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Channel Marker on Wingaersheek Beach has not moved

I took a walk on Wingaersheek Beach yesterday, looking for the Channel Marker that had washed ashore during a storm. See (Ed Sawicki March 26 2010, entry in GMG ).

I did not realize how big this thing is.  Michael Densmore, a professional welder, was also there taking measurements.  He is trying to bid on the contract with the Coast Guard, to cut it up so it can be removed.  As I took photos I thought how great this would look at the new area on Rogers Street.  I also found out that Mike was the welder that had worked on the majority of the channel markers we see around the city.

 I hope I get the opportunity to watch them cut this thing up and haul it away.

 Even on a cold drizzle day you can find something interesting in Gloucester.

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