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Our Weather Guy Pete Gives The Classic Weather Guy Hedge Response When Asked For His Prediction If The Cool Summer Portends a cooler Fall/Winter-

So I ask Pete on twitter-

Pete comes back with-

and then-

Way to have all your bases covered there buddy!

You’re officially ready for the big time.

Can’t argue with that prediction. You’ve got every out imaginable.

I gotta get in on this weather forecasting game.  No doubt I could bring some keen insights to the local weather scene.

Go ahead, anyone, ask me a weather related prediction and I guarantee I’ll knock it out of the park.  Right here in the comment section on this post, fire away, i’m waiting for your weather question with baited breath.

Light and Demolishing

Down the dock we have a saying.  Well I should give props to mark Ring for being the first one I ever heard coin the phrase but it has been  adopted by many of our lobstermen.

The phrase is used when the weathermen really fuck up a forecast and call for light and diminishing winds but in actuality the wind is heavy throughout the fishing day making for horrible fishing conditions.

Lobstermen and fishermen depend on weathermen to know when it is safe or manageable to go fishing. The day before yesterday was one of those days when the weathermen were calling for light and diminishing winds.  The average forecast was for 5-10mph of wind.

In actuality the wind screamed out of the Northwest 20-35mph all day and it was bitterly cold.

One by one our lobstermen hit the dock and commented about the off-the-mark wind forecast.

It wasn’t light and diminishing.  More like Light and Demolishing.