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Grandma Felicia’s Heirloom Tomato & Cucumber Salad




Grandma Felicia’s Heirloom Tomato & Cucumber Salad


My grandparents had lush gardens that yielded an abundant amount of sweet vine ripened fruits and vegetables, including several varieties of tomatoes each year. Growing up Grandma Felicia’s Heirloom Tomato & Cucumber Salad made its way onto the table countless times, throughout the summer months. She cleverly paired this simplistic side salad with her famous unconventional sweet non acidic dressing. Her “Sweet Olive Oil Dressing”, perfectly balanced the flavors of the vine ripened Heirloom tomatoes, crisp cucumber and pungent red onion and oregano.  Make sure you serve the salad with a crusty wedge of Italian bread, so you can use the wedge of crusty bread to dip in the extra salad dressing left behind in the plate…we Sicilians call this act of dipping “Abbagnari” …Trust me on this one “a piece of Italian Bread soaked in this sweet dressing is Incredibly Delicious!  


IMG_0139 This morning I gave a live “Farm to Table” cooking demonstration at Applenton Farm highlighting Grandma Felicia’s Heirloom Tomato & Cucumber Salad Recipe


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 “Wild Italian Origano”…a must in every pantry!


One hasn’t truly tasted “Oregano,” until they have tasted “Wild Italian Origano!” The flavor, of “Wild Italian Origano”, has a more pungent oregano flavor then any other dried oregano on the market, that I have tasted.  Trust me on this one… without fail this oregano brings the flavors in my recopies to a higher level  every time I use it. After testing the difference between “regular Oregano” and this aromatic “Wild Italian Origano” I immediately became hooked.  I only use fresh or dried “Wild Italian Origano” when preparing dishes in my kitchen!

Use up your supply of  average tasting oregano…


…and  making a special trip Joe Pace & Sons in Saugus Ma. to purchase this flavorful dried herb. The “Wild Italian Origano” is sold in bunches,  for $4.99.

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