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Visitors from New York




Family from Albany New York.

The daughter will be attending college in Boston this Fall


From Waterville New York.

They were staying at Beauport Hotel.

They were chatting with parking attendant at the Chamber of Commerce


This Family is from Long Island New York.

They had just finished breakfast at Sugar Magnolias


From Oswego New York

Hurricane Irma–Florida Couple Evacuate to Gloucester


This couple from Apopka, FL, when it was recommended to evacuate because of Hurricane Irma, they decided to come all the way to Gloucester.  They mentioned, that trying to find a generator was impossible, it seems that most generators have been shipped to Huston Texas.  They hope when they return there is minimal damage.  Best of luck to all that are effected by these hurricanes.

Visitors from Ohio has famous Sister Bobbi Thiessen


I met this couple from Fairborn Ohio on the boulevard.  We spoke briefly and I learned that her sister (Bobbi M Thiessen) is the author of the “The Homeless Crab”, a children’s book which sells on Amazon.


51HX8azuyXL._SX367_BO1,204,203,200_[1]The Homeless Crab
by Bobbi M. Thiessen

After a storm hits his home in the harbor, Chip the hermit crab is washed away to the sea and separated from his family. Once the storm passes, he begins his journey home and meets lots of interesting friends along the way.

Fun, adventurous, and educational, The Homeless Crab features great characters that find they all have something in common: pollution in the ocean is affecting their lives. With her story, author Bobbi M. Thiessen hopes to raise awareness to the problem of pollution and how it negatively affects ocean life. “

Visitors–American Cruises and St Raphael School Retreat

Gloucester was a busy town for visitors yesterday, with the American Cruise line pulling into port, and the St Raphael School Staff Retreat taking a break on Stacy Boulevard.

From the American Cruse Lines

_2017_08_29_100809    _2017_08_29_100817

_2017_08_29_100829 On Retreat from St Raphael School







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