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Are you in this video? Depends on were you were on May 5 …

If you were at Minglewood Tavern on May 5, you just might be in Brad Byrd‘s new video On My Way Down shot by Hollywood Director Brandon Rose that night.  If you can’t remember May 5, perhaps you’re the one dancing, singing the words and pointing in the air at 1:24 seconds into this video.

You may remember our series on Brad’s hit video Zero to the 101 shot by Brandon on St. Pat’s day (here’s some behind the scenes footage of that shoot).

Brad is Allen Estes‘ guest on this week’s Local Music Seen, which premieres tonight at 6:30pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  It’s a half hour of excellent music and fascinating dialogue between two of Cape Ann’s best songwriters.  Plus you’ll get to hear three songs by Brad and Allen’s new song The Trouble with Me.

When the show is over, you can choose from half a dozen live music venues tonight with music for every taste you could imagine.   See the full live music schedule here.

Have you seen the sun today?  It’s coming back and will be here in full force soon enough, which is a good reminder to save $12 by getting your tickets now for the Gloucester Blues Festival on Saturday August 11 at Stage Fort Park.  See you there!

You asked for it, You Got it ~ The complete song

You’ve seen lots of behind the scenes video and interviews (click here if you missed them).

Now here’s what so many of you have been asking for — Brad Byrd‘s complete song Zero to the 101 performed at Minglewood on St. Pat’s afternoon while gimmesound Artist of the Week Brandon Rose and his crew get crowd shots.

Lots of choices for great music tonight starting at 7pm: Dance party, fundraisers, old faves and new faces.  See the full music lineup here.

“If you can get good hate mail, it means you’re actually doing very well.” ~ Brad Byrd

That’s right, folks.  In this video Hollywood director Brandon Rose (gimmesound Artist of the Week) and local musician Brad Byrd sing the praises of getting hate mail and give 4 reasons why it’s a good thing.  Watch the video and see all the reasons why Brad & Brandon love hate mail!

It feels like summer and Gloucester’s music scene is heating up too:  7@7 ~ SEVEN great music choices tonight beginning at 7pm.  See full music lineup here.

Brad, Brandon & Brie ~ Casting Call

Here’s the third of our series on the making of Brad Byrd’s music video Zero to the 101 directed by gimmesound Artist of the Week, Brandon Rose.  This video shows the casting call last week at Minglewood Tavern and ends with Brad Byrd and Brianna Hobbs (who was cast as the female lead) doing a bit of improv.

It’s Tuesday in Gloucester.  You know what that means: 7pm at Jalapenos and 10pm at Rhumb line.  See full music lineup here.

Want to know the secret of editing good video? Pay attention to this …

Last weekend, Hollywood director Brandon Rose came to Gloucester with his crew to direct a music video for Rockport native Brad Byrd‘s hit song Zero to the 101 that was featured on ABC TV’s Happy Endings, so we decided to feature him as gimmesound Artist of the Week.

We first met up with Brandon during the casting call at Minglewood Tavern on Thursday and talked about his approach to editing.  In this video (above), he gives us a good lesson on the subject, so PAY ATTENTION.

Later this week, we’ll have exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Brad’s video.

Today it’s Dave Sag in the afternoon and Bandit Kings at night — two good choices, so get out and have some fun.  See local music details here.

So you don’t think you need a music video? Think again.

Hollywood director Brandon Rose, of Mind Venture Pictures, came to Gloucester this weekend to shoot a music video for Brad Byrd, who was gimmesound Artist of the Week in January.  So we figured it fitting for Brandon to be Artist of the Week starting today.

In this video, Brandon has advice for all you musicians out there trying to get your music heard and seen.

The rest of the week you’ll get the very first glimpse at the making of Brad’s music video for his hit song, Zero to the 101 — footage you’ll only see on Good Morning Gloucester — so stay tuned!

It’s a big day for music with different choices every hour starting at 4pm this afternoon featuring last week’s Artist of the week Michael O’Leary at the Landing (especially for those of you who just don’t want St. Patrick’s Day to be over).

See full music lineup here.

And don’t forget our good friend Allen Estes at the Rhumb Line with Orville Giddings ~ Always a great show!

Live Blogging from the Brad Byrd Video Shoot @ Minglewood

Here’s a sneak peak at the sound check for today’s music video shoot of Brad Byrd‘s hit song Zero to the 101 at Minglewood Tavern (at Lat 43).  There’s still time to come on down and get your pretty face into the video.  Filming will go ’till about 4pm.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Gloucester and you know what that means … Plenty of music and dancing starting RIGHT NOW and going on all night long.  See full St. Pat’s music lineup here.