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Nor’Easter storm Riley high tide surges keep coming #GloucesterMA

Scenes and video from Long Beach, Gloucester, MA, just before high tide

Riley Nor'easter winter storm battering Gloucester MA Long Beach fifth high tide again© c ryan March 4 2018_123048 (3)





Mayor Romeo Theken photo and storm coverage in Boston Globe | Governor Baker coming to #GloucesterMA

In case you missed it, Mayor Romeo Theken’s photograph and interview about  Nor’Easter storm Riley and its impact in Gloucester. Governor Baker coming to inspect hard hit Gloucester, MA and other cities and towns.

“Gloucester battered by storm surge” Boston Globe article



Paths of destruction winter storm damage Riley Long Beach #GloucesterMA

Damage everywhere we looked this morning, low tide, about 8am, March 4, 2018. With surf high at low tide, we expect the next high tide to surge more.

Guts of seawall exposed Winter Storm Riley March 4 2018 Gloucester MA Long Beach ©C Ryan _151948 (47)

Long Beach seawall sink holes

Long Beach seawall; Rockport Road; Gloucester and Rockport

Some evident damage to coastal homes in Gloucester MA and front row cottages by Long Beach pedestrian walkway. Surf inside and out found paths of entry.

The Long Beach pedestrian bridge was damaged. The boulder barrier seawall was cut down by half, maybe more.

dramatic change sea wall cut down by half Winter Storm Riley March 4 2018 Gloucester MA Long Beach ©C Ryan _151948 (32)

rip rap exposed as far as the eye can see, Long Beach (looking from Rockport back to Gloucester, MA) Note every platform from the stairs was ripped away

video of surf looking to Gloucester end of Long Beach. Would not risk this walk at storm high tides- note multiple crests with each surge Read more

Gloucester UK article about Gloucester MA “bomb cylcone” storm

Bomb cyclone: If you thought snow in Gloucester, UK, was bad, think about Gloucester, Massachusetts. They’ve got floods AND snow by Ed Stilliard http://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk

“…Homes evacuated and without power, motorists abandoning cars in the snow and temperatures well below freezing. That Armageddon-sounding tone might sound like Gloucestershire under snow last week, but that is just a snap-shot of life in Gloucester, Massachusetts, right now…”

Gloucestershire UK on GloucesterMA.jpg


Bomb cyclone winter storm: Good Harbor Beach, Long Beach, Witham Street #GloucesterMA North of Boston

UPDATED- link to post2 January 5th with video

2:15PM slush pond roads and closed by Witham and Thacher and Good Harbor Beach parking lot. Power outages this way.




Ocean is up on the deck outside the Good Harbor Beach Inn snack bar, though not to the street





There go the staircases



**Video coming when power-wifi back**

The “Calm” Before the Storm

While the snow came later than expected, a full-blown winter storm was definitely in the air. We took a little tour of Rockport from Old Garden Beach, to Bearskin Neck, to Long Beach, and down Eden Road just before the storm blew in.  As we were driving home, the snow began to come down fast and furious.


One Year Ago Today

This is how we woke up exactly a year ago today.  It makes what you may be seeing outside your window this morning look like an August afternoon.

While it was certainly beautiful…I’m not missing it.

I wonder what the rest of this winter will bring.

Cape Ann toughing it out, so you can too — most places are open for music tonight


Most of main street is open right now and planning to stay open.  Check the live music listings as you get closer to going out.  CANCELLED shows are marked and we’ll be updating all day long.  Here are some highlights of things that we know are open or closed.

The Brewery is open and said they’re extending they’re kids under 10 eat free special until 5pm.

Jalapenos is open and planning to stay open.

Poseidon says they are “fully operational”.

Rhumb Line is open now and will stay open tonight with Runaround

Minglewood Tavern is open with Dave Bailin tonight.

Espresso’s is open and Wes says Full Circle is till on for tonight.

The Sold out Gordon Bok show with Three Sheets to the Wind at Old Sloop is still on.  And tomorrow’s Debbie & Friends show is still on for tomorrow at 10:30 AM

The Farm is open.  Kid’s eat free until 4pm.  MAC members get 15% 0ff (you can work your ass off then pig out).  Nick’s Jazz Fest is on for tonight.

Looks like Northbound Train will be at Dog Bar.


Dress Code – Closed
Cherish the Ladies Concert at Shalin Liu Cancelled
Grove Cafe in Manchester is closing early and has cancelled Marina Evans.