Am I alone in my thinking that restaurants don’t utilize grated cheese enough?

I mean, who doesn’t love grated cheese?  Stuff makes everything taste better.

Not the soft kind.  Parmesan.  Dry salty hard and ground up.  The kind you get at Sclafanis or Virgilios and they’ll grate it for you.

Not that weak ass cheddar or swiss.  Parmesan baby.  All day every day and twice on Sundays.

You put a bowl of paste zugu in front of me.  It could be really good right?  But add a bunch of grated cheese and you take it up at least two points on a scale from 1-10.

Total no brainer.

I’d put that stuff on anything if it was put in front of me.  Cheeseburger? Pour it on.  Pizza? Yes please.  Steak and cheese sub?  Hells yeah!

Christ, I’d put it on a steak if they put it on the table.

Grated Cheese FTW!


See the picture below this text?  Grated Cheddar.  Barely any goddamn flavor next to a hard grated parmesan.  The kind of hard parmesan that’s gonna sting your tongue and let you know- “You’re damn right you’re eating cheese baby.  Dry aged parmesan!~ Not that weak ass cheddar!”



If you were stuck with only one cheese for the rest of your life what would it be?


  • Well, Joey, this is the first time that I am going to totally disagree with you. I’m not a cheese person at all! I sometimes go into a restaurant and have to search for SOMETHING that doesn’t have cheese in it. But I agree that for people who enjoy the taste of cheese, offering parmesean cheese at the table, like you would ketsup, is a fantastic idea! I think good paremesean cheese can be pricey, and that’s probably why it’s not offered.

    Maybe if it was offered, there would be less meals with the soft cheese melted all over it. That would be a win for me!


  • You should by a fanny pack and carry your parmesan cheese every where you go, parmesan beer anyone?


  • Sorry, that one cheese would be a nice aged cheddar. However parmesan certainly has it’s place.


  • Percorino Romano because I love the taste use it the most in cooking–pesto, sauces, etc.

    Interesting–what I learned this morning is the difference between Parmesan and Romano, from your favorite, a GOOGLE search:

    Real Parmesan must be made in the Parma region of Italy; Romano was traditionally made in the countryside surrounding Rome, although today it is mostly made in Sardinia.

    Parmesan is made from a blend of full cream and skimmed cow’s milk from cows that have only been fed on grass or hay; Romano is made from goat’s or sheep’s milk. Percorino Romano is made from sheep’s milk.

    Both are high in protein and calcium and have a high fat content, around 27 percent, although this is lower than many other cheeses.


  • Real parmesan isn’t just cheese. It is a not-so-secret way to add a flavor explosion to whatever you are making. Trying to crank up the umami (savory taste) in whatever you are cooking? You should probably look at parmesan. (Not to hate on real SHARP cheddar, which I also love. Just used for different things.)


  • Oh that a really hard question to answer… pick just one?… I’m a lover of all cheeses, and always have my cheese draw, stocked with several varieties, but my most favorite cheeses would have to be Cascavaddu Cheese, Fresh Ricotta, and Ricotta Slata.


  • Swiss ~ simple holy ~ I mean wholly Swiss is my favorite to eat, but please not out of a celophane slice wrapper. As for a table at a Resturant, one of my favorite moments is when they bring a tray of cheeses ~ pick what you want and they grate what you want and as much as you want ~ Parmesan will get my nod!


  • high quality, aged parmesan costs around $ 15.00 per pound…most of what is offered to sprinkle on your pizza or meatball sub is not of this quality…but I also love the flavour…


  • Agree Cheese can complement a dish. I am a fan of Canestrato on Pasta! Table cheese for me is Caciotta Al Tartufo.


  • Many meals without the cheese are just not the same for many cultures…Plus then you don’t have to drink the glass of milk. 🙂


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