Are You Not Entertained?

Are you kidding me?  Would you just look at this one day’s worth of content provided to you here on GMG?

Listen, there are glossy magazines that only come out quarterly around here that don’t provide what we provide in a single day.  Glossy magazines that sell tens of thousands in ads, with paid staff, that take three months to put out a publication that I’d argue we could stack our content up against on a single day and we’re banging it out for you 365 days a year.

There are NO, ZERO, NADA media outlets providing what the team of Good Morning Gloucester contributors are putting out on a daily basis.

No Way, No How, End of Story!

The interesting conversations going on in the comment sections of the vegan and Rockport Breakwater posts, the incredible photography, the music scene, the local food posts, the inside and out coverage of the Rocky Neck Plunge, the old vintage recipes.

Could. Not. Be. Prouder. Of. My. Team. #Boom!



East Gloucester Ride In The Snow 12/30/12

Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes Circa 1932 Frank E Davis Fish Co Part 4- Lobster

Down the Fort: Part 5

Sea Smoke over the ocean from Shore Road

A great 2012 New Year’s resolution DELIVERED to Open Door!

Rockport’s Harbor of Refuge from Fred Bodin

Ron Gilson’s An Island No More

You could be screwed

STRUCK BY LIGHTNING PREMIERE EVENT taking place Jan/6 @ Cape Ann Cinema!

Thursday Night Blues Party to host A Train Quartet ~ What a way to start out the New Year!

Huge Cabin Fever Indoor Yardsale This Saturday.

suitcase full of lobsters

More 2013 Rocky Neck Plunge Photos

Caffe Sicilia Cannoli For Dad

Sunset with a split sky

Where Zat? Yesterday’s Location identified!

Going Vegan

2013 Rocky Neck Plunge Pics From Cheryl Grey

Community Photos 1/3/12

A Call For Turbine Photos From Pippy (Yes, Pippy)

Ohana Special Dinner January 6th With FOB’s Ryan and Wood!

plus 5 more posts that haven’t gone live at the time of my editing this post.


  • You betcha I am!! I can’t even keep up with all the content on a given day, today being a great example, there is just so much stuff and all of it interesting and relevant and just awesome. I marvel at what all of the GMG team and FOBs and more put out every day. It is my first source of local news and local everything. I must forward posts to friends and family every day, if I haven’t already convinced them to sign up for the daily feed.

    Outstanding and I couldn’t be prouder of all of you!!


    • Count me in as well, Joey.

      With the caveat that I am the publisher of two glossy magazines. Not quarterly and not about the North Shore. I love love LOVE what you do. Our magazines have to do with boats. And that’s not all bad, is it?

      And you have been SO supportive of my wife Laura’s new shop, The Cave, on 44 Main Street. All week long, here I spreadsheet my way into hell at work in Maine. Then, blissfully, Friday, and I make the five-hour commute to Gloucester and get to hang with great people. I can almost make the commute with my eyes closed by now…

      I reiterate: LOVE. Keep it up please — You’re the best, all of you.

      Thanks for making such a difference, Carl


  • Is this just one day? UFB!


  • I could not agree with you more Joey! Leif


  • It is so much fun and the only way to get your up to date news.


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