Recipe: Pink Lemonade Jello Shots

I had a blast at the GMG/Bodin Photo Spring Fling. Happy to get to meet everyone and hang with the GMG crew.  If you were there hopefully you got to have one of the pink lemonade jello shots I made before they were all consumed.

Here’s the very simple step by step recipe:

(Makes about 40 jello shot slices)
What you’ll need:
10 lemons
1 package of  jello ( I used strawberry/banana)
1 cup of vodka

1. Wash Lemons, cut in half, and scoop out fruit (I put the lemon guts in the freezer for future use)
2. Place lemon haves upright in a cake pan or similar pan (make sure it fits in the fridge)
3. Follow the directions on the Jello box and make the Jello, but instead of 1 cup cold water, replace with 1 cup vodka
4. Once jello is mixed pour into the lemon “cups”, try to fill to brim
5.  Put in fridge to set (usually 4 hrs)
6. When Jello is firm take out and use a sharp knife to slice the halfs in half, so you have nice 1/4 slices.

And Voila!

Some Notes: The Jello will take on the flavor of the lemon rind & vodka.  Depending on the size of the lemons you may need another Jello box to fill all 10 lemons. You can also use limes or oranges- try red jello & limes and add black sesame seeds to look like little watermelon slices.

I think for our next GMG shindig I’ll make Orange Jello shots with Vanilla vodka- A la Creamsicles!



About Alicia

Advertising Account Manager, GMG Contributor, Dog Lover, and Vintage Hoarder. Loving life in Gloucester, MA!
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4 Responses to Recipe: Pink Lemonade Jello Shots

  1. Kim Smith says:

    These were just so beautiful to look at on the tray!! So much fun and thank you for sharing!!

  2. Linn says:

    Those were sooo good, Alicia! Thanks for sharing them, and for the recipe!

  3. Toby says:

    and the fact that you used the finast Vodka in the world, Luksusova, a Polish potato vodka, unlike most vodkas which are made from grain, meaning luxurious in Polish, assurred you of the finast shots…I am sorry that I missed them, but I can’t be on Main St. and on the slopes in Maine at the same time…maybe next time…

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