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Got a high five from Jim Cantore

He saw the name on the side of the tow truck, “Tally’s Hookers” and he did a SMDH.

Oh, if you are parked on T-Wharf in Rockport you might want to move your car. Or give Tally a call and negotiate. Looks like they took a pass on these last few that were lifting up. How do you get a chain on a floater?

This … may get wetter later.

1/1/2018 4:14 PM Super Moon Rise

Today at 4:14 PM the Super Moon will rise on Cape Ann into screamingly clear skies except for the sea smoke blowing away from the coast. Anywhere you can get a look at the ocean horizon to the ENE and you can watch it rise.

But if you really want to see awesome Super Moon I suggest two locations. The upper level of Granite Pier in Rockport or Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester because then you either have the Rockport Breakwater or Thacher Island as back drops.

But if you are into it you want to know to the second and your phone clock can give you precise time so:

Granite Pier Rockport moon rise: 4:14:14 PM

Good Harbor Gloucester moon rise: 4:14:26 PM

You will notice those are to the second. Things that might change it by a few seconds: Warm air steaming off the ocean might bend the light around the horizon speeding the appearance of that first glimmer of the moon. The sea smoke might mask moon rise by several seconds maybe even a minute. If you are on Good Harbor Beach the moon is going to rise right behind the North Tower of Thacher. If the island blocks moonrise this might delay it by several seconds.

4:14 PM and 14 seconds. End of upper level of granite pier the moon will rise just to the left end of the breakwater.

4:14 PM and 26 seconds the moon will rise behind the North Tower of Thacher Island. (The left one) is standing on Good Harbor Beach.

You can also go to the website here at and find your favorite spot. Just pick up the marker and move it around. If you are planning on a shot from Good Harbor Beach I suggest going to the website and zoom in and out to see how Salt Island and the shore can get in the way depending on where you are. Back shore is also good because the moon will be to the right and clear of Thacher Island.

You can go to these spots and marvel at my amazing powers of prediction or you can take a photo and post it on the Good Morning Gloucester Facebook Page.

1/1/18 Sunrise at 07:12:49 AM

Forty-nine seconds after 7:12 AM today, sunrise occurred for the first time on Cape Ann in twenty-eighteen.

Stella: “No really, I’ll pinch a loaf in the backyard and you let me back in. Go take a photo of sunrise and I’ll go in the kitchen and pee on the floor, thanks.”

Outside for ten minutes. My gloves were off for twenty seconds and they are still stiff 30 minutes later. The sea smoke is hard to capture since it looks like far away clouds but most of the photo is steaming right off the hot 39 F Gulf of Maine.

Christmas Eve Sunrise, Chapins Gully, 7:10:55 AM

About five minutes before sunrise.

How hard is it to know exactly to the second when the sunrise occurs? You would think one click on the internet would do it but a few things make it slightly harder. The calculation has to know exactly where you are on earth. It also needs to know your elevation and the elevation of the horizon. All three are pretty easy here on Cape Ann. You don’t have to be within the foot, just a decent guess.

So if I am standing about 30 feet above the water and the sunrise is on the water, boom, 2/3rds done. Then you go to Sunrise Tools at this website and do some clicking. You can have a free account so once you have your favorite locations saved it’s easy.

Today, the sunrise was at 7:10:55 AM and tomorrow it will be 22 seconds later at 07:11:17 AM. Most internet calculators will round that off so that both happen at 7:11 AM. But if you want to see the green flash in the morning you need precision to the second.

That way I could figure out that my phone died precisely eleven seconds before sunrise.

Sunrise tools

The Alison Carol pulling in with a load of Christmas Lobsters

The Alison Carol and Pete Mondello and crew arrived today at Captain Joe & Sons just like every day. But the fresh lobsters offloaded were special Christmas Eve lobsters. Spreading joy from here to Boston restaurants but the last five girl lobsters went in my bag for the annual Christmas Eve feast. Sue has put up with me for over 30 years which means Christmas Eve is our 30th wedding Anniversary.

We call it lobster casserole but really I want to invent a new name for it. Because it is really five baked stuffed lobsters without the hassle of the shells. You get the crispy Ritz Cracker thing going on top but buttery goodness below without having to fight through the shells. I now call it Boneless Baked Stuffed Lobster. The shells are saved to make a stock for some soup on Christmas day before the big beef. I’m getting fat just typing this.

Dockside conversations with my hearing aids tuned to the machinery so I say “what” a lot.
Joey: What are the blue and yellow ducks?
Me: Ducks?
Joey: Ducks
Me: What ducks?
Joey: Dots!
Me:(figuring out it is analemma dots) The yellow dot is Christmas and the blue dot is when you jump in Gloucester Harbor!
Joey: Who the fuck figured that out?
Me: The Greeks.
Joey: Did they have a clock?
Me: No. Eratosthenes used a deep well at noon to mark the time.
Joey: Cool.

