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So I Hated Windows 8 So Much That I Just Ordered Up and Paid For Windows 7 Software To Install On My New Windows 8 Laptop

THAT’S HOW MUCH I HATED IT! I know of no man woman or child that went out of their way to defend Windows 7 to Apple fanboys like buddies Paul Morrison and Kim Smith than yours truly. This guy’s idea … Continue reading

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Poll- Is it time to short Microsoft in light of what is bound to be a colossal failure with Windows 8?

I’m rooting for Microsoft I really am.  I’m an unabashed fan of Windows 7.  I don’t like Windows 7 OS, I LOVE it.  But the more I read or can’t read about Windows 8 the more it makes me think … Continue reading

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With Microsoft’s Windows 8 looking Like Such A Disaster

They Can Be Thankful That Apple Prices Their Macbook’s So Stupid Expensive For Maybe Saving Microsoft From Completely Sinking Down The Toilet With Windows 8. I don’t know anyone who has touted Microsoft’s huge victory with Windows 7 more than … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The iPad

The iPad sure is sexy. I’ll spare everyone from making any inappropriate jokes about tampons in this space and focus on the tablet gadget that Apple came out with back in April of this year. Some folks take the Microsoft … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts About My Experience With Apple and Microsoft

Random thoughts about my experience with apple and microsoft My ipod touch is the coolest, easiest-to-use,just works out of the box seemlessly, gadget I’ve ever owned.  It promises to do a lot and over delivers. I wish I had an … Continue reading

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