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ZDNet Today: 7 reasons the Kindle Fire is better than the iPad But I Wanna Hear From Our FOB’s That Got Theirs (Are You Listening Mr Morrison?)

By David Gewirtz | November 16, 2011, 5:39am PST

Summary: To be fair, I’ve only had a few hours to tinker with the new device, but I can already say that there are a bunch of ways the Kindle Fire is better than the iPad.

My Kindle Fire arrived last night. I was surprised to find myself excited, waiting for it to arrive. This was especially surprising, because in September, I detailed 12 reasons you might NOT want to buy a Kindle Fire.

To be fair, I’ve only had a few hours to tinker with the new device, but I can already say that there are a bunch of ways the Kindle Fire is better than the iPad.

For the rest of the article click here and read his review

Now when I recommended people get this I never dreamed anyone would come out and say a $200 Kindle Fire would be better than a polished excellent device as the iPad at almost 3 times the price.  I figured it would be pretty damn good and the thing about it that would be killer was that $200 price point.

This is quite the coup.  I’m really eager to hear from those of you who got one yesterday or today in the mail from my initial recommendation


I’m dying to hear from you guys.  How do you like it?????

Paul Morrison I have some specific questions-

How is the screen?

Did you watch any youtube videos on it?

Did you access email on it?

Is it a value at $200 and who is it the perfect gift for if so?

Kindle Fire first impressions: Wow!

By Ed Burnette | November 16, 2011, 11:59am PST

Summary: I have the new Kindle Fire from Amazon in my hot little hands and I’m not letting go. It’s going to take the tablet market by storm.

I thought about posting an article consisting of a single word to describe my first impressions with the Kindle Fire. The word is:


Figuring this might be a lacking a little in the detail department, I decided to write something longer. So here you go:


Kidding aside, the Kindle Fire arrived at my doorstep in an unassuming brown cardboard box yesterday afternoon. I’ve spent several hours playing with it, trying different apps on it, and hooking it up to Eclipse to see if I could write and debug programs for it. And let me just say, I’m impressed.

The Kindle Fire is a sweet little tablet, exceeding my expectations in almost every way. Especially considering the $199 price. Where do I start?

  • The screen is bright and colorful, a pleasure to read and play.
  • The size is perfect; much easier to carry around than a 10 inch tablet. It even fits in my big pockets.
  • The Fire’s screen has true independent two-finger multi-touch. Games like Pew Pew 2 have no problem at all with their joystick-like controls.
  • All the Amazon user interfaces are beautifully designed and color coordinated.
  • Integration with the Amazon ecosystem of books, movies, and apps, is airtight and natural.
  • The Fire is fast! App switching, page turning, video watching, no matter what you throw at it, it just purrs along. I’ve read reviews about it being sluggish, but that hasn’t been my experience at all.
  • It uses the latest version of Android for which source code was available (2.3.4 API level 10). This is important because it’s the first version with decent APIs for native gaming. According to a source at Amazon who asked not to be named, they are working to port Android 4 to the Fire now that the code is available.
  • Amazon did a great job handling navigation with no hardware buttons without taking up a lot of the screen (better than stock Android 3.x or 4.x IMHO).
  • The Fire allows side-loading of apps, so I can install apps from web sites or email attachments (great for developers and enterprise users).

Paul Morrison Chimes in with a short review and answers to my questions–

I’ll write a longer review as soon as I get feedback from Sue who is an avid Kindle reader. But in answer to your questions:

How is the screen?
The clarity is amazing.

Did you watch any youtube videos on it?
Yes, within moments of thinking of youtube and typing Tim Minchin I had a selection of his youtubes, selecting Prejudice I was watching a crystal clear video in the right format. Nicely done. You don’t even have to think about it.

Did you access email on it?
Even though it is Sue’s I checked it out. Took about 30 seconds to put in some settings for one of my gmail accounts. Very simple and well laid out .

Is it a value at $200 and who is it the perfect gift for if so?
As I was messing with it just now and getting hooked on listening to the audio book of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (gotta buy that now) I think the answer is easy. This Kindle is for someone who wants to ingest input from the outside world. Movies, (the trailers look awesome) TV (samples look great), books (That is Amazon’s ecosystem), audiobooks. The layout to consume that stuff is simple, easy, elegant. I tried to think of myself as a grumpy old person born before the internet was invented and I could easily see figuring out the bookshelf and how to go get all of this stuff. Amazon is the perfect portal to all of that stuff. Buying stuff from Amazon.com also looks way to easy. 1 clickety click and the boxes show up.

I need to have Sue read a book to compare to the Kindle Reader. The fact that the screen is lit and not passive might be a dela breaker. Battery life might also be since the Kindle Reader lasts a month to the 8 hours on the Kindle Fire.

My last word: This thing is great because competition is what makes for good stuff. The iPad has some competition. They may lose the chunk of people who want to consume some good text/video. The iPad2 just has a lot more stuff. For the geek who wants everything this falls short but fortunately most of us aren’t geeks.

You read my thoughts on the iPad two days ago

Now read this article from ZDNet that came out today by clicking the link below-

The truth about iPad: It’s only good for two things


I’m by no means inferring that these guys plagiarized me but it seems they think about the device similarly in the way I do.

Here’s a link to my post a couple of days ago-

Thoughts On The iPad

A couple of upgrades to the storage and ability to edit video would make me a buyer.

It was interesting that they found that watching video not ideal on the iPad.  In my admittedly short experience handling one I found watching video t be one of it’s strengths.