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Chickity Check It! Turbine Meeting Breakdown from Gail McCarthy at The Gloucester Daily Times


March 30, 2013

Turbines spark quick $60K city savings

By Gail McCarthyStaff Writer

The towering wind turbines rising above Blackburn Industrial Park have already translated into revenue with the city, clearing $60,000 in the first three months, according to Mayor Carolyn Kirk.

That was just one element of information shared Thursday night by Kirk and three experts at a wind energy panel discussion that prompted more than 300 Gloucester and Rockport residents to flock to the Sawyer Free Library for a panel discussion on wind energy.

Within three months worth of performance, Kirk said this year’s revenue projection for this calendar year will be $430,000. The only reason that is below the $450,000 estimate is that in the first few months of operation, there were glitches that needed to be addressed and required the turbines to be turned off. Once the operation is in full swing, Kirk said the city will be on track to meet its savings projections.

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From Gizmodo- Life Isn’t Always So Rosy for Green Towns


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Initially, they applauded the erection of three wind turbines. Now, the inhabitants of Penobscot Bay island, Maine, rue the day the $15m wind facility was built a mile from their homes, due to the sheer noise the 123-foot blades make.

The NY Times has looked into the concerns of people from locations such as Penobscot Bay and DeKalb County in Illinois, where wind turbines have resulted in unbearable noise pollution—as well as lost value in properties.

For the Lindgren family of Penobscot Bay, they supported the idea at first, but soon realized after the turbines arrived that their peace and solitude—the reason for moving out of the city—had disappeared.


I am always skeptical of hugely expensive green energy solutions and the money they do or don’t save folks.  It’s easy to automatically agree with whatever the environmentalists say because who wouldn’t agree with doing what is best for mother earth, right?  The problem with this line of thinking is that generalizations are made and automatically taken for truths without any real in-depth analysis.  Politicians are reluctant to piss off their tree-hugging constituents and you get shitty legislation and tax breaks for things that don’t make financial sense.

Before I go any further I should say that I am not against green technology and am not against doing good for our environment, the point that I’m trying to make is that I just wish there was more analysis, especially financial analysis of the paybacks for these projects.

It’s much like the foodies who all grab onto the sustainable seafood lists which black-list species such as cod and hake without ever really understanding that some of the fish they have on these lists are thriving, like codfish.  But one of these bananaheads says it and they all fall in line behind them repeating the green doctrine from the first person on down. It gets repeated and sure enough if they say it enough it becomes taken as a truth. 

Drives me nuts.

There is something to paying extra for a green energy solution that could take an individual with a modest lifestyle off the grid and not dependent on oil or gas, but does anyone believe that for all of modern living energy needs that some solar panels and windmills will power industrial societies?  My gut tells me that it is a fantasy but I’ll be honest in telling you that I just don’t know enough. 

I will take the word of folks that were in favor of windmills in their back yards before and now that they personally are living with them can’t stand them.  Something tells me that they are a more credible source of information than the guy from the solar panel company that is trying to sell me on a $75,000 solar panel system that he is going to profit from.

Just saying.