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City Hall Mural ID Help

Hey Joey,
Tim Moran here.  I am the one who posted all of the pictures of the “Magnolia Kids” reunion last September.
Regarding the restored murals in the City Hall, specifically the one where there is a group of men gathered around a conference table in a meeting.
My sisters, Marcia, Sunny, and I are wondering if the man with the gavel at the head of the table might be ouir grandfather Wilfred H Ringer.  Wilfred H Ringer was the principal of Gloucester High through much of the 30s.
Here are a crop from the mural and a picture of our grandfather.


WPA Mural At The Gloucester Visitors Welcoming Center At Stage Fort Park

Currently this WPA mural is hung in the Gloucester Visitors Welcoming Center.   NOAA is interested in it and it is currently hung improperly for such a valuable piece.  There is simple window framing holding it up and it is tearing along seams where nails are holding up the heavy canvas.  They couldn’t figure out who the artist was.  I wonder if Susan Erony who did the lecture series on the WPA Murals around Gloucester knows. Video at 2PM.