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GMG Podcast #001 (The Quata)


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Welcome to the first GMG audio podcast. We will work hard to bring one podcast per week. Also stay tuned on how you can subscribe to the GMG podcast on itunes.

GMG would like to thank WRKO radio and the Tom and Todd Show. Please tune in every morning at http://www.wrko.com/.

Listen Monday Morning at 8:06AM WRKO With Todd Feinberg and Tom Finneran

I bumped into Todd Feinberg this morning downtown and he invited me to speak about the bumping of the Gloucester Man at The Wheel from the Massachusetts quarter.  Hopefully we can talk about the good stuff too like last weekend’s Schooner Festival and this upcoming weekend’s Block Party.

I’ll be calling in at 8:05AM, you can listen to it via internet radio by clicking this link- http://www.wrko.com/finnerans-forum

Or you can listen on the radio WRKO AM 680

Todd Feinberg At The Lone Gull

This morning I had a candid interview with  Todd Feinburg, half of the WRKO morning team of former speaker of the house Tom Finneran & Todd Feinburg.  Check back at 8PM for the video interview

Todd Feinberg At The Lone Gull, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here is the WRKO page of Tom and Todd where you can listen to his show streaming live