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More Super Deliciousness from Passports Restaurant

Passports is one of our favorite restaurants and judging from the always full-house and the fact they have been in business for 17 years, Passports is clearly a favorite community-wide. The atmosphere is utterly relaxing, the food is consistently fresh, delicious, and prepared to the highest standards, and I just adore the always welcoming, friendly, fun, polite, and professional waitstaff.

Liv’s beer brewing German ancestors would be proud of her selection from Passport’s top-notch beer and wine menu. After sampling hers I ordered a Wiesen Edel-Weisse as well and it paired perfectly with Eric’s beautifully seasoned and seafood-rich Adriatic Stew.

Although not Joey C approved, Passports lobster roll is delicious and with the accompanying medley of fresh vegetables, is a meal in and of itself. The lobster roll can also be ordered without vegetables, if preferred.

Liv, Nicole, and Lyla earnestly discussing mascara.

For all GMG readers who are in the restaurnt business, or who were formerly, Liv recommends following the very funny fellow BU alum @MeanWaiter  on twitter.