• I wish I had been there….I could have used a laugh today!


  • Hi Nicole, One of the few other ACK fans I have “met” on Cape Ann. We love the island, try to go every year. Two weeks end Aug this year for birthday celebration. I must ask, what are your favorite beaches? Where do you stay? Why can’t we have a Juice Bar on CA? 🙂


    • We love Nantucket! We got engaged down there and have been visiting once a year pretty consistently ever since. For the past three years we have gone for a week with two and now three other families. We’ve jumped around a bit because we haven’t found the perfect set up for that many people with so many kids. BUT….I think this year will be the winner. We’ve rented a gorgeous house with a guest cottage, a big yard, and a pool. It is in Surfside…a 1/4 walk to the beach. Normally, to also answer your question, we rent houses closer to Nantucket Town. We’ve yet to bring our own car and usually rent Jeeps from anywhere from 2-5 days. This year we all decided to bring our own cars…making staying out of town a better option. With the Jeeps (and our own SUVs) for driving on the beach we love Eel Point Beach! We also go to Jetties (buck a shuck oysters!!) and its large sandbar for the kiddos. They love Children’s Beach for all day crabbing…but lame for grown-ups w/o kids. We also love Surfside and Fishermen’s Beach. Jetties, again, is great with its big snack bar/restaurant and music, etc for early afternoon/evening wind down time. LOVE the Juice Bar….can you imagine anyone waiting in line that long for something on Cape Ann though. The lines are the equivalent to the Clam Box or Woodmans….crazy, but yes, worth it!! I could go on and on……… 🙂


      • love ACK as well…thank G that I have friends who have legacy properties there…and close to town…should anyone be afraid of the cost to bring vehicles there, DON’T do it…public transportion is FREE on the island and places like Young’s will rent you a bike for a reasonable amount (Robert Young and I went to school together)…just understand that if you are going out for meals, that even breakfast will cost you more than here (I love The Fog, but pricey!)…ENJOY…


        • Great tip on the public transportation, Toby! It is indeed a great way to go and the Wave runs all over the island for either little or no $$$. The problem that we’ve run into is that we spend the last week of June on the island and most of the routes aren’t up and running yet. Also with 4 families and 9 children, we have A LOT of gear everywhere we go. We’ve horrified more than a few taxi/van drivers during our stays. On that note, if you need a taxi, always ask for The Chief….from Chief Taxi. He’s a hoot and never batted an eye at the amount of crap we have to roll with!!!


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