Who Knows Who This Was?

who was this_sea hunt

The man farthest to the right.  This is a three-part quiz.  What was his name, what was the name of the series he originally became famous for, and most tricky – what was his character’s name in that series?  Hint: my father and the other men in the photo were all scuba divers.

E.J. Lefavour

About E.J.

Artist, researcher, writer, spiritual traveler of this fascinating orb we inhabit, lover of life and all it has to offer. Hi everyone out there in GMG land. My name is Ellen “E.J.” Lefavour (a/k/a “Ejay Khan” – the pseudonym I used during my years as a political activist artist). I moved to Cape Ann in September of 2010, and was thrilled to be invited by Joey to become a daily contributor to Good Morning Gloucester in December of that year. I am a painter, photographer and writer who has lived and worked as an artist for 20 years, since leaving the corporate world in 1990 to pursue my passion. My contributions to GMG will consist of images (either my paintings, photographs, montages or the occasional video) and a little history about the image, called “Did you Know?” I hope to come up with tidbits of information that people don’t already know, or had forgotten they knew. As I am new here, everything is new and fascinating to me, especially the amazing history, so bear with me if I post something that is common knowledge – I’ll eventually come up with something that’s new to you. As an artist, I will also write about the incredible art scene on Cape Ann. Please take a minute to comment on my posts, like them or not, especially if you have corrections or something to add, as that is how I, and all of us, learn. Have a Good Morning Gloucester, and a blessed day.
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27 Responses to Who Knows Who This Was?

  1. Neat photo, E.J. The answers are:
    Lloyd Bridges
    “Sea Hunt”
    Mike Nelson
    Do you know who the other people in the photo are?

    • E.J. says:

      To Lloyd’s left – Harold Hubby, Bob Winchell, Will Lefavour, and I don’t know who the last man is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Will Lefavour – is this your father? Another story for another day, maybe.

        • E.J. says:

          Yes, that’s my Dad. Most of my recent posts have actually indirectly or directly been about him and my mother and the interesting life they had as scuba divers, underwater photographer, model, dive shop owner, inventor, etc. and the interesting people they connected with and got to know because of it (Rex Trailer, Lloyd Bridges, Jacques Cousteau, Edward Rowe Snow, King Hussein of Jordan, etc.)

  2. jfulton50 says:

    Lloyd Bridges, “Sea Hunt” 1958-1961, Mike Nelson

  3. Chris says:

    Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt.

  4. Ann Kennedy says:

    Lloyd Bridges. Sea Hunt?

  5. tim says:

    Lloyd Bridges Mike Nelson Sea Hunt

  6. E.J. says:

    A bunch of Sea Hunt experts we have here on Cape Ann. I expected people to know Lloyd Bridges and Sea Hunt, but didn’t expect everyone to remember his character’s name.

    BTW, sorry Joey and everyone, this post went up at the wrong time – it was supposed to be in my 3:00pm time slot, but I forgot to schedule the time and it deferred to 8:00am. I didn’t realize until I saw the comments.

  7. cammygrammy says:

    I knew Lloyd Bridges and Sea Hunt. Would not have remembered Mike Hunt.

  8. They filmed a Sea Hunt show on Rocky Neck ~ at the railways and up in front of the Little Theater.
    My brothers, cousins and I followed the filming around Rocky Neck until we were banned from the set. So we just moved next door ~ to my Aunts house ~ got up on the wood pile to watch over the fence. Let’s say it did not take long for the director to realize we were there ~ actors laughing ~ the director turned around ~ then came bounding over to demand my Aunt Tootsie remove us ~ we stayed ;) and the show went on. Looking back now it was interesting to watch ~ LB good looking!

  9. Used to love watching Mike Nelson in sea hunt

  10. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051311/ Loved Sea Hunt … until Flipper came along!

  11. Jenn Cullen says:

    Great pic!! I would have guessed Lloyd Bridges, but wouldn’t have known the show or character name, very interesting stuff.

  12. Lowell Peabody says:

    The “Wicked Tuna” of the day!

  13. Hilary McKinnon says:

    Flipper was the last movie I watched at the old Strand Theater before they tore it down sometime back in the early to mid 1960s. Life in Florida looked like paridise. Later in life I took a three day vacation there and stayed for 15 years.

  14. J.C. says:

    SeaHunt- On every week day MeTv 5am—watch it most days…it’s great!
    Luv it!

  15. Brenda leahy says:

    here is a piece of info:
    The twin air tanks worn by Mike Nelson were only real in the first several episodes of Sea Hunt. Lloyd Bridges complained about the excessive weight of the tanks when shooting scenes out of the water. After that, the tanks you saw during above water shots were made of balsa wood with a coat of silver paint

  16. MAJack says:

    From Mike Nelson to the octogenarian Izzy Mandelbaum on Seinfeld, a great actor. Best line, “You want a piece of me?”. LOL!

  17. Dave Moore says:

    Great reflection back to – it is always good to take a walk down memory lane see Lloyd Bridges is wearing what appears to be some uniform in this shot. :-)

  18. Donnie Spittle says:

    most -if not all of it took place out of rockport !!

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