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Is it Spring yet ???

Today at 6:20 AM


The arrival of Spring — the Vernal Equinox — will cross our threshold TODAY, Thursday, March 20th at 12:57pm. After this challenging Winter — we sure could use it. Let nature’s renewal commence!!!

Wishing you warmth & sunshine & glowing health & peace. 

Tom Philbrook


Happy First Day of Spring!

Never put the kid’s boots away, until after St. Joseph’s Day!

Magnolia 'Alexandrina' Buds ©Kim Smith 2013

New England springs are predictably unpredictable. The above photo of Magnolia ‘Alexandrina’ was taken exactly one year ago. The Ciaramitaro’s Auntie Elenanor reminds everyone of an old Gloucester saying ~ Never put the kid’s boots away, until after St. Joseph’s Day!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy Birthday to my son Alex!

Wednesday, March 20 at 7:02AM Vernal Equinox

Spring will arrive at 7:02 AM on Wednesday morning shortly after sunrise at 6:45 AM. Start practicing standing raw eggs on their end. Rubber Duck is a master.


It won’t be long until we dip our duck feet in the water.

duckfeetRight now it is a bit too soon. The A01 buoy off Gloucester Harbor is recording 40 F from the surface detector all the way down to 50 meters. in the next month or so that 50 meter detector will still be at 40 F but the surface will creep up to 50F and beyond. 50 F is where I draw the line for flipping my kayak. Arms and legs still function for an hour at 50 F but colder than that and paddle is just too hard to grasp. So when the air temp gets really mild make sure your personal flotation device is up to snuff and stick close to shore. Better yet, wait a few more weeks until that A01 buoy reads 50F.

ps. Seasonal Openings 2013 Part I will be posted on the first day of spring. Our first seasonal opening is March 31st. Can you guess?