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What is Going on in Magnolia

On Sunday, April 6, 2014, the Magnolia Library held an important meeting. Bill Fonvielle, City Councilor Ward 5, facilitated this forum. The panelists were Chief Eric Smith, Deo Braga, (The Azorean, Dunkin Donuts), Tim Flaherty, (YMCA), Mark McDonough, (Serenitee Group), Eric Loiacano, (new owner of property on Lexington Avenue), and Jon von Tetzchner, Innovation House. It was standing room only with more than 200 people attending this event. It was informative, important issues were discussed, such as the Magnolia Fire Station re-opening, the new 525 Restaurant and property under development to help revitalized Lexington Avenue.  There was also a questions from the floor to the panelists.

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