Set Location For Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups In Essex, Ma

If you click on the picture and select all sizes you can see the set up for cameras filming off the roof and the deck in greater detail.

This swim platform is new to the lake right in front of the Lake House where the scenes are being shot.  I’m not sure if it will be part of the movie or just a place for the actors/crew to goof off, but look for it when the movie comes out.

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42 Responses to Set Location For Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups In Essex, Ma

  1. Damon says:

    Oh my god – wait until the seagulls see that carefully canvassed swimming float !!

  2. That dock would look good at Lake Boon.
    Maybe we can strike a deal for a little cameo lake shot in exchange for the dock.

  3. Katieoaks says:

    Yeah, big enough to land a Homus Whatupus! Hum, maybe I can be an extra expert excrement eradicator.

  4. jokey says:

    Give me my lake back! I have lived here for 20 years, and can’t even drive my boat without cops pushin me away. I pay taxes to live here right???

  5. jokey says:

    p.s. that dock is a peice of crap. its gonna rot in 1 year, they used the wrong wood. its being torn down as soon as the movie is over. nevermind their breaking laws by having it there. Ripping up all the weeds. ILLIGAL! If I did that to my area around my house. Finds Finds Finds. Sorry for the negativity, but seriously.. what else can they get away with… They gonna turn the water purple next?

    • chris says:

      Your a guinness. TURN THE WATER PURPLE. I love it. Do you know any local companies that can do it? Oh and the was an issue about movie locations on the north shore nickle and dime-ing productions to death with their little permit for this, permit for that. The industry threatened to stop filming here, and I think the towns got off their high horse and loosened up a little. after all. these films could be shot in Main pretty easily. It may be a little less accommodating, but as far as scenery goes, it pretty much smokes anything we have down here. Don’t deny it. I know that complaining is pretty much ingrained in everyone from the north shore. Not to mention some other pretty ugly qualities that I wont mention. You should, (and probably do), feel honored that they are shooting here. If they knew what I knew they might still shoot here, just not with cameras. Know what I mean? sorry for the negativity. I’ve only moved away from the north shore a few months ago myself, and it will probably take years and lots of therapy before I begin to act like a normal human=being again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Chris;
        Seems like an impossible job for you becoming a normal human again.
        Sounds like it’s the Northshore that benefits from your move to Maine.
        look in the mirror. enjoy

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously have a lot of time on your hands, maybe you should put all that energy in to something better and more important.

  6. joe sudden says:

    does anyone have any idea where they are staying while they are shooting here in the north shore?

  7. Joey says:

    I know but will repect their privacy

    • joe sudden says:

      I totally agree I was not looking to stalk them per say I was just curious to what kind of venue they would be staying at in the north shore. ya know what i mean?

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  9. kelly says:

    does anyone know the location in essex where this is filming, id like to take a trip out and see whatss going on. thanks

    • Joey says:

      I was just there across from where rhey are filming. It’s lit up like a Christmas tree. Very brightly lit.

    • Jeff says:

      They wont let you near the set. Believe me I’m an extra—in the movie, and its been great, really loose and funny cast, mostly former Saturday night live stand-outs..—like Rob Schneider, David Spade, Adam Sandler, and Norm MacDonald and such —-on set. they are hilarious, there were a lot of funny moments on set all week–

      but you wont get anywhere near the set–they have security hired

      you can visit woodmans and see the shoot location for that but thats about it. they even have police out in boats in the lake–to keep people away from the side they are shooting on during shooting

      • Jeff says:

        So far i’ve spoken to and met Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, —Norm MacDonald, and Kevin James (who remembered me standing next to him (off scene) in Mall Cop…–

  10. ME says:

    The cast is not staying at “a venue” they are renting houses in different locations on the North Shore. I know where several of the cast members are residing for the summer… I will respect their privacy BUT I WILL TELL YOU they are not hard to miss – just look for cast members in the Black Cadillac Escalades they’re driving around! They are shooting on Chebacco Lake (Essex side) and this week @ Woodmans on route 22. I have seen most of the cast members at different times out and about in Essex and the surrounding areas – they are not in hiding.

