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Go See- Vincent Cacialano – PLEX with Sarah Slifer

Hi Joey,

Can you post a performance announcement for me?  Here’s a poster for the performance this Friday at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, along with a little info if you want to add some.  THANKS.

Vincent Cacialano – PLEX

with Sarah Slifer

and film / video by Alan McDermott

Choreography and Live Art Performance

Essex Shipbuilding Museum

July 9th 2010 at 7:00PM

$10 suggested donation

UK-based dance artist Vincent Cacialano and Gloucester dance artist Sarah Slifer pair up to perform Cacialano’s PLEX,

a multi media performance event. It is a collaboration of contemporary choreography, sound and visual art. Three works will be shown during the evening, two dances titled Plex 1 and Instructions for stopping and starting, as well as a short film titled Ouch. The work explores visceral, challenging movement and complex compositional structures alongside visuals and moving imagery.

“It looks simple in the beginning but the further Plex is taking you you may get startled by all the aspects telling something at the same time, somehow together. You are getting plexed indeed."  Phosphor – Live

“a combination of strong execution and off beat humor”  The Washington Post


Shipbuilding poster-1