CAN IT BE TRUE? Is this the new iPhone 6?? Watch the video and decide.

Good Stories about Great Americans: REAL PEOPLE – STIHL PEOPLE

Here’s some work I just completed for STIHL, INC. Yes, the company that makes the best chainsaws and lawn care equipment! I love this series because it’s really refreshing and organic. We set out to tell stories about regular folks doing what they do with STIHL products. No crew here, just me and the subject. I had a blast working with this guy! So I’d like to introduce you to Barry Booth…

If you have a STIHL story you want to share, and you use STIHL products on any level, hit me up! Maybe you will be the next story we do!


Don’t forget the Harbor Loop Concert today @ 5:00pm with The Dejas & Digney Fignus ~ As always weather permitting.

The Harbor Loop Concert is happening today: 5:00 to 8:00!!!!!
The Dejas will light it up & Digney Fignus will knock it out of the park!!!
Fitz Hugh Lane Park in GTown…BE THERE!!!

Please send this to all of your friends:):)

Digney Fignus~Girl With The Curious Hand


Winter Solstice Tonight!

I was going to precisely calculate when the Winter Solstice occurs then describe how the Ursid Meteor Shower was worth staying up for tonight and the crescent moon at dawn but it will be cloudy so let’s skip all that.

Tomorrow will be zero minutes and zero seconds shorter than today. And that means it’s about time to celebrate Festivus. So pull the aluminum pole out of the crawl space, air the grievances, and begin the “Feats of Strength”.