  11. Link says:

    I was just fishing on Chebacco lake all morning, the site looks very cool! love Hollywood and what they can do! the actual “boathouse” looks as though it has been there for ever! very good job! i am far far far from a star stocker, but would love to see some! it is always fun! i love the fact MA is getting more movies!

  12. Jeff P says:

    I had the fortunate privilage of walking in the boat house and cottage just prior ( a few days ) before they closed it down to security. My wife and I live in Essex and were walking down dirt road to the cottage hoping just to get a glimpse of a set or being a movie nut..wife..not so much, and the cool seccurity gaurd gave us a tour. No pictures sorry..we were very erspecctful and touched nothing. But did see the tree through the cottage, the popsicle stick lamp, the inside of the boat house etc. Extremely cool. Tried to get to be an extra or at least get to watch a day of filming for my memories..but locked down tighter than hell. Today they were supposed to be filming basketball game..but could not find the location, had some inside tips but no luck. Anyway, have seen no celebs at all..just tons of film trucks, crew vans, and yes lots of white & black with tinted window excalades.

    • Palinda says:

      I’m an Essex resident too and would love to see some of the stars. especially Steve Buschemi and Kevin James, do you know is Buschemi is in the Essex scenes?

      • Jeff P says:

        I don’t know. But what is actually interesting to me is that in my opionion Buschemi is probably one of the most versital and talented cast members in this movie. I have seen him do all sorts of roles, he also can direct well too. I don’t think he is a main character in this one. Keep a look out for cadillac Escilades and lots of em. You live here so you know how crazily busy our great quiet town has gotten. I am not sure of course, but I think James is in a white escalade, Sandler in a black one and I have also seen a tan one. Also seen a ton of chevy tahoe’s bran new everywhere. There around, so people have told me. I have been behind and in front of many escukades around here and think I have seen James twice in a white one and possibly Schneider in a tan one…but who knows.

  13. gloucestergirl says:

    They are still here, but only for a few more days then off to the Cape.. I actually bumped into both Adam Sandler and Kevin James today.. very laid back, very friendly., and its True, they are not hiding. I Know where theyre staying but will also keep mum for they only have a few days left. They should enjoy their days off.

  14. pompom says:

    Where on the Cape will they be shooting?

  15. that guy says:

    one of my friends where wake boarding on the lake and a helicopter came over and told them to stop.

  16. Anonymous says:

    in wareham ma, they are filming for a week at a below average water park called water wiz.

  17. asia hernandez says:

    my cousin jon crowley is going to be in this movie, he is the milk boy. i was in the backround of the movie, and soo far, itz going very good, and very funny.! :)

  18. Steve says:

    Does anyone know the scoop on that house and if it is a rental?

  19. William Brown says:

    Be glad the company chose your area. It is very pretty and I would never have known about the lake until I googled it to see when the filming was. I’m from SW Fl.

  20. Helen says:

    Do you know if this cottage is a rental ?

  21. spoiledbrat says:

    this house is awesome i think i wanna live in it, its amazing our next family vaca will be there hopefully!!!!:-) sooo watch out Southborough, Massachusetts here we come!!!!! :-)

  22. meggy essex says:

    That lake is full of bloodsuckers! You can’t go in the water without getting them all over your legs. Its OK if you take a boat way into deep water and swim from there.

  23. Brian says:

    Where were the water park scenes filmed?

  24. CrYsTaL says:

    I would like to know if the cottage is a rental my Grandmother would like to go there this summer?

  25. Shelly says:

    Does anyone know if this is the same house used in the movie Dan in Real Life? Looks so similar!

  26. Missy Karras says:

    i wanted to know if the house is a rental also we r from philadelphia pa and we want to take a nice vaca to the hous

  27. Lisa Kennedy says:

    So can it be rented?

  28. melinda k says:

    Does anyone know if this house can be rented for vacation? I would love to stay here

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