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Out My Work Window- EJ

Hi Joey, If you don’t have something to put up from someone else.

As you know I have two work places, Annisquam in the winter and Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at Madfish Wharf on Rocky Neck in the summer.  I feel really blessed to be at both of them, and they each have wonderful views and their own unique characteristics.  Out my studio window in Annisquam I look at Lobster Cove and the footbridge.  There are no windows to look out of at the Gallery on Madfish Wharf, but out the back door, the view is great.  Out the front door, the view is great.  And even inside, the view isn’t too shabby.   EJ

Ellen Lefavour
Khan Studio

annisquam studio viewrocky neck gallery insiderocky neck gallery view backrocky neck gallery view front

Send in your story with pics with what’s out your work window and we will post them.