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Where Zat?

I was walking the other day and this little mosaic was just right smack in the middle of the road.  I have no idea how it got there or why it was placed where it was but it was a neat little piece of Gloucester funk.  Me likey.

Who knows where it is or the story behind it?

Where Zat?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Where Zat? Bonus Clues

Where Zat?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.First Clue-

first, you go over the bridge…..

Second Clue-

“you can see it from 133 but it is not actually on 133?”

Third Clue-

something about the christmas tree that looks like it is in the middle of no where all lit up from after thanksgiving to the new year

Where Zat Halloween Spooks?

Where Zat HalloweenThis week’s Where Zat? might take some driving (or walking) around to spot this.  First person to get the location will get a GLOSTA-phobic t-shirt. Clues will be given if needed.

The creators are excluded! But thanks for your great decorations.Please let us know who you are. 🙂

Where Zat Winner

red dories full

That was toooo easy. Hedge got it first and had photos to prove it. Then everyone else said basically the same thing…The red dories in Jones Creek off Stone Pier.

Congratulations to all and Hedge, you can pick up your t-shirt at Capt. Joe’s later today. Thanks for playing!

Where Zat? WINNER! MIKE!

IMG_0181And the winner, Mike, guessed last night at 9:00:

“Upper Banjo at the dam”

It’s off 133 off to the left up Malcolm Rd. across from the Heights.

Hedge has a great map of where it is.

From Hedge

“This is the view that clued me into it. In my excitement, I forgot the word upper. My bad.

Good one this time!


You can almost match the “circular canopy” of the trees centered in your last clue to the ones on the side of this bing image.

I kept trying to find a place that would allow you to hear so many people talking in the background and it wasn’t until I saw this bing map with the house so close.

Keep them coming.

Congrats Mike.”

Well, that was fun! Stay tuned til next week. Monday at 12:00! And as always, thanks for playing!

Where Zat Answer from LAST WEEK!


It took a lot of figuring where this actually is. But we think it’s up behind the Lone Gull or the Joke Shop.  Joey took it from the Gloucester Bank parking lot.

I think Capt Wayno got it “Is it when you pull out of Sovereign Bank parking lot???????”

Think so?

Where Zat? Video with Prize!

Uh…this video is just about the worst I’ve ever seen, but you’ll get the key points. If you know this Where Zat?, it won’t matter that you get motion sickness watching it. Good luck! And next time I’ll use my Flip instead of my iPhone! Or at least I’ll hold the camera horizontal instead of diagonally!

Clue: This is in Gloucester (not downtown), definitely off the beaten path.

You win a great CD of Kitt Cox’s music if you’re the first person to identify this location! Thank you, Kitt!

Whoops! I forgot to anounce last week’s winner! Watch for it at 4:00 this afternoon.

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