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Beautiful Industry- The Winch

I’m not gonna lie Mr Winch.  I’m not going to miss you when I finally get some vacation time.

DSC00103Bobby Ryan Writes-

I’m not usually a romantic, nor do I usually attribute feelings to inorganic items, but…
Could it have been Capt. Joe who actually bolted that unit down? That stand had to be built. Look at it. The paint color was known as “Battleship Grey”. Everything wooden on the waterfront was “Battleship Grey”. If you owned a boat somethings were orange or green. Extra paint left from painting the mast and hull. Everything iron had a coat of Red Lead under the grey. There must be 30 coats on this winch. Usually painted on during Fiesta week when the fleet was tied up. How about that “___ head”? Is that brass? How shiny it was when new? Can you imagine how proud the “Skipper” was when he first brought up those bags of whiting knowing he made a move to be “on shore” in order to better feed and care for his family? This time of year I remember one of the last things Slug would have me do before closing up for Christmas Eve was to go over to Capt. Joe’s. I would come back with plates of food. Some cooked, some not. At the time, when it was more personal and not so en vogue, I did not fully understand about the 7 fishes, but they were delicious.
Joey, you do not need to post this, I just wanted to let you know what I see in that old winch and to let you know there are others having thoughts of your family.
Buon Natale!

Beautiful Industry- Cape Pond Ice Winch

Yep, the venerable old winches did most of the work but never got their due respect.  I guess that’s why I’m obsessed with photographing them before they all go the way of hydraulics.

Beautiful Industry Pamet Winch

Here is one of the winches that haul the trawl doors in on the Dragger Pamet.  This winch is manufactured by Hawboldt Industries in Chester Nova Scotia, Canada.  What is interesting and makes for a great winch is the galvanized steel that holds up well to the salt water as opposed to the old metal winches which wouldn’t hold up nearly as well to the salt water conditions that these winches operate in.

Beautiful Industry Pamet Winch, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

By Comparison The Winch Below Was Aboard The Vincie N

Beautiful Industry- Winch

There’s something beautiful about this old winch at the Maritime Heritage Center.  Knowing that it must have been responsible for pulling up millions and millions of pounds of fish right til the end of its working life.

I wonder what it’s going to be like for me when I’m gone from the dock.  I think about the winch that we’ve had at the head of the dock to unload boats forever.  It’s the same winch that was there when my grandfather and father were working.  It’s worn and rusty but it will be strange one day when I’m no longer here for it to not be part of my every day life.  Strange, huh?

Beautiful Industry- Winch, originally uploaded by captjoe06.