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Anatomy Of A Lobster Buoy, Break Away Whale Safe Swivel

This is a whale safe break away swivel used on lobster buoys.   The swivel has a weak part (highlighted by the blue arrow in the picture below) designed to break away with 600 pounds of pressure.

In the unfortunate instance that a whale might get caught in a lobster pot line, it will break the swivel and swim free.  This is another in many responsible steps the lobster industry has adopted (along with escape vents for small lobsters on the traps and biodegradable hog rings which break down and let the vents fall out in the case of lost gear).

The offshore fishery and Pacific coast use 1100 pound break away swivels but our inshore lobstermen use 600 pound ones.

Look for a video with Johnny “Doc” Herrick at 7AM in which we break down the parts of a lobster buoy and their costs.

Whale Safe Green Lobster Band Article From Jay Lindsay-AP

Mass. lobstermen promote practices as whale safe

BOSTON (AP) — New green rubber bands that will bind the claws of Massachusetts lobsters beginning this weekend won’t save the lobsters from the dinner table. But they signify a state initiative aimed at saving whales.

Lobsters caught in state waters will be given the bands, stamped “Massachusetts” and depicting whale tails, to highlight the state’s efforts to make the seas safer for whales by requiring lobstermen to use rope to connect their traps that rests on the ocean floor, rather than line that floats and could entangle whales.

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