Kathleen Erickson Writes About Savour’s Super Healthy VB6 Program


I am writing from San Francisco, where it is sunny and 72 degrees! I have been searching out some wonderful eating spots that focus on fresh, healthy, and often, vegan or vegetarian dishes. I took all of these photos with my phone, and they are all vegan (no meat, no dairy) and delicious! It is my husband’s birthday today and we are going to Greens, a gourmet vegetarian and vegan restaurant with a view of the Golden Gate bridge, for dinner.

This inspired me to finalize the options for our “Vegan Before 6” prepared foods and fitness program we plan to launch next week.


Many of you have expressed an interest in participating in our exciting VB6 program to lose weight and/or get healthy in 2014. I have enjoyed hearing from you and have worked to make the program accessible to anyone who wants to be a part of it.  I have written a full week of sample menus so you can get an idea of the spectacular food you will be eating, which even includes wine and dessert on the weekends! Just click the link below.

VB6 Week of Sample Menus

So – here are 4 options that should work for everyone:
1)12 week program, 7 days a week, 20 meals and snacks – $299.00
(This will get you the best results)
2)12 week program, 5 days a week, 15 meals and snacks – $229.00
3) Dinner only, 6 days a week, with bottle of wine – $189.00
4) Interrupted Program for Travelers
Some people need to take a break for travel.  You pay for the weeks you participate.
The program requires that you  pay the first two weeks up front.  We will charge your credit card each week thereafter.  Pay the whole program up front and save 10%.  (Please note that because these are prepared meals, the state requires us to charge tax, which is not included in the price).


  Obviously, we cannot guarantee results, especially since all participants who follow the program will have access to other foods outside the program.  BUT – we are here to give you the highest quality food that supports radiant heath, exercise suggestions, a stress-management program, cooking instruction, and support.
We have worked very hard to put something together that will make you the best you can be in 2014.  I hope several of you that have been “on the fence” will find an option that will work for you.  I know of no program  anything like this.  We will offer it once a year – so sign up now!
I will be back in Gloucester to sign you all up on Friday, January 17., but you can call John at Savour anytime.  We will have a simple contract to sign that tells us which option you will be following and allows us to charge your credit card to “pay as  you go” according to your instruction.  We need at least 8 people to make a go of it and will take at least 12 full participants with a few doing a modified program, according to their individual needs.  We need to know ASAP – we have a lot of shopping and cooking to do!

One comment

  • I like much of the vegatable items but this way are very expensive compared to states…some iI like better than others but that goes with all the foods we all have our favorites! 🙂


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