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Live blogging: Good Harbor Beach #gloucesterma

It’s great to be back on our grand island!
The wind is screaming down here, but it’s sunny and beautiful as you can see.

Get out and have a walk!

Or come take some photos and share them with us!

Video- Back Shore Waves Gloucester MA 04/24/12

Right toward the end a rogue wave came and I snatched my camera and tripod just before it would have been completely submerged by the wave.

See the black silhouette in the left hand frame of the video?  That’s my buddy Steve Hollinger, the genius inventor who created the Kayalu n clamp and RAM mount’s that I use to stabilize my video camera when we are going to be out in salty conditions.


Steve took this picture of me as I was scouting the scene to video tape-


Andrews Point today ready for Surfin’?

A lone surfer with board was looking at it but sense prevailed. At low tide there was no way to get into the water without having your brains bashed out by Cape Ann granite.

Click photo for twenty more shots:

Also included are some shots of some cute plump birds dabbling in the rocks. Same ones we saw at the end of Dogbar Breakwater last week. They are amazing little flyers in formation.

Waves at Eastern Point Video and Slide_Show


Nov 11th the waves breaking over Dog Bar at Eastern Point breaking over Dog Bar were spectacular.

Enjoy the Slide_ Show which also contains some waves at the backshore.  

Enjoy the noise of teh waves crashing in video below.  Also be sure to also watch Joey’s Wave video but Note that he took those from inside his care, I got wet for GMG!