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Snow Day in the Hood!

The smell of yummy things cooking emanating from Duckworth's is so enticing!

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Duckworth's looks so pretty on a snowy evening!

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Beacon Marine Basin

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One Pirates Lane

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Can We Spring Forward Just a Little Bit More?

Ok, this will be short and sweet, I promise.

But….winter has to officially end now because I.AM.DONE.

Would you like to know what just sent me over the edge?


We live in flip flops for the majority of the spring…certainly the summer…and even a good part of the fall.  Which, I am sure you are all onboard enough to realize, equals little to no socks in the laundry!

I hit my threshold this morning.  An average week, thanks to normal days, six “hockeys”, a couple of runs, some changes of wardrobe due to stepping in boot puddles by the front or back door, cold feet at night, etc. can easily add up to 40 paris of socks each week.  Shoot me.

I actually look forward to the occasional lost sock…because that means I can throw the widowed match away.

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Pet of the Week-Winter


Hello, I know you want Spring to arrive, but my name is Winter.  I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.   I arrived at the shelter as I was found as a stray and brought to the Cape Ann Animal Aid by another rescue.  They believe I was once someone’s pet because I am a very sweet boy and I am looking for a loving home.   For more information about me, you  may also go on-line at:  CapeAnnAnimalAid.com


I really love it here – all the staff are great and my roommates are too – they were kidding me and said because my coats is black-and-white, I look like an Oreo cookie!  Someone said I look like a miniature cow!




Main Street in the snow

The snow we got last Wednesday was just enough to make things look pretty on Main Street:

Main Street in the snow

Alchemy’s already cool sign is made even cooler by the snowflakes and snowy branches around it, which make it look warm and inviting.  I’ve only eaten there once so far, but it was on a cold winter evening, and it really was cozy inside – and the food was great too.

Could we sneak by without a winter?

Today’s Scientific American has a story here explaining why we have not had a winter yet. Something about the NAO or North Atlantic Oscillation keeping the jet stream straight and high to the north of us. Could it stay up there? They can’t seem to predict that. What? Can’t predict the weather? I wouldn’t mind if spring arrived sometime early February. I bet you could go out and clip some forsythia to force right now. Go ahead. Meanwhile …

This was shot February 27th of last year. Click the photo for a shot of Motif #1 the same day. So we need to sneak past February before we can start thinking that we have skipped an entire winter.

Just Announced – Sled Dog Races at Appleton!

The Second Annual Myopia Sled Dog Races was just announced and is changing venues to Appleton Farms. I went to this event last year and it was a big hit with the kids.  The first race of the day is a crazy version of cross country skiing, where folks get pulled by their dogs and insanity ensues. Then the youngsters take the helm and you will be astonished how fast they go. I believe this event will get bigger and better each year, as long as they are lucky with the snow.  Appleton is going to be  a great venue for this and will likely offer better spectator viewing  along the course.

Check out their website and their Facebook page

I hope you are enjoying your extended summer. Just a friendly reminder, don’t forget to change the oil in your snow blower. Winter is right around the corner! Weather folks are predicting wild swings in weather this winter.

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