm.

This week’s PASTROMEDY features Chris D, winner of the wildly successful Next Big Catch – North Shore Comedy Contest at 9 Wallis in July and is hosted by Gary Marino founder of the World Gone Crazy Comedy Band and owner of Harmon-Marino LIVE, which produces the comedy shows at 9 Wallis.

Joe expanded his Beantown Pastrami menu for 9 Wallis to include corned beef sandwich plates (including Reuben and Rachel) as well as turkey.  All plates are served with Cape Cod Potato Chips and whole Maitland Mountain Farm pickles are available at for an extra charge.

Comedy is free.

Sooooo….have a fun lunch — and maybe start your weekend early by treating yourself to the best pastrami in New England, right down the road in Beverly.  Don’t worry about the calories ’cause you’ll laugh your ass off!

Welcome to Gloucester Life Bloom Massage &Spa

The Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce celebrated the opening of Jinyu “Jade” Wang’s new business with a Ribbon Cutting Wednesday night.  Mayor Theken and Bruce Tarrs office joined the Chamber and her family and friends in wishing her much success.  She has a full staff of licensed massage therapist ready to support your health and well being.

Artist constituency steps up mightily! Don’t miss Oct 4th annual art auction scene for Sawyer Free Library

It’s great to see the beautiful Matz Gallery at Sawyer Free featuring local artists again. There’s always room for the traveling exhibitions on walls and rooms elsewhere in the building, but I think the Matz gallery and Sawyer Free library sings most when it devotes its main exhibition space to local artists.

Save the date for the LIVE event! OCTOBER 4, 2017

The annual benefit exhibition is hung salon style in advance of an exciting annual live auction reception. Stop by to preview the art or leave a silent bid.  Minimum opening bids range from $40-$400. On October 4th, bring your family, friends and co-workers. There’s always a great buzz in the room.  Bid alone or ‘group-on’ with friends–and generously! You’ll help the artist and the art community in general as well as the library.

Sawyer Free Library deserves the community’s support. Here’s a list of all the 2017 participating magnanimous artists (many are repeat donors). Enjoy some photos from the exhibit to draw your attention to the art.

Jerry Ackerman, Deborah F. Aldrich, Cynthia Asaro, Anita Beloff, Baraka Robin Berger, Coco Berkman, Sheila Farren Billings, Bob Blue, Carmel Bourneuf, Isabelle K. Brown, Pamela Burke, Ann G. Campbell, Nancy Caplan, Katherine Coakley, Ray Crane, Mary Crowningshield, Mary Curcio, Susan W. Daly, Terry Del Percio-Piedmonte, Nancy Davis, Patricia Doran, Phyllis Feld, Susie Field, Karen Fitzgerald, James Formichella, Paul George, Dina Gomery, Don Gorvett, Noreen Hale, Marion Hall, Joy Halsted, Jeanne Havran, Olga Hayes, Sandra Herdman, Deanie Johnson, Phyllis J. Kaplan, Fred Kepler, Barbara Kremer,  Mary Jane Lane, Carole Loiacono, Judy Magee, Florence Martin, Mary McCarl, Roy McCauley, Perry McIntosh, Jeannie McIntyre, Danny Mears, Judith Menicocci, KT Morse, Kate Nordstrom, Christine Pitman, Mary Rhinelander, Charlotte Roberts, Sandra L Sperry, Marilyn Swift, Bonnie Sylvester, Peter Tysver, Juni Van Dyke, Jeff Weaver, Alyce Wherren, Bernica Wilcox, Curtis Wilcox, Marnie Williams, Jane Wolf, Theresa Wonson, Heidi Caswell Zander


2016 exhibition

Sax Gordon Tonight! Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 9.21.2017


Tonight, Thursday at the Rhummie, come see the ultimate in size 13 honk-o-phonium: Mr. Sax “Gordon” Beadle. Yes, yes, we’re going to go from reveille to reverie without dropping a stitch of laughter with the laudable Mr. B at the helm. Backed up with the venerable Mr. Pete Henderson on guitar and Mr. Chris Anzelone (sono buoni), c’mon by for an evening of gentle cleaning and ultimate freshness.

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA


Half Price Menu At The Studio and Rudder Restaurants Today September 21, 2017

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