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Gloucester Stage’s North Shore Fish will touch you deeply

Florence( Aimee Doherty) and Porker( Thomas Phillip O'Neill) photo: Gary Ng

Florence (Aimee Doherty) and Porker (Thomas Phillip O’Neill) photo: Gary Ng

Israel Horowitz’s Pulitzer-nominated “North Shore Fish” premiered at Gloucester Stage in 1986, has since been produced off Broadway in New York City, then all over the world, adapted into a TV movie in 1997 and is back at Gloucester Stage again with an excellent cast, whose performances will have you riveted from the very first scene.

Yes, it’s fun to hear the names of familiar Gloucester places batted about by actors on a stage.  And the fish processing set, replete with real lockers, production line, shrink wrapper and plenty of doors to slam will take anyone who’s ever labored in food service or production right back to work.  Plus, I have to admit I was eager to see Tip O’Neill’s grandson,  Thomas Phillip O’Neill in one of the lead roles as Porker.

While any of these, along with the fact that many consider North Shore Fish to be one of Israel Horowitz’s best plays, would be reason enough go see it, the REAL reason is that Gloucester Stage’s production of North Shore Fish will make you think and feel in ways you’ve never experienced before.  That’s what good theatre does — and this is theatre at its best.

According to Horovitz, “North Shore Fish, to my thinking, is a play about love and dignity in the workplace.”  You might ask yourself, well what else is there?  What else do we really want besides love and dignity and work that matters?  North Shore Fish will help you appreciate what you have and question your priorities.  And you’ll realize that this drama doesn’t happen only in Gloucester.  That’s why North Shore Fish has universal appeal.

If you’re a Cape Ann Resident, you can see this play for a mere twenty bucks this Wednesday or Thursday at 8pm.  North Shore Fish only runs through this Sunday, August 4.  It would be a shame if you missed it.  Call box office at 978-281-4433 for tickets.

Maritime Gloucester Pier To Be Named For Harriet Webster

Maritime Gloucester recently began the final stage of the restoration of the main pier. This project represents the culmination of a decade-long effort to upgrade our public waterfront access to Gloucester Harbor. We could not have accomplished this extraordinary task if not for the tireless efforts of our longtime executive director, Harriet Webster.

The pier will be named for Harriet in recognition of her many contributions to Maritime Gloucester.  Maritime Gloucester will host a ceremony dedicating the pier to Harriet and recognizing her public service to Gloucester on May 20, 2012 at 2:00 in the afternoon. We hope that you will be able to join us.


The board and staff of Maritime Gloucester and Harriet’s Family

Click on slideshow to see photos taken just today.

Change On The Waterfront- Gloucester Fishcutters From Lawrence, Lynn and Salem

These guys originally from The Dominican Republic, Thailand and Vietnam now live in Salem, Lynn and Lawrence and commute to Gloucester to cut fish. At one time if you were from Gloucester you knew dozens of local fishcutters. Now I know of only a handful and I’m IN the industry.

Times change.

Some people that have no idea how the fishing industry has changed will say that we need more fish plant jobs for local people but they don’t even realize that those jobs aren’t going to local people, they are going to hard working workers from other towns and countries.

Thats if you could even afford to process fish with local water and sewer rates among the highest in the nation for an industry that intensively uses water.

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