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Coastal Dog Apparel Shoots On Wingaersheek

Coastal Dog logo blue sigCoastal Dog Apparel makes anti-chafing swim suits for boys and men. Coastal Dog suits are 100% made in the USA, and all profits from sales of the suits go to help children in need.

The idea for the anti chafing suit came after a summer spent at Wingaersheek beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Stephanie and her family had to cut beach days short due to chafing and skin abrasions her son ended up with due to surf and sand. The skin irritation was constant and made long days at the beach all but impossible.130117_14

Stephanie tried several solutions, cutting out the mesh of new suits, her son wore briefs under a suit, creams andgels for the chafed skin after the fact. Finally, she decided to solve the problem and stop chafing before it started.  The Coastal Dog swim suit was born.

Stephanie, designed the suit, sourced the materials, and found local fabricators, as making the suit in the USA was important to her.
Coastal Dog suits are available online at:
And, in select stores.130117_22

Stephanie Magee, Founder and CEO of Coastal Dog, worked as a Preschool teacher as well as a Director of preschools which is where her start up and entrepreneurial skills formed. Much of her time was spent creating a school from the ground up and helping prospective parents share in the vision of the school to be.130117_38

One of Stephanie’s greatest passions is helping others and lending a hand to those in need. Coastal Dog is Stephanie’s way of helping families and children enjoy their time a the beach while also creating company which gives back to children’s charities.
Stephanie Magee

Here’s the photos shot on Wingaersheek Last week-



GloucesterCast With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Donna Ardizzoni

GloucesterCast With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Donna Ardizzoni Taped April 29th 2013

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Donna Ardizzoni

Topics Include: Kim Smith, Moving To Gloucester, Good Harbor vs Wingaersheek, One Hour at a Time Gang, Best Outside Deck To Dine, Favorite Community Events, Block Parties, Celebrate Gloucester, Schooner Festival, Ravenswood vs Halibut Point Park, Kayaking Gloucester, Staying Positive


Doggy Beach Days

I am sure all the pups out there are excited to get back on the beaches and play in the waves. Here’s a video from Saturday of my Coconut, catching drift wood, in the tide pools of Wingaersheek.


Unfortunately, she got a big boo boo on her foot yesterday and will not be able to run free on the beaches for at least 2 weeks. The great team at Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital took good care of her, so I am sure she will heal real fast and be back to her old self soon enough.


Did you know?

sunset over Wingaersheek Beach from Cambridge Beach in Annisquam

Painting by E.J. Lefavour

I was supposed to do my post at 3:00, but instead was out walking in the start of the storm. I don’t have a proper post ready to do, so I’m sending out a painting I recently completed of sunset over Wingaersheek Beach from Cambridge Beach in Annisquam – something a little warmer and gentler than what we have going on outside right now. Keep safe and warm everyone.