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Second Glance Chair Project Voting Is Open

The Chair Project 2014

By Second Glance Thrift Store · Updated 15 hours ago · Taken at Second Glance Thrift Store

Check out this year’s parade of chairs. You can vote for your favorite in the store July 7 through 12. Reuse. Repurpose. Reimagine.




Local Notables To Consider Voting For In The North Shore Magazine 2013 BONS Awards In The Eat Category

I’m taking category by category and highlighting some locals who you may want to consider worthy of your vote (BTW St Peter’s Fiesta is currently trailing Topsfield Fair and Good Harbor is close to Crane’s) so if you haven’t voted in the Play Category get on it!- Voting in the Play Category here

Here are some local joints that have been nominated in the Eat category (you can click on the highlighted establishments to see pictures or posts we’ve done about them)-

Vote Here  For The Eat Category In The North Shore Magazine 2013 BONS Awards


Al Fresco Dining- Franklin Cape Ann, Lobster Pool

Bake Shop (Pastry)- Jim’s Bake Shop, Plum Cove Grind

Bakery (Bread) Virgilio’s

BBQ- Smokin Jim’s, The Farm Bar and Grille

Beer menu- Franklin Cape Ann, Cape Ann Brewing

Breakfast- George’s, Sugar Mag’s, Willow Rest (as you know my love of Gloucester Breakfast joints is unmatched- way too many to list so we will stick with the nominated but Mamie’s Kitchen, and Fort Square should be at least nominated as well)

Burger- Passports

Cocktail Bar- Franklin Cape Ann

Coffee Shop- Lone Gull, Cape Ann Coffee Café Sicilia and Pleasant St -None are nominated all deserve to be!

Confectionery- Nichols Candies and Turtle Alley

Farmer’s Market- Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

General Excellence- The Market, Duckworth’s is not nominated but I’d say needs to be a write in.

Gourmet Market- Savour Wine and Cheese 

Lobster- Causeway, Lobsta Land and Roy Moore are Nominated, For Lobster Pool and Seaport Grille not to be nominated is silly IMO

Italian- a write in for La Trattoria Gloucester only makes sense

Lobster Roll- Seaport Grille

Mexican- Jalepenos– for Tacos Lupita Gloucester needs to be a write in as well.

Pizza- Giuseppes and The Willow Rest.  There are so many great pizza joints in Gloucester and everyone has their favorites you could write in any number- Sebastians, Sclafanis, ect, ect ect

Pub Food- Franklin and Topside Grille

Raw Bar- Lat 43 nominated, Rudder could be a write in

Sandwiches- There is no Gloucester nomination and you could easily write in Virgilios, Sclafanis, or Willow Rest here

Seafood Prepared- the Causeway and The Rudder

Sushi- Latitude 43

Tapas- Alchemy or The Azorean

Thai- Thai Choice could be a write in

and when you’re done you can vote in the Play Categories-


So far I’ve featured local nominees in the Play and Eat Categories, in a couple days I’ll highlight the Shop, Renew, Kids, and Live Categories.

See those locally nominated in the Play category here

Voting in Precinct 2, Ward 2

Vote, and let your voice be heard!

My voting station was at the parish center at Our Lady of Good Voyage. There was a small line, but it moved quickly.

It’s a pretty big ballot, so it doesn’t really fit in the folder provided for voting privacy, but I don’t think we need to worry…

Thanks to all the folks who work at the polls to keep the democratic machine running clean and fair!

No matter who wins these elections, there will be a lot of upset people afterwards.  Let’s hope we can all be understanding and respectful of each other, even if we strongly disagree…  NPR’s “This American Life” has an interesting podcast on this topic this week. Although I am pretty frank about my principles in public (I hope), I avoid talking too much in public about for whom I vote.  I don’t want that to get in the way of my ministry, or to be interpreted as my endorsing specific candidates on behalf of the Church. I have to be able to talk to people of all political persuasions, and some people just can’t see past political differences. Fortunately, my friends include people representing a wide range of opinions. I hope it stays that way.

Fr. Matthew Green