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All in the details | Cape Ann Veterans Services so engaged and creative

Adam Curcuru writes: “Very excited to have received our first batch of Cape Ann Veterans Services Challenge Coins! Thank you Paul Krueger for your help in design and ordering –they came out great!”

The Cape Ann Veterans Services original  ‘we left the light on for you‘  logo was designed by Pauline Bresnahan


FREE Acoustic Music Festival in Rockport on Sunday

David Cutler, Rockport’s acoustic music impresario (yes, I used that word), has been putting together this event for 33 years! While it’s usually held in Rockport’s beautiful Millbrook Meadow, this year the event is being held at the Rockport Legion Band’s bandstand on Back Beach. This is a great time to hang out in lovely Rockport and hear some good local music while enjoying food from Claire Franklin of New Year’s Rockport Eve. For more on that, read on. And click HERE to head over to the Rockport Acoustic Music Festival to discover the lineup and other information.

Here’s a letter from Claire, who is coming off of a really tough year and is looking for volunteers for the weekend. Claire puts on a huge event, Rockport New Year’s Eve, every single year (this weekend’s food tent sales serve as a fundraiser for the New Year’s Eve event). It is a major effort and everyone loves this event, so if you can help her out that would be great. We’re going to be in Maine this weekend and will miss all the action, but I wish I could be there alongside Claire. Everyone at the Acoustic Music Festival is in happy mood, listening to music while eating Claire’s hot dogs, hamburgers and more, so working in the food booth is a great way to be part of the event. You can contact Claire at her email address: claire.nyre@comcast.net to sign up for a volunteer slot or contribute in some other way.

From Claire:

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, I lost my husband to lung cancer last January right after New Year’s Eve.  It has been a long road back to once again try to do the things I always have done in the past without him along side me.  Starting with this coming weekend’s Rockport’s 33rd Annual Rockport Acoustic Music Festival.  Each summer New Year’s Rockport Eve supplies the Food Tent for the festival.  We are again this year!

New Year’s Rockport Eve is looking for volunteers to help serve & cook on Sunday, August 12th from noon to 6pm.  Also, I would love a few helpers to set up from 10am – 12 noon and clean up from 6 – 7 pm.  This event has moved from Millbrook Meadow to the Legion at Back Beach this year.

Every fundraiser that I put on throughout the year requires that I beg people to help me.  I love putting on the New Year’s Eve program for the town of Rockport, but the begging for help is getting a bit harder.  Please come forward to volunteer to benefit such a wonderful event that I would love to continue year after year.  It takes about $34,000.00 to put on this event and button sales does not support this.  Fund raising is a must!  If you can just do one hour, I will take it or two or three.  Just answer this email and volunteer and please pass this on to everyone on your email list.

I am always looking for Baked goods to sell, also.  Brownies, cookies etc. that can be bagged and sold for 50 cents.



Twin Lights Half Marathon needs Volunteers on Saturday, May 12

Volunteer for helping out at the Marathon and get a nice T-Shirt and a lot of fun watching sweaty skinny people run by. Just click this link to get all the info on volunteering for the Race on Saturday, May 12. In the comments section make sure you say you heard about it on Good Morning Gloucester and if ten volunteers do that then Cait Cedarstrom, co-director of the race will give Rubber Duck a blue ribbon!

Call For Volunteers For Around Cape Ann Road Race


Hello Joey!

Tina Ketchopulous (Cape Ann Ambassador for Northeast Health Systems) suggested I contact you, as she knows I’m trying to rally as many volunteers as I can for our "Around Cape Ann" Road Race on Labor Day.  I’m thrilled to have discovered your blog, as I find it chock-full of great local information and flavor!

Is there some way that I can post the following plea?  Pretty please?

Thank you for considering, Joey!  I look forward to following your posts!



Annie Brainard | Volunteer Development Coordinator


Be a part of history!  Support one of America’s oldest, toughest and most scenic Road Races!

What: The 77th running of the "Around Cape Ann" Road Race, the longest running 25K in the country, will take place on Labor Day!  BIG event (we’re expecting 1000 runners) rich in tradition, scenic beauty and community support. Proceeds from this Race benefit our Cape Ann Y’s Financial Aid program.

When:  Monday, September 06, 2010.  Shifts available between the hours of 8AM and 1:30PM.

How: Dozens of ways to volunteer: from handing out water, to directing runners, to supporting the Children’s Fun Run, to passing out medals at the finish line! All opportunities offer flexible time-frames and shifts! We can work within your schedule!

Where:  Race starts at Ralph O’Maley Middle School, 32 Cherry Street in Gloucester, MA 01930

Why: GREAT way to celebrate Labor Day! Start your day by volunteering for this important community event, end it by embracing Cape Ann’s beautiful beaches!!!

Who:  To find out how you can be a part of this great community event, please contact:

            Annie Brainard, Volunteer Coordinator of the YMCA of the North Shore

978.922.0990 x1124 OR brainarda@northshoreymca.org

Citizen Participation and Public Information

Do you have time on your hands?  Do love our city?  Are you tired of sitting on the couch wasting away and long to make a greater impact for good in Gloucester?  Check out this fantastic volunteering opportunity where you can get to meet people just like yourself who love Gloucester and want to make a difference.

CPPI – “Bridging City Hall and Citizens”

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Citizen Participation and Public Information

Gloucester, MA

The purpose of the CPPI is:

    • Collect and distribute accurate information to public
    • Assists city committees, boards, and commissions in coordinating activities and communicating with the public
    • Collaborate with city on its website
    • Produce city news
    • Explore emerging technologies
    • Ensure that citizens have opportunity to participate in planning and related activities
    • Work with neighborhood organizations
    • Facilitate problem solving meetings
    • Poll citizens opinion and conduct other actions, as need arises
    • Providing central clearinghouse
    • Identify city needs and corresponding volunteer opportunities
    • Match citizens with city needs