Monster Lobster

Joey, hey man its Jacob across the street. I work on the Pretty Girl with Lou and Jonny. We caught and released this bad mother last week.

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22 Responses to Monster Lobster

  1. Bob says:

    Holy cow. Glad it will survive for a while longer. Probably older than I am.

  2. Fredrik Bodin says:

    I was at the Wellfleet Oyster Festival a few years ago, and after the Oyster Shuckin’ contest, they had an auction. One item was a very large lobster, not even half the size of the behemoth shown here. The crowd started chanting: “Set it free, set it free!” The highest bid was a couple of hundred dollars, and the new owner announced that the lobster would be returned to the ocean alive. Love it and kudos to the crew of the Pretty Girl.

  3. Rebecca Reynolds says:

    So pleased to read that you released this lobster.
    How old do you think it is?

    • Dan The Lobster Man says:

      They say that a lobster is 5 to 7 years old per pound. That Monster Lobster is close to 100 year old! Seems a little strange because a Lobster that big can’t fit into a trap, they must have caught it dredging.

  4. Bill Langer says:

    Thanks for the picture of a rare beauty, and thanks for letting him (?) go.

  5. Cecilia says:

    How much did it weigh?

  6. Kate says:

    I was just sipping my coffee here on Cape Cod, and saw this on WBZ news….That is huge!! Thanks for posting but also, setting it free!! If only it could talk!!

  7. Joey C says:

    Here are some pictures and videos of the crazy mutated lobsters we’ve had landed here at our dock-

    Here’s a blue one from last December-

    To see the ocean oddity slide show which I added some more blue shaded lobster, and quadruple clawed claws to you can click this text

    Here’s a speckled cull we got back in May of 2009

    Speckled Lobster Landed At Captain Joe’s

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  11. Ed says:

    Release not here. Ritz crackers, melted butter, lemon juice and a huge pot of boiling water. YUMMMMMMM………..

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  13. Truly awesome catch –I wonder how old it is –I heard the older the lobster the tougher it is

    Brigitte Grisanti

  14. Jenn Smith says:

    You haven’t seen nothing until you seen the lobster we have in Shediac New Brunswick it is huge ..Then again we have bug things here in the Maritimes lol

  15. Dana says:

    This photo (and a credit to GoodMorningGloucester) made “The Drudgereport” !

  16. jacob says:

    To the person that said that we didn’t catch this behemoth in a trap, you’re right. We actually caught this in our net.

  17. EJ says:

    It reminds me of the monster lobsta we see diving out at Old Garden Beach. It is scary! I have come across it a few times over the years diving out there.

  18. John Kennedy says:

    awesome release of a true wonder of nature, so thankful for the respect you have shown

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