You can also google in youtube, “Say “what” one more time I dare you” 🙂

Winter Solstice Anal Emma and more

David Cox got after me at the Christmas party I was not posting enough and goodness, a month has practically gone by since my last photo. So instead of posting my annual analemma shot for Winter Solstice, and wish everyone a Happy Festivus, I’ll post some pics from the other end of the analemma. When Thacher Island is a hot paddle in July.

No kayaking today!

Six lighthouses on Cape Ann to choose from but these two are my favorite.

If you ever played the Computer game Myst popular in 1993 you know that the Miller brothers had to have visited Thacher Island.

Except in Myst, there were zip lines between the lighthouses. Rockport should install them.

Rubber Duck wanted to say hello to the sixty seagulls lining the rail. Only Homie stuck around.

Me: “What rhymes with orange.” Rubber Duck: “No it doesn’t.”

I quack myself up. OK, I’ll stick to photos. Here is the analemma. Today on the winter sostice we are the yellow ball. The blue ball of course denotes when certain people who do not chicken out jump into Gloucester Harbor.

The meteorological start of Spring, March First, is only seventy days away. (And Mother’s Day, the day we catch the first striper, is 143 days away.)

Happy Festivus one and all. (Now help me up bro, my knee!)

The Movie “Food Evolution” Tonight at 7:30 PM

Skeptics in the Pub of Gloucester is sponsoring the viewing of Food Evolution tonight at 7:30 PM at Gloucester’s Cape Ann Community Cinema, 21 Main Street.

If you have strong opinions about GMO foods you might find out you are dead wrong. Check it out tonight and arm yourself with actual facts.

From their website:

FOOD EVOLUTION shows how easily misinformation, confusion, and fear can overwhelm objective analysis. How do we ensure that our food supply is safe, and that everyone has enough to eat? How do we feed the world while also protecting the planet? Has genetic engineering increased or decreased pesticide use? Are GMO foods bad for your health? And, most importantly, what data, evidence, and sources are we using to approach these important questions?

Cape Ann Cinema and Stage, 21 Main St, Gloucester, offers beer, wine, and snacks for sale. Doors open at 7 PM, movie at 7:30 PM.

Happy Birthday Greg Bover

Greg getting a Volunteer of the Year Award. (Greg is the one on the right.)

Greg posts good quotes at Good Morning Gloucester. Sometimes I scratch my head. Take this one for instance. A quote of Andy Warhol:

“Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, ‘So what.’ That’s one of my favorite things to say, ‘So what.’”

I have thought of several translations of this quote to rationalize my non inertia about a lot of things. “Don’t let small unimportant things get your knickers in a twist.”

So I find myself saying “So what” a lot these days. I may mumble it or just not say it out loud. 🙂

Happy Birthday Greg.

[edit, note added] Everyone knows Greg so the line, (Greg is the one on the right) is superfluous. I added it because I ran into a Wkipedia editing argument. They thought this was superfluous too and it had to be removed. 😦

“Indifferent” had to go too but if you read the book the penguin was actually very indifferent.

Rubber Duck PSA: Solar Eclipse Peak on Cape Ann 2:46 PM

The eclipse. Just my suggestion. Skip the glasses. Have lunch under an oak or maple tree and marvel at all the little crescents dancing on the ground. I might go nuts and lay a white blanket out but that’s about it. The effect might even be better under an oak chewed up by gypsy moths.

My one preparation is making sure the colanders are clean. And a white sheet.

But don’t forget one thing. It is STEM that allows you to do this unconcerned that the sun might not come back. Science, Technology, Engineering , and Math. A lot of math.

Without STEM the dragon eats the sun and you must sacrifice a virgin to get the sun back. And around here we might be a little short on … nevermind.

First nibble: 1:30 PM
Peak: 2:46 PM
Last nibble: 3:55 PM

EXTRA EDIT: Cape Ann, GAAC, Gloucester Area Astronomy Club announcement. No eclipse glasses? No problem. Stop by the fisherman statue on the Gloucester Boulevard Monday afternoon between 2:00 and 3:30 and view the eclipse through one of our specially-filtered scopes.

Happy Birthday David Cox

If you see this Gloucester High School shortstop and official GMG good egg David Cox with a camera on the boulevard today make sure you wish him a happy birthday.

Forgot to credit photographer and now I can’t find where I got this shot. Any help? I’m guessing it has to be Manny Simoes.

You have 25 minutes to register for the Blackburn Challenge this Saturday

Quick! Be the 315th crazy person to sign up!

300 boats maximum but lots of boats have six nut jobs or more aboard so still room for one more. Do it. Think of it as a 90 dollar T-Shirt plus pain and the chance to be eaten by a shark. What’s not to like?

Your map to the road to perdition: BLACKBURN MAP

OMG!! The Blackburn Challenge is this Saturday!

Click here for new 2017 map.

A Twenty plus mile open water race around Cape Ann sponsored by the Cape Ann Rowing Club using seaworthy oar or paddle powered craft. Saturday, July 22, 2017.

I’ve added several Easter Eggs to the map. Find out what Cisco, the lovable 397 pound Great White Shark thinks of the race.

Off course!! There be dragons to the east.  Also Cisco.

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