The Crew of The Degelyse Would like To Personally Thank The Buddhist Monks Who Released Lobsters They Purchased In Gloucester Back To The Ocean

Audio We Talk About The Liberated Lobsters On The Bob and Sheri Radio Show In Charlotte-
Click the link below to hear the audio interview
Joey C Interviewed by Bob and Cheri In Charlotte

I was wrong to assume that because I predominantly write our hyperlocal blog for our Cape Ann residents that people would understand how preposterous the notion that you could have time to move all the lobster gear even if they knew where the lobsters were released and to set it and for those lobsters which were probably miles away from that location would ever get caught.

I was obviously wrong and people did not understand with the outlandishness of it all that it was a joke.

It’s on me.

What I am happy for is that the releasing of the lobster story which would have been a simple story largely forgotten by now has gotten huge legs and all the positives of Buddhism are highlighted. For that I am grateful.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Chokhor Duchen click to find out.

You know the craziest part? So many people think I’m hatin on Buddhism, but I download a Buddhhism podcast from this guy that Lindsay Crouse recommended that I listen to- Lama Marut.
Check him out, the guy makes a lot of sense.
also sign up for the upcoming Summer Retreat, here are our interviews talking about the upcoming 2011 Summer Retreat-

For More Info-
For more info-

Receiving the coordinates of where the lobsters were released the boys went out yesterday and hauled the lobster traps they set all over that ocean bottom and caught exactly 534 lobsters, the precise number the monks released.

Thank you and come again next year Mr Buddhist monks, we would like to invite you back again and again to purchase our lobsters and “restock the pond”

From Reuters-


GLOUCESTER, Mass. — Instead of plunging headfirst to their death in a pot of boiling water, 534 live lobsters escaped the dinner plate and belly flopped to freedom into the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

A group of Tibetan Buddhists flanked the sides of a whale-watching boat at dusk on Wednesday, sprayed the lobsters with blessed water, clipped the bands binding their dangerous claws and gently released them one by one into the deep water below.

Video coming from our boys, the crew of the mighty Degelyse-








More pics and lots of video to come




  • There’s something pretty sad about this post. I feel disappointed by it. It feels so very disrespectful of the monks. While I fully understand that any smart lobster boat would follow the ‘foolish’ monks and scoop them lobsters up, the gloating I sense here is truly unnecessary. Yeah, business is business, right? But I might not make a point of essentially ridiculing someone’s gesture of goodwill, however misguided it appears to you.

  • Great karma!! The lobsters lived a bit longer and the lobstermen got a break.

    Karma in Indian religions is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect (i.e., the cycle called saṃsāra) originating in ancient India and treated in Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh philosophies. -wiki


    As one scholar states, “the Buddhist theory of action and result (karmaphala) is fundamental to much of Buddhist doctrine, because it provides a coherent model of the functioning of the world and its beings, which in turn forms the doctrinal basis for the Buddhist explanations of the path of liberation from the world and its result, nirvāṇa. -wiki

    • That’s exactly what I’m thinking! Nirvana Baby!

    • In my experience, we are only in charge of one thing: our actions in response to the suffering in the world. Financial hardship of lobstermen is suffering. The willingness to ridicule someone’s compassionate act is a kind of suffering. My own need to make a negative comment about this post is a form of suffering. I wish you all well. May all benefit. Karma is a very big wheel and no one can see all of it. Hold on tight.

  • seems silly for the Monks to make a stand on lobsters of all things, but at the same time it seems like a pretty snarky post. Catch ‘em back, sure, but why make a mockery?

  • It seems to me that if the Buddhist monks wished to be a bit more successful in this undertaking, they might have thought to not dress in their ceremonial robes and bring along photographers and newspaper people. Had they dressed in suits and let the lobstermen think they were just buying the lobsters for the usual fate, it probably would have resulted in more lobster freedom.

  • Anyway, the stupid damn lobsters had a second chance at things and they STILL walked into the traps again. Duh.

  • i think any religion or personal belief system simply has to agree – that looks SLAMMING. Dang. Time for dinner.

  • Hopefully they let that baby shark go after the makeout session. It is awful cute.

  • That was a cute little shark wasn’t it? I think its unlikely that the Degelyse crew actually caught back the same 534 lobsters the Buddhist monks released. It really comes down to whether or not people are philosophically opposed to killing and eating lobsters or any other living thing. If not, then it really doesn’t matter whether they are the same lobsters. If so, then it really doesn’t matter whether they are the same lobsters. I don’t think the Buddhist monks believed that those lobsters would never again be caught and eaten, whether by humans or some other creature that likes lobster. They did what they believed was the right thing to do, and it was done, and they’ve moved on.


      Yeah, all of that aside, this was a smug and snarky blog post that didn’t need to be made. The lobstermen just look like pricks now.

      • Definition of Snarky;
        “Snarky (adjective) describes a witty mannerism, personality, or
        behavior that is a combination of sarcasm and cynicism. Usuall accepted as a complimentary term. Snark is sometimes mistaken for a
        snotty or arrogant attitude.

        used in a sentence;
        Her snarky remarks had half the room on the floor laughing and the
        other half ready to walk out.”


          Yeah, you’re right. I meant snotty or arrogant. Thanks for the correction Paul F. Frontiero Jr!

  • Those’re MY boys lettin’ lobstas go! Namaste!

  • The tone of this article was about 10% too snide.

  • Why was my reply deleted? Because it was critical?

    People in Gloucester are not only snide, rude and mean, it looks like they are also afraid of criticism.

  • “It seems to me that if the Buddhist monks wished to be a bit more successful in this undertaking, they might have thought to not dress in their ceremonial robes and bring along photographers and newspaper people. Had they dressed in suits and let the lobstermen think they were just buying the lobsters for the usual fate, it probably would have resulted in more lobster freedom.”

    The Monks probably did not realize the kind of childish, petty fools they would be dealing with.

  • Gloucester MA I say to you, Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih

  • Jerk off lobster assholes. I’d like to drop each and everyone of you in a pot of boiling water. Bad few years at work? Get a real fucking job. One that doesnt involve killing and exploiting living things. Pussies.

  • North Shore Nirvana – with a lemon and a lot of melted butter.
    Not really a guest, not a tourist, not just passing through …a real Yankee.
    And THANK YOU for supporting the local economy!
    Now what exactly do you have to do in a previous life to become a crustacean that eats by the fallout pipe?

  • Blind Faithiness

    Seemed like there were a few more posts here before. Can’t take the criticism, I guess? Just gives me another reason to not care if boatmen sink or swim.

  • Someone that appreciates a good joke, obviously

    Wow, this joke sure brought all the self-righteous hyper-critical NPR-listening folks out of the woodwork, didn’t it? Go get your hands dirty doing some real work.

  • I guess it is easy to criticize people from a table at starbucks while sipping a mocha grande latte and looking down one’s nose at the rest of the world… then making anonymous posts on an internet blog after getting your panties in a bunch over a joke…take the stick out of your butts and get a sense of humor…

    Pete S
    Gloucester Lobsterman

    and no I didn’t catch any of the buddhist lobsters…but am happy that a couple of local industries benefitted from the monks’ good karma— a lobster dealer and a whale watch company, and probably a few lobstermen when those bugs make it back to shore in crates…

  • in that case …all you people who hate the japanese for killing whales and dolphins should rethink your values…such hypocrites.

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