Looking for Homie in all the wrong places …

Rubber Duck has had a change of heart. She misses Homie and now is in search of that one special Homie.

Are you my Homie?

Hanging out with the tourists?

The rubber duck is losing weight pining for Homie. Will She ever find him again?

ps. I’m trying out a new photo website, Imgur. The three photos, Rockport dump, Motif#1 and Capt Joe & Sons Fair Weight Scale, all reside there. I think if you click on Motif #1 you will get a larger photo which if you click again, gets even bigger. Notice the wave over the breakwater last Saturday.

Homie in Love Part I

Homie in Love PartII to XI

Homie in Love Part XII to XIV

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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5 Responses to Looking for Homie in all the wrong places …

  1. lobsterlady says:

    That’s going to be a hard task. There are so many Homies out there. Hell, the Homie could of flown of to that Beautiful Wonder Land called Maine. Then Rubber Ducky won’t stand a chance. Well hopefully Homie will still be in Glosta to make the Rubber Ducky whole again.

  2. Wow! From a distance, I thought that wave behind Motif #1 was a cloud. When I double clicked on the photo, it enlarged twice, as you said it would. Terrific shot!

  3. Lois Brynes says:

    This is just too too much of a bummer! Please bring Rubber Ducky and Homie together again. PLEASE….. sniff

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