The Great Rubber Duck Mystery of 2012

So I get back from my time off and sitting on my desk is this box. Zip Code 01581

If anyone has any information on how this wayward duck made it to the dock let me know and you will be rewarded with a shout out on these here pages!



  • Joey, you just got a lucky ducky!


  • Rubber Duck and I are in Florida for a meeting which basically is looking for abnormalities in your genetic data, your genome. RD thinks this light up duck is a new genetic abnormality which may confer a positive phenotype, more offspring to the next generation.

    Would it be a bad thing for us all to light up at sunset? Darwinian evolution will decide.


  • Mystery solved. I received this email from Deb Schradieck, new FOB, one of our guest artists this summer at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, and also the one who came and told me about the whale in Smiths Cove. I think she might be shy to fess up on the blog herself, so I’ll do it for her:
    “Hi EJ, OK, I will confess to sending Joey the rather garish rubber duckie that lights up in the bathtub, from 01581 zip code. I saw it and (who wouldn’t think of GMG?) on a whim, spent $4 and mailed it up. Truthfully I had forgotten about it since it was a while back. The adventures of the Rubber Duck are very amusing and I love the way it find its way into all sorts of places. “


  • It IS evolution…first, by symbiosis. The Rubber Ducky ate–but did not digest–some bioluminescent bacteria. Most likely, ate a fish containing bioluminescent bacteria. Hopefully, eventually, through symbiogenesis, Rubber Ducky will have acquired bioluminescent genes.
    S/he will no longer have to eat dead bodies at all!!!! but can just photosynthesize. Thus, the expression: “Lucky Duck.”


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