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Where Zat Winner!

After 2 rounds of clues, Scott finally came up with the location of the spooks.

They’re on the corner of Millett and Summit St.

Scott, how’d you figure it out?

Congratulations and you can pick up your t-shirt at Joey’s at the end of the week!

Up past the sub shop, (Destino’s)

Church on the right, (Our Lady’s)

One, two streets (Mt. Vernon,Warner)

Field in sight,(Burnham’s Field)

Street with a W, (Warner St.)

Not with a B, (Burnham St.)

Then past the street that starts with a T, (Trask St.)

Right up M street (Millett St.)

on the corner of  S, (Summit St.)

You’ll find those spooks,

and the end of your quest!

Where Zat? Winner!

9-28-09 fullNow you know!

But first you have to read this very descriptive, funny (but very wrong) answer from paultmorrison-

“A granite pier with a high tide line then3 feet of freshly laid granite block above granite bricbrack with a nice colorful mural with a tail fin of a humpback or is it Thatcher Island and light streaming out of one of the lighthouses?

That must be sunrise just to the right of the light house so it has to be Thatcher painted from Good Harbor Beach or more east.

Or Ten Pound lighthouse and it’s sunset. Everyone thinks only sunsets are orange so I go with Ten Pound Island Light.

I will take a guess at the wall of the aquarium down at the Maritime Museum.”

Here’s this week’s winner-

Kay Ellis of the Lannon!

“It’s down the fort. Looking at the corner of the mural. We go by it every day on the Lannon!”

Congratulations, Kay! Come down to Joey’s dock at the end of the week and claim your prize!

Jay- You really didn’t know? You’re the one who pointed it out to me !!  —Sharon

Where Zat? WINNER!

Submitted on 2009/09/01 at 12:34pm by Stephanie Palazola!

G=Gloucester House
L=Stone Leaf
U=Halibut Point
C=Cormorant Shop
S=Black Swan
T=The Dress Code
E=Pleasant Street Tea Company
R=Sugar Magnolias

Congratulations, Stephanie! You can pick up your t-shirt down at Capt. Joe’s! How did you get these so quickly?? It took Stephanie less than 24 hours to get them all!

Gloucester Hedge

Here are the signs that Hedge photographed and then created this great contest-


A huge THANK YOU to Hedge for the time and effort he put in to making this fun for all who participated!

Hedge also offered up his prize- “You can give the winner the shirt I never picked up at Capt. Joe’s from a couple of weeks back. My penance for giving everyone sore necks from looking up at signs!”

Watta guy!

Where Zat? Winner!

Will Bloombergh knew where it was – Ledge Rd where it intersects with Orchard in East Gloucester.mapdataThat was a tough one. This is how Will got it: “Did a land survey job out there a few years ago.  Looked familiar.”

Congrats to the winner! And you can pick up your t-shirt at Capt. Joe’s.

Next week’s contest will be posted at noon on Monday. See you